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2004-08-20 02:31:57 PM  
In the forum where these are posted did anyone notice the dude who had an avatar that was a bunny shaved in some dames pubes?
2004-08-20 02:33:14 PM  
Krunthor speaks the truth. Lucas has gone so mad that nearly anything is plausible! You want happy little elves singing we are the world? No problem. As long as you stroke Lucas' huge ego in the process.

Besides, if you don't like on eof his movies, just wait. He will keep chaning it and eventually (like an infinite number of monkeys at typewriters) he will eventually hit on another good one by chance alone.
2004-08-20 02:33:25 PM  

Who's Darth Vadar?
2004-08-20 02:34:54 PM  
Who gives a Sith?

/my entry in the thread in which we had to come up with new names for Episode III
//ended up in 2nd place!
2004-08-20 02:34:58 PM  
jhfc, star wars fanboys must be the saddest group of people on the farking planet.

'The blown up and clear version of the first one also helps in the discussion about whether or not the duel at the top of it is THE Duel or Obi-Wan and Grievous. You can see that the person on the right is turning to block, so his knees are not bending inwards, therefore, it is THE Duel.'

and you, sir, are THE loser.

'Not to point out the obvious, these are definately pictures of the ROTS Vader, you can tell becasue the shoulder armor is different and the red button on the chest box is in the ROTS placement.'

not to point out the obvious, but you need a farking life.
2004-08-20 02:35:10 PM  
Well, I'd hit it.

Ahem. The third one's pretty cool, anyway. I do wonder if they're official posters, though, since they lack release dates and such.
2004-08-20 02:35:45 PM  
old, old news.

Like 1 or 2 MONTHS old.

Farkers come on you can do better
2004-08-20 02:36:12 PM  
Meesa says all new movies ofa da Star Wars is no good meesa
2004-08-20 02:36:41 PM  
Yay. We get to hear what whining sounds like through a helmet and respirator.
2004-08-20 02:38:16 PM  
I doubt these are real.
The first one is god-awful; the second one is slightly less awful but still sh*tty in a pro-wresting-trading-card kind of way.
2004-08-20 02:39:54 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
"Need know star RM pic"
2004-08-20 02:39:59 PM  
before this totally degenerates into a fanboy flame war, can we just take a moment to applaud the rack on the personal of the day girl? Anne529
has nice boobies and the avatar in the headline's forum had nice pubies. I feel nice pubies and boobies a good day makes.
2004-08-20 02:40:20 PM  
The actual title of ep.3 is Star Wars: Just give us your goddamned money!

The actual title is: The last 20 years of your life obligates you to see this movie.

/misses Lawrence Kasden
2004-08-20 02:40:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-20 02:42:18 PM  
These are such old news.
2004-08-20 02:44:32 PM  
Actually, Vader is gonna be in the last about 20 minutes from what i heard.

Doesn't matter, nothing can save these movies now.

Thanks Lucas... got any more of my fond childhood memories you wanna piss on?
2004-08-20 02:44:52 PM  
She is definitely hot. I was amazed to see a Fark personals girl who isn't a fugly goth chick.
2004-08-20 02:50:43 PM  
These was a girl on there the other day that was pretty cute, but she was making that goofy smile with her mouth, but she was still hotter then the Bob Hope girl.
2004-08-20 02:50:52 PM  
Anne529 looks exactly like the woman I had lunch with on the train last month. Even the bio sort of matches.

/missed his chance
2004-08-20 02:51:23 PM  
My inner child is polishing his shotgun and waiting outside Skywalker Ranch for that megalomanic to stick his enormous head out

Fark you very much Mr. Lucas
2004-08-20 02:52:41 PM  
What's a bigger steaming pile of shiat... What George Lucas has been giving us with these last two movies or what that poor girl left at Old Navy?
2004-08-20 02:52:59 PM  
and she's wearing a Ramones shirt, doubtful she knows who or what they are...
2004-08-20 02:53:38 PM  
I have to admit this because I am on step 9 of 12.

I pee in my backyard.
2004-08-20 02:54:09 PM  
the newest Star Wars films are better than the rest of the garbage that gets released. i can overlook Jar Jar Binks and other annoyances. the third episode will be on par with the older films.
2004-08-20 02:57:32 PM  
thread reminds me to play "Triumph Starwars", which I haven't seen in months....

May the force be with you.... for me to poop on!
2004-08-20 02:58:01 PM  
What makes the third one cool? It bites.
2004-08-20 03:02:31 PM  
This movie will suck so much ass, but people will still see it, including me, just to see it end.
2004-08-20 03:02:41 PM  
Wow, did Darth Vader have pinstripe pants all along and I never knew it?
2004-08-20 03:03:24 PM  
2004-08-20 02:42:18 PM Manifest

These are such old news.

What about this spoiler pic?
2004-08-20 03:04:12 PM  

This rocks :
[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-20 03:10:08 PM  
Try this:

No flames or bling. Lucas really doesn't know how to connect with today's generation...
2004-08-20 03:12:12 PM  
is the link farked or just me?
2004-08-20 03:13:11 PM  
It's going to suck. We all know it's going to suck. Yet, we're all going to see it anyways.

