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(Some Guy)   Man eats a jar of horseradish on a bet...hilarity ensues.   ( divider line
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13641 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Feb 2002 at 12:13 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-02 12:14:37 AM  
Is this like the White Castle thing?
2002-02-02 12:14:53 AM  
2002-02-02 12:17:08 AM  
Well those photos are bound to come up at any future Senate confirmation hearing.
2002-02-02 12:18:35 AM  
M&M's are delicious. what is your favorite color?
2002-02-02 12:20:18 AM  
blue. definitely blue
2002-02-02 12:20:20 AM  
Favorite song by Johny Cash, I bet.... Tastes like chicken.
2002-02-02 12:20:36 AM  
ok..... first of all, an "eating" contest should include SWALLOWING ! he was allowed water and able to spit out the radish AFTER it was in his mouth... WTF ??? pussy...
2002-02-02 12:21:41 AM  
Yuk, yuk, yuk!
2002-02-02 12:22:12 AM  
Wow 164 hits and the site is already farked. What did you guys do while you were their, piss on their server or something.
2002-02-02 12:23:05 AM  
I think all contests involving women should include swallowing.
2002-02-02 12:23:13 AM  

he can't just gulp water with each spoonfull?
2002-02-02 12:25:44 AM  
Ab-so-lute-ly Farked.

What's the Guinness record for Farking a site?
2002-02-02 12:27:01 AM  
really Dmd8605?? i find they give me heartburn. now the queer-brown shade of brown m&s's...they are awesome
2002-02-02 12:27:28 AM  
The easiest way to do this is to get a tray of ice-cubes, let them melt in your mouth (if you don't want to be entirely obvious about it, ice out of a glass of water or soda will work) until they start to numb your tounge.

If that doesn't work, then there is one other way...
Spoonfull after spoonfull after spoonfull, as fast as humanly possible. I ate a plate of 12 suicide wings (not pussy ass suicide wings either, these were the "real thing"), in less than two minutes.

Then, you meditate or something while your face numbs up, your eyes start to tear up, and you head starts to throb.
After about an hour or two, it's all over.
2002-02-02 12:28:55 AM  
They call it horseradish for a reason, ain't fit for human consumption.
2002-02-02 12:31:08 AM  
naw Gear.... there's like 10 pics trying to load.... I have DSL and it took 2 minutes.... can u say FARKED??
2002-02-02 12:31:33 AM  
If ya got the balz to brag,
Them balz better DRAG!

Nice work there, Skin-drool-puke-head.
2002-02-02 12:32:59 AM  
"horseradish" damn , good point Freddy....hmmmm
2002-02-02 12:38:20 AM  
Goin' in is one thing.
Comin' out is another.
2002-02-02 12:38:46 AM  
Vegasj: I haven't even gotten to the page. All I get is your call is very important to us, please hold and we will get to your call as soon as posible.
2002-02-02 12:42:28 AM  
Dear Lord in heaven,
I don't ask for much. Could you please smile down upon us poor Farkers this evening and bless us with a decent, focused, and workable Photoshop picture? Pleassseee. I promise to really, really try to stop doing that one thing I do that I know makes you real know.......that ONE thing with know. Please.
2002-02-02 12:42:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-02 12:45:18 AM  
I grabbed a bottle of horseradish when I was a child. I was still in a high-chair. Before my family could stop me, I put the horshradish in my mouth. After my family was laughing at me because I was trying to breath, and begging for water, my love of hot food began.
2002-02-02 12:45:26 AM  
eat mor chikin
2002-02-02 12:48:46 AM  
I'd do this.

(Seriously, I would. Hot food doesn't bother me that much.)
2002-02-02 12:52:52 AM  
You know, when you post links hosted on shiatty little ColdFusion sites with no bandwidth at all, you leave me little choice but to make fun of the article without actually having read it.

I'm with Peeler. Give me a Photoshop, and I will bring back the sun!
2002-02-02 12:53:15 AM  
I'm game for this challenge.
2002-02-02 12:54:47 AM  
In the meantime, have some fun here:
2002-02-02 01:00:16 AM  
Horseradish tastes like ass
2002-02-02 01:02:27 AM  
You're a little more adventurous than I thought.
2002-02-02 01:04:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

The results of too much horseradish.
2002-02-02 01:04:45 AM  
Apparently Ouroborus is Greek for "Felchmaster"
2002-02-02 01:04:59 AM  
Too much horseradish is bad, doo dah, doo dah
If you eat it you'll be sad, oh the doo dah day.
2002-02-02 01:05:23 AM  
Kolacky: You scared the shiat out of me. Yes, that's yours truly.
2002-02-02 01:06:12 AM  
Mmmmmmm, potroast with turnips, cabbage and potatoes, with brown mustard and horseradish. Mmmmmmm.
2002-02-02 01:06:54 AM  
any site that runs Cold Fusion and gets farked is gonna get farked bad.. CF sucks
2002-02-02 01:08:42 AM  
No offense intended Mojo. I'm bored and live near cowtown, Fort Worth.
2002-02-02 01:10:39 AM  
Kolacky: Come see us play! We drink a lot and fall down.
2002-02-02 01:15:49 AM  
I've tasted ass that tasted better than horseradish. What part of the horse is the radish anyway?
2002-02-02 01:26:27 AM  
The scary thing is, that guy actually has children. ;)
2002-02-02 01:32:51 AM  
Wow their are some persistant farkers. Nearly 1500 hits since I first tried and I still have yet to get through. Unless the counter counts attempts and not just succesful hits, then I account for about 10 attempts myself.
2002-02-02 01:40:41 AM  
Well finally got to the page, and what a lovely collection of red x's. With captions even.
2002-02-02 01:41:38 AM  
2002-02-02 01:44:05 AM  
2002-02-02 01:45:52 AM  
I give up. Site is FUBAR. Click on red x's, select show picture, get red x's.
2002-02-02 02:33:04 AM  
hytes... are you that bored?
2002-02-02 02:38:10 AM  
Hilarity ensues........always makes me laugh
2002-02-02 02:49:04 AM  
that is farking disgusting
2002-02-02 03:37:00 AM  
Run Ronnie Run!!!!
2002-02-02 03:37:21 AM  
Horseradish is some nasty stuff. I've hated it my whole life... Granted, as an ingredient in other things, it's fine, but when it's pure? No way Jose.
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