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(Some Guy)   Results of research into the reaction of cats exposed to photos of bearded men   ( divider line
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5474 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Feb 2002 at 12:22 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-02 12:23:05 AM  
Erm, yeah. I usually don't complain about stuff that gets posted, but honestly now.
2002-02-02 12:23:06 AM  
2002-02-02 12:24:36 AM  
What about bearded clams? A sense of kinship?
2002-02-02 12:25:24 AM  
Since when does pussy have anything to do with fark?? wait...
2002-02-02 12:25:50 AM  
What about bearded men and their reactions to shaved pussies?
2002-02-02 12:26:58 AM  
"We have concluded that pussy does indeed like bearded men."
2002-02-02 12:27:39 AM  
Bearded clams - shaved pussies... I see a pattern forming.
2002-02-02 12:27:40 AM  
"A feline subject reacts to a photograph of a man with a full dark semicircular beard."

The reaction of the cat. "Put me down you stupid jackass and get me something to eat."
2002-02-02 12:28:26 AM  
now this is weird... my dad has a beard and our cat always laid across his neck to "cuddle" up in his beard.....mmmm.... besides (check profile) this guy ate your beard hating kitty
2002-02-02 12:28:28 AM  
umm ok
2002-02-02 12:28:50 AM  
My beard has caused increased fur shed rate on pussies, often with deleterious side-effects.
2002-02-02 12:31:20 AM  
How do you even get a cat to look at a picture? That's the last thing they do. Pictures, TV, a mirror. They always know what you're trying to make them do, and choose otherwise just to fark with you.
2002-02-02 12:32:34 AM  
kitties don't like bearded women either.
2002-02-02 12:32:48 AM  
Easy... Cat Porn.
2002-02-02 12:33:32 AM  
Cow Song Then why do so many lesbians own cats?
2002-02-02 12:35:48 AM  
My beard makes me one cool cat, Daddy-o!

On the other hand, I have cat scratches on my ankle.

2002-02-02 12:35:56 AM  
Then lesbian cats must like bearded women.
2002-02-02 12:38:52 AM  
overpaid slacker, I'd love to answer your question but the late night with conan o'brien has just started ;)

conan rocks!
2002-02-02 12:41:29 AM  
*insert another witty comment about cats, vaginas, men, beards, etc.*

Sorry. Brain cells aren't working well enough tonight.
2002-02-02 12:45:27 AM  
It's satire =P
2002-02-02 12:46:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-02 12:46:40 AM  
A perfect example of wasting an animals' time.
2002-02-02 12:48:08 AM  
same site.... this was better...
2002-02-02 12:48:54 AM  
This thread has lost all credibility.
2002-02-02 12:50:23 AM  
Who pays for studies like this?
2002-02-02 12:50:38 AM  
SGF: In only 23 posts? Well done, farkers.
2002-02-02 12:51:43 AM  
Won't somebody consider the effects on the kittens?!?
2002-02-02 12:52:08 AM  

This is a research assistant joke.
The paper is written in classic style, yet means nothing.
If a student handed me this paper for Technical English, I would give that student an "A".
2002-02-02 12:52:17 AM  
I think most of you neglected to read the article. I read about half of it, and I actually laughed out loud. Give it a try.
2002-02-02 12:52:34 AM  
A circus I tell you! I'm off to the horse radish story. Maybe something sensible there.
2002-02-02 12:52:36 AM  
You make me laugh. That is the way they are. To a tee.

*wonders what-in-the-hell the expression "to a tee" is all about*
2002-02-02 12:53:02 AM  
If anyone thinks this is real they should read the bibliography a little harder.
2002-02-02 12:54:27 AM  
I thoought it was pretty funny... go figure
2002-02-02 12:55:45 AM  
If it was real,
[image from too old to be available]

would be all over it.
2002-02-02 12:56:05 AM  
I dont get it. Its funny but I dont know why.
2002-02-02 12:58:13 AM  
3M TA3 That is some damn funny shizznit. Thanks.
2002-02-02 01:00:20 AM  
Wow-I would have assumed farkers would be more more aware of the AIR (formerly JIR). Guess life is just one long series of disappointments.
2002-02-02 01:00:31 AM  
Actually, Hytes, as you've probably also witnessed, one thing a cat will do with a snapshot is go ape§hit over the chemicals on it. It must be like kitty LSD or something. Leave a picture laying around and they won't look at it, but you'll end up with four mangled corners. Lessons learned too late.
2002-02-02 01:04:16 AM  
Peaceboy: That explains the dilapitated condition of my porn.
2002-02-02 01:06:51 AM  
[sigh] I posted this link months ago... :(
2002-02-02 01:09:29 AM  
Sg-f: That explains the dilapitated condition of my porn.

Well, who needs porn when you've got a perfectly good cat handy.
2002-02-02 01:27:19 AM  
I've got a beard! I've always wondered how cats might react to me...
2002-02-02 01:33:07 AM  
My cat's mouth smells like catfood.
2002-02-02 01:35:31 AM  
I wonder how much of our tax money was spent on this??????
2002-02-02 01:39:51 AM  
Oh, what a geek I am. I was rolling on the floor laughing at this one. Of course, I have a copy of "The Best of Annals of Improbable Research," so that should give you a clearer idea of what kind of person I am. To complete the image, I really should mention that my copy of this book sits right in between "Science Made Stupid" and "It's The Ernest P. Worell Book of Knawledge" on my shelf.

I pray that the posts which suggested this might have been a serious article based on serious research were attempting to tell jokes which were simply too subtle for a comment box.
2002-02-02 01:46:11 AM  
Bah. My teacher showed this site (or a similar one, or something) to my class in Bio two years ago. It's complete bull, if you read the author names in the bibliography.
2002-02-02 01:53:38 AM  
The funniest part is not the article, its the folks posting "who pays for this?" and "I wonder how much of our tax money was spent on this??????" Whoooosh....
2002-02-02 01:56:25 AM  
Hah, Houlihan, now I'm laughing all over again...

2002-02-02 01:57:19 AM  
I have the cat -- just no electrical tape......
2002-02-02 02:02:19 AM  
A.I.R Magazine is pretty choice... I keep meaning to subscribe one of these days.
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