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(SFGate)   Thieves with bad taste hijack Budweiser truck   ( divider line
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3187 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Feb 2002 at 10:27 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-01 10:29:39 AM  
They can keep it.
2002-02-01 10:29:42 AM  
they must REALLY like beer.

wonder if the bars weren't open yet.
2002-02-01 10:29:48 AM  
Truck driver should have just floored it.
2002-02-01 10:30:28 AM  
American beer is like dishwater. Way too weak.
2002-02-01 10:31:07 AM  
whoa the actual headline reads "Beer Lovers Hijack Bud Truck" ha, hardly! at least go for a sierra nevada truck, they gotta have a bunch of them near the source right?
2002-02-01 10:31:10 AM  
Thought it was like sex in a canoe.
2002-02-01 10:32:21 AM  
Does everyone realize that the guy commited federal crimes for beer?

Probably should have just gone to an AA meeting
2002-02-01 10:33:47 AM  
American beer is a coqurephiliac in action: fvcking schitte.
2002-02-01 10:34:28 AM  
Does everyone realize that the guy commited federal crimes for beer?

what makes this a federal crime?
2002-02-01 10:37:18 AM  
Photos of suspects:

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-01 10:38:40 AM  
2002-02-01 10:38:52 AM  
They caught them.

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2002-02-01 10:39:09 AM  
Bud is dilute beer. I go for Baron's Strong brew.
2002-02-01 10:40:06 AM  
Obviously they had to hijack a truck of beer. Anyone who has tried getting shiatfaced with only a case of Budweiser will know that if you stop drinking for as long as it takes to take a piss you sober up.
2002-02-01 10:40:25 AM  
Give them a break. They thought it was a Natty Light truck. Now THAT'S quality beer.
2002-02-01 10:40:47 AM  
This must be what that French moron went and did after his stint on Ventura Blvd.
The driver was obviously French, as he surrendered immediately. And the hijacker was undoubtedly French, as only people who like Jerry Lewis would bother to hijack a Bud truck.
Either that or check all local high schools for signs about some BIG Super Bowl Party at someones house this weekend.
2002-02-01 10:40:55 AM  
Probably false imprisonment, and armed robbery for starters
2002-02-01 10:41:33 AM  
2002-02-01 10:41:39 AM  
Now all they need to do is somehow get ahold of all those extra chips in New Orleans , and their neigborhood Super Bowl party will edge closer to reality.

And at least it wasn't Rolling Rock they got, I think a horse is on the Rolling Rock bottle to give you a hint of where the beer REALLY comes from
2002-02-01 10:43:26 AM  
If you are going to commit hi-jacking, armed robbery and kidnapping you should at least steal something valuable, like money for example.

"Money can be exchanged for goods or services."

-Homer Simpson
2002-02-01 10:44:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-01 10:44:50 AM  
i dont think just kidnapping (or armed robbery) is a federal crime. i think you gotta take the person across state lines, to make it a federal crime. And, im not to certain about the area, but i dont think theres another state within 35 miles of orange, ca.
2002-02-01 10:54:05 AM  
I need to know who the hell is drinking all that Budweiser and Bud Light, making them the #1 & 2 beers in America.

Goddamn Fark beer's the pattern;

A} The first fifty posts will make the 'close to farking water' & 'pisswater' jokes

B} The thread will inevitably turn to a 'my-beer-rocks' dick waving contest. This is the lamest part of the thread, where you find the folks who don't get laid much

C} Late at night is when you find the TRUE swill defenders. Drunk, pissed, and ready to make a million typos, the cyber-lush lashes out in a 6,342,835-word diatribe at a three-word Budweiser insult that was posted roughly 32 hours ago

D} Final Point: SOMEONE is drinking all that Bud...either some folks are mighty classy or mighty full of crap
2002-02-01 10:55:55 AM  
2002-02-01 10:57:14 AM  

Go here
2002-02-01 10:58:39 AM  
Skidnuts, mostly its illegal mexicans drinking it... probably some rednecks too..
2002-02-01 10:59:48 AM  
Make the punishment fit the crime. If they're caught, make 'em drink it all.
2002-02-01 11:00:05 AM  
I've said it before, I'll say it again. There is nothing better in the world than reaching into an ice-water filled cooler on a 90-degree day, pulling out a 32-degree Budweiser and guzzling the first half before your horseshoe game. A pint of Guiness could never measure up.
2002-02-01 11:08:14 AM  
Just case the grocery stores and watch for someone buying 15000 pounds of ice.
2002-02-01 11:10:54 AM  

