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(NCBuy)   Dungeons and Dragons turns 30. Still living in parent's basement   ( divider line
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11506 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Aug 2004 at 8:26 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-18 09:40:11 AM  
Thanks for the info. I've been seething for RPG greatness and my Xbox just ain't goin' there, so to speak.
2004-08-18 09:40:16 AM  
I like 3.5, though my usual group has a morbid fear of it. We usually play 1st Edition.
2004-08-18 09:41:19 AM  
One last oh-by-the-way, about NWN...

Once you buy the game, you're done spending. Custom content, online play, everything is free. No monthly costs, no nothing. Free.
2004-08-18 09:42:09 AM  

oh how i wish i had read your post months ago. My Fark name is also a D&D character name, and I have been seriously game deprived as of late. But alas, I am leaving ohio for good in only a few weeks- to serve as a US Army tank platoon leader, no less. Hows that for killing the stereotype?

I do live in a basement however, but not for long.
2004-08-18 09:46:33 AM  
I'm going to enjoy beating your face with my mace! provided I roll a six or better.
2004-08-18 09:48:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-18 09:49:48 AM  

Tell me again: why would people play this instead of going outside to play sports or picking up chicks or anything else more productive?

You're assuming a mutual exclusivity. There isn't.
2004-08-18 09:50:48 AM  
My usual group meets every Friday night for a few hours. The youngest player is 12, the oldest player is in her 50's, & only three of us are males. The two youngest girls are nice, though they pass a lot of notes, make silly drawings, & like to decorate my hair.

The "once a month" group includes the friend who got me started on RPG's back in 1984, his wife, her ex-college roommate, & her ex-college roommate's husband. They are all theater people, so things can get "dramatic" (but fun).
2004-08-18 09:51:04 AM  
Don't take yourself so seriously. It's a funny headline. Laugh.
2004-08-18 09:52:17 AM  
2004-08-18 09:01:16 AM Eclectic

Ok, admit it. Who else ALWAYS had to be a half-elf?

When I played, I ALWAYS played a Half-Elf Thief.

I kinda miss it from time to time as I always had a blast playing it. Anybody in the ABQ area still playing? Heh-heh...
2004-08-18 09:52:34 AM  
Oh, man, this takes me back. Wanted to be a DM but never got the chance. Never did Advanced, did it back when it was the Red and Blue books (Beginner and Expert, maybe?) Some days when I was bored (I think eighth grade) I would just create character after character.

No lead figures, though.
2004-08-18 09:54:56 AM  
The headline could be funny, if it wasn't so sad. I recently discovered that an old friend from High School (one of my gaming buddies, no less) is really living in his parent's basement, actually.

It's disturbing & creepy, & sad.
2004-08-18 09:56:00 AM  
I've got my 12 sided die and I'm ready to roll with my wizard and my goblin crew.
My friends are comin' over to my mom's basement bringin' Funions and a Mountain Dew.
I've got a big broad sword made out of cardboard, and the stereo's pumpin' Zepplin.
It's the time of the night we turn on the black light
Let the Dungeons and Dragons begin
It's D&D
Fightin' with the legends of yore
It's D&D
Never kissed a lady before
Now the Lord of the Rings, the dark crystalline things we use these as a reference tool
And when we put on our cloaks and tell warlock jokes we're the coolest kids at the school
No, we're not
I know
Now Tyke's a real bastard but a fair Dungeon Master
He's got hit points and charisma to lend
And I reherse in my room for what I call the Dragon's Tomb for when I'm nailin' with my girlfriend
Wait, sorry, you got a girlfriend?
Yeah, yeah i got a...No
It's D&D
Warriors that terrify
It's D&D
Virgins 'til the day we die!
2004-08-18 09:57:02 AM  
to all the "geek-haters:"
from an interview w/ vin diesel:
Q: Is it true you're really into Dungeons and Dragons?

