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(   Today's highway spill: 15 tonnes of eggs on German autobahn. Driver treated for shell shock   ( divider line
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3183 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Aug 2004 at 3:56 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-19 04:27:48 PM  
Traffic was scrambled for hours....
2004-08-19 04:47:17 PM  
Truck went over easy...
2004-08-19 04:51:38 PM  
Driver admits to fowl up.
2004-08-19 04:59:30 PM  
You'd have to be hard boiled to not feel for the driver.
2004-08-19 05:37:10 PM  
Look on the sunny side, up the autobahn, there was no traffic.
2004-08-19 09:41:48 PM  
omelette every one else make the obvious egg jokes on this one.
2004-08-19 10:26:54 PM  
Drivers were asked to leave the autobahn on the nearest egg-sit ramp.
2004-08-20 03:59:08 AM  
Tread lightly.
2004-08-20 04:00:43 AM  
Mods, please find the writer of that headline and Stwike him wufwy, and fwo him to de gwound.

2004-08-20 04:02:12 AM  
"Tonnes?" That's quite a "heavy lourde."
2004-08-20 04:02:46 AM  
No yolking matter...
2004-08-20 04:02:47 AM  
Yolk it up, folks.
2004-08-20 04:05:50 AM  
Hit the 'kerb', he did.
2004-08-20 04:10:19 AM  
I just wanted to ruin the flow.
2004-08-20 04:12:12 AM  
Sorry to wander off-topic, but that PalmerCash girl with the gorgeous eyes and general boobiness is hotttt
2004-08-20 04:12:20 AM  
Well, ain't this thread egg-citin'!

2004-08-20 04:14:18 AM  
The air smelt of burning rubber as drivers hit their breakfast...
2004-08-20 04:15:02 AM  
bazzanoid: the dusty ad "size doesnt matter" girl is way hotter, reload a few times to ear a few more cents for Drew.

Bet this spoiled peoples day... rotten luck for everyone involved.

/got nothin
2004-08-20 04:17:47 AM  
Why the truck tried to cross the road is still unknown.
2004-08-20 04:24:46 AM  
The cargo egg-sploded all over the place.

and I vote for the Dusty girl.
2004-08-20 04:26:05 AM  
Humpty Dumpty reportedly "saddened by the loss of his brothers"
2004-08-20 04:27:30 AM  
"You should have seen the great scrambling of '68" says hard-boiled cop.
2004-08-20 04:28:05 AM  
How do you like your egg in the morning?


Splattered all over the autobahn.
2004-08-20 04:30:18 AM  
numist: I agree, but then if it's cute, i'd hit it regardless.

egg-cellent comments, btw

/very lame
2004-08-20 04:32:44 AM  
Related Article:
"German Autobahn Workers Try For Guinness Record Book With Oversized Omelet"
2004-08-20 04:36:42 AM  
"Tonnes" is a perfectly fine British spelling, like "programme" or "plough" or any other word that needs 4 or 5 extra silent letters in order to prevent it from looking too American.
2004-08-20 04:38:49 AM  
bazzanoid: There are a lot of people I say I wouldnt hit (like hilton, simpson, etc, and I stick to it), but yeah, I agree, Id hit the PalmerCash girl too...

but given a choice...

/wishes ads were bigger
// begs for moderation for being off topic again
///realizes its really late at night here in the US... hits his bed
////oops, ew, sticky
2004-08-20 04:43:07 AM  
Sometimes engineering convention:
Ton = "Standard Ton" 2000 lbs
Tonne = "Metric Ton" 1000 kg

Just so's i can pretend I's all smart-like.
2004-08-20 04:56:23 AM  
RE the ad girls - check out the personal for Anne529
to keep it on topic - I'd scramble that. (ewwww)
2004-08-20 05:34:33 AM  
I submitted this with a funnier headline.
2004-08-20 06:02:41 AM  
Got milk?
2004-08-20 06:41:44 AM  
It was an eggtastrophe!

(OK, so I'm desperate.)
2004-08-20 07:53:41 AM  
I find these comments EGGsaperating.

/actually, I don't... but I wanted to join in the fun.
2004-08-20 07:56:26 AM  
We've sunk to grade school level puns!!!
2004-08-20 08:03:22 AM  
This thread is cracking me up. Almost enough to make me shell out for TotalFark
2004-08-20 08:03:52 AM  
please stop! for the love of God!
2004-08-20 08:25:57 AM  
A computer chatted to itself in alarm as it noticed an airlock open and close itself for no apparent reason.

This was because Reason was in fact out to lunch.

A hole had just appeared in the Galaxy. It was exactly a nothingth of a second long, a nothingth of an inch wide, and quite a lot of million light years from end to end.

As it closed up lots of paper hats and party balloons fell out of it and drifted off through the universe. A team of seven three- foot-high market analysts fell out of it and died, partly of asphyxication, partly of surprise.

Two hundred and thirty-nine thousand lightly fried eggs fell out of it too, materializing in a large woobly heap on the famine- struck land of Poghril in the Pansel system.

The whole Poghril tribe had died out from famine except for one last man who died of cholesterol poisoning some weeks later.
2004-08-20 08:33:08 AM  
terrible, just terrible guys, u got nothin'
2004-08-20 08:41:18 AM  
To helplessly watch millions of thy comrades laying dead on the pavement is not good for one's eggo.

/all good puns were taken
2004-08-20 08:57:51 AM  
I honestly think people say the word "autobahn" because it sounds cool. First off, "German autobahn" is already redundant because autobahn is simply the German word for highway. When we talk about, say, the Great Wall, you don't hear anyone saying the Chinese translation to "wall".
2004-08-20 09:43:31 AM  
Efforts to clean up the accident were bedeviled as poaching ensued.
2004-08-20 10:26:27 AM  
Officers at the scene were believe to be fried after their brains were scrambled over easy poaching by the boiled omelette people.

/less than nuthin'
2004-08-20 11:11:10 AM  
This thread is clucking hilarious.
2004-08-20 11:46:27 AM  
You guys aren't s'poached to make fun of such disasters.
2004-08-20 11:47:28 AM  
Minister called to give benediction for lost eggs.

/I kill me!
2004-08-20 11:59:59 AM  
Albumen are making this chick laugh her arse it!!!
2004-08-20 12:09:07 PM  
Eggs Clog Major Artery

2004-08-20 12:43:23 PM  
I just wanted to point out that the house drummer has passed out from fatigue.
2004-08-20 01:11:13 PM  
Cleanup was difficult, but emergency crews passed the test with frying colors.
2004-08-20 01:13:51 PM  
It wasn't a spill, it was a mass eggs-odus! It was the great egg-scape, or at least a great eggs-ample of one!

The driver is eggs-pected to be OK.
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