Is "teh" for "the" perhaps teh most common typo of all time?
2002-02-01 11:21:22 AM  
At least it's better than Coors.
2002-02-01 11:22:26 AM  

okay how bout we go to the source... the department of justice...​3​.htm#103 3

the word kidnapping is used broadly but here is the definition according to federal law. the driver was neither held for ransom nor taken across state lines... so i still dont see how this is a federal crime.

(note that there are different federal laws pertaining to children of "tender age" but i doubt the driver was a child.)
2002-02-01 11:24:57 AM  
This is nothing. In the Chicago southside, there are intersections where guys will wait for a semi to pull up to a red light, after which they'll sneak behind it and check the cargo door. If it's unlocked, they throw it open, grab anything they can, and run. The cops won't bother going after them into the projects because Chicago cops are pussies.
2002-02-01 11:25:29 AM  
Oh yeah, they do this in broad daylight...
2002-02-01 11:27:30 AM  
boy's we have a true rednek on our hands. buy the way robing a beer truck is a fedrel crime, im not sure why but i have a freind that drives a beer truck.
2002-02-01 11:28:11 AM  
Maybe the driver missed by sleeping all the beer.
2002-02-01 11:32:30 AM  

it would be a federal crime if the beer is involved in interstate commerce... there really isnt much evidence to determine that. (i dont think it was because it sounds like it was a local distributor.)

OmahaBeef, is claiming tho that kidnapping is a federal crime (which it is) but i am saying that this is not the federal crime of kidnapping as defined by the doj.
2002-02-01 11:33:18 AM  
Then I stand corrected, but I'm telling you I'm this close(shows fingers slightly apart) to calling the FBI just to be sure.

But thanks for the correection.
2002-02-01 11:34:20 AM  
er. correction
2002-02-01 11:36:40 AM  

alls i wanted to know is why this would be a federal crime, because from reading that article i didnt get that. of what ive read, the fbi will investigate kidnappings (especially when related to children) but in general will not investigate kidnappings if there is no evidence of crossing state lines and/or randsom.
2002-02-01 11:43:05 AM  
my post is better than Skidnuts.
2002-02-01 11:48:25 AM  
and now that my head hurts like a biatch, we'll find out that it did involve interstate commerce and i will have been TOTALLY wrong. at least it wouldnt have been the first (or last) time.

i guess it all hinges on if the beer had crossed state lines, and who owned the beer (while instate), and who was to receive the beer, etc. god i get to be an anal sob. but, hey, i like to get it out of my system on total strangers instead of anyone i know.

and thats it for me being serious, i now return to my normal goofy retarded self.
2002-02-01 11:50:05 AM  
sounds like a good idea
2002-02-01 12:07:17 PM  
Not sure, so don't quote me, but is alcohol considered a controlled substance? If so, would that make this a federal crime. Most vehicles are considered ICC carriers anyways, so looks like Homer and barney are screwed if they get caught.
2002-02-01 12:09:34 PM  
#1 - Dominion Millennium Ale
#2 - Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot Ale
#3 - Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barley Wine
#4 - Rogue Dead Guy Ale
#5 - Sam Adams Double Bock

Other favorites out there?
2002-02-01 12:21:38 PM  
Why do you say they had bad taste? Was it a European truck?

If drinking European beer makes you so tough, why are so many Euros such pussies?
2002-02-01 12:27:49 PM  
Actually, in St. Louis people won't drink hardly anything but Budweiser products becuase the company is based there. I think they think it's some great civic pride to drink the swill.

Hand me a Schlitz any day. Now THAT is good beer.
2002-02-01 12:30:02 PM  
If you know Orange County, it shouldn't surprise you that they stole a Budwiser truck.
2002-02-01 12:31:25 PM  
Bleh...not Orange County. ORANGE.
Too early in the morning for me.
2002-02-01 12:31:40 PM  
*preemptively waves dick at Skidnuts*
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