Let's just hope he let's it end here, and doesn't go on to do 7, 8, and 9.
2004-08-20 03:14:27 PM  
The best part of this movie is going to be Hayden Christenson getting his ass kicked.

/Jarjar should die, but I've read that Lucas might add him to the ending of RotJ
2004-08-20 03:15:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

#3 = Sithiroth?
2004-08-20 03:18:32 PM  
Detour: What exactly are we supposed to see in that spoiler pic?

Homarjr: Good catch! I had that on a T-shirt when I was 7 years old...never noticed it then (or now for that matter).
2004-08-20 03:26:13 PM  
Can't wait for the Struzan poster. I have the collage (Struzan style) posters from all five movies (thus far) framed in my house. So far they're in the office... But I am out of walls. I think they're coming down when I get the sixth poster. : (

/OG Star Wars nerd
2004-08-20 03:29:14 PM  
I used to love those vans with the star wars murals on the side. I was looking for some pics on google the other day and never found any.

careful Figaro, I got banned the other day for mentioning the picture ad on the left side.
2004-08-20 03:29:26 PM  
While I like the looks of the second and third, I truly dislike the first one. It just looks badly drawn.
2004-08-20 03:31:28 PM  
Detour: What exactly are we supposed to see in that spoiler pic?

They're aboard the Tantative IV (ship shown at the beginning of New Hope that's under attack) towards the end of Revenge of the Sith.

[image from too old to be available]

^mods delete if this violates Fark policy.
2004-08-20 03:32:46 PM  
What picture? This is all about teh St*2 W@2z!

Jeebus I better reread the farq.
2004-08-20 03:43:26 PM  
Oh who cares? At this point Lucas can just stroll right over here and kiss my chewbacca look a like ass.

2004-08-20 03:45:00 PM  

I'm about to go full nerd here. They may be on the Tantative IV, or maybe they are just on any other Corellian Corvette. I agree it could be the ship because Leia's adoptive father is there talking with Yoda and Obi-Wan, but it was a fairly common type. I can see where your conclusion comes from though, and given Lucas' penchant for throwing the crowd bones, I would say this falls right in line with his thought process.

Sometimes I just want to grab my head and ask why I have all this useless information rolling around in there. I can remember crap like this from playing the Star Wars RPG 10 years ago in college about half a dozen times, but need MS Outlook to scream at me 15 minutes before meetings and conference calls on a daily basis.
2004-08-20 03:49:00 PM  
I think I bought those posters at Spencer's Gifts in 1983.

Love that day-glo on black velvet cheesy airbrush splash-it style.
2004-08-20 03:51:51 PM  
you can vote multiple times on that page... oh yeah... took it down to 75% in about 2 minutes LOL

/no life
2004-08-20 03:55:32 PM  
It's one thing if you wish to complain about a film you've yet to see...but it's another when you DO end up going to see it when it comes out, and then race to a computer to post about how much you hated it. Does that really make any sense? Save some time and money, don't so see Episode III, and move on!
2004-08-20 03:58:37 PM  
In chronological order

Ep. 4
It's not episode 4 because there was no master plan other than the marketing scheme that everyone bought. Everyone thinks the next one will be great because it will have budget.

Ep. 5
Everyone liked cause it had budget (see above).

Ep. 6
Ewoks??? Give me a break. Didn't you kiss your sister? And what's with Leia clinging on Luke's leg in those movie posters?

Ep. 1
You people were surprised by Jar-Jar's sucking and weak story line(see Ep. 6)?

Ep. 2
It's old. We've seen the space thing a million times now. "These movies suck" is the cry. "Check out the cool Mount Doom"!!!

Ep. 3
Everyone hates it because they are amazed by the totally complex story of 'all the evil is in the ring...Kill the ring.' Everyone is off to buy LOTR merchandise, spread the rumors of 'The Hobbit' production, and prepare their hate posts when 'The Hobbit' does come out (in 20 years) and sucks.

Fans are the most brilliantest people in the world!!
2004-08-20 04:00:31 PM  
The sad truth is that Episode III will probably have twenty minutes of coolness, and the rest will probably just annoy because it'll just be fluff prior to Anakin turning into a walking hospital bed.

On another topic, was there anything in Episodes I or II that people have been waiting twenty years to see? For instance, why spend so much time establishing that Anakin was a slave if it doesn't have any real bearing on his character?

For my money, Lucas should have taken the story he's telling in Episode III and have it comprise the three prequels, rather than spending entire movies showing us things no one was really interested in seeing.
2004-08-20 04:04:47 PM  
I'm proud to say that after seeing episode I, I vowed to stop. I have not seen Episode II and I don't plan to. Lucas aint gettin' any more of my money.
2004-08-20 04:15:07 PM  

didn't they already make a " THE HOBBIT" movie?
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