VIN: No. I never play D&D. For some reason, they thought that I played D&D for 20 years. They thought that I spent years playing Barbarians, Witchunters, The Arcanum. They thought I played D&D back in the '70s when it's just the basic D&D set. They thought I continued to play D&D when it became Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. They thought I played D&D when there were only three books - the "Player's Handbook," the "Monster's Manual" and the "Dungeon Master's Guide." They thought I played D&D as it continued onto the Unearthed Arcanum, Oriental Adventures, Sea Adventures, Wilderness Adventures. THEY thought I played D&D at the time when "Deities and Demigods" was the brand new book. THEY thought I played D&D when I used to get up to a place called The Complete Strategist in New York.

[Mouths: "I'm into D&D a lot."]

/so there
//3rd edition sucks balls
2004-08-18 09:57:44 AM  
Palladium books For-Evah!
2004-08-18 09:58:08 AM  
I'm surprised nobody has commented on the other headline on that page Belgians Like More Head
2004-08-18 09:59:12 AM  
Wow... and I have been playing for 22 of those 30 years....

No, I don't live with my parents. Yes, I have kissed a girl.

It's no wonder I am developing my own role playing game - I know role playing better than just about anything.

So I am a geek - there, I said it.

/doesn't worship the devil
2004-08-18 10:00:18 AM  
Don't worry about it...
The comic shop i go to is right next to an airbase, and its always swarmed with millitary guys. Most of em seem a bit too dorkish, but into gaming at least.
2004-08-18 10:01:12 AM  
I so want that book.
/geek and proud
How come Amazon doesnt have it listed?
2004-08-18 10:02:02 AM  

Vin Diesel rulz, just for things like that. Never played D&D. Was too cool for that.

I played Torg, Rifts, Paranoia, Star Wars (west end games version), Vampire, Mage, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, After the Bomb, Mekton, MechWarrior, GURPS, Amber, Middle Earth Role-Playing, Toon, and Robotech. And my brother writes for Holistic Design (they make Fading Suns, a sci-fi D20 game).

But not D&D. Way too cool for that crap.

2004-08-18 10:02:44 AM  
Hail, hail, fire and snow
Gary Gygax, we shall go
Far away, for to see
Gary Gygax come to me

/happy bday y'all
2004-08-18 10:02:47 AM  
I never understood dice-n-paper D & D. Seems like the silliest thing in the world to me.

D & D on the PC, however, has kept me happy since the Gold Box series.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-18 10:04:18 AM  
Adding to all the "I'm not a geek stories":

I actually do live in my parents' basement (thanks Ma!), work at Jack-in-the-Box, and am quite afraid of going outside, talking to girls or anything else involving sunlight or human contact. Nonetheless, I've never played a role playing game. Go figure.
2004-08-18 10:05:20 AM  
Excellent headline.

As long as we're sharing here....

I accidentally bought the first edition Monster Manual when I was a tiny little geek and was interested in mythological beasts. Little did I know that it was part of a game, but was that ever a smokin' hot picture of the succubus! When I got packed off to summer sports camp a couple years later, the other fat kid found me, and we ended up playing D&D every time people weren't trying to explain the point of playing squash. Used to play with the kid down the road too (Og the barbarian.) I was in a weekly after school D&D (and other assorted FRPG) group in high school, and played just a couple of times in college. Ever since I have been unable to find a regular game unless I was willing to DM. I had my own pet planet that I worked on for about 5 years. Ran a group of four players on it for a couple of months (I think we got to 2nd level). Then my wife and I spawned, and I released the planet into the wild.

I miss my characters sometimes. Billy Huggins, the Half Ogre fighter who fell through the drawbridge on the way into the dungeon at Hommlet. Rarnoq the other Barbarian who the party talked into working as a gladiator to raise funds for horses. (I like playing tanks) Mango Corvus, the trickster Cleric, in his harlequin outfit, giving the Paladin fits. Good Times.

I'd love to find a game I could be a player in, (Northern Virginia. Anyone?).

For the record, I am an accountant with a large consulting firm, and I don't even live in the same state as my parents, which makes living in their basement a bit tricky, and my own house doesn't have a basement. I brew beer (mead too), play bass, and do web coding. I am geeky in many ways, and D&D is just one of them. My wife, however, is not a geek, but puts up with it because I can breathe through my ears.

Lionhearted, If you know a game looking for players in the area, feel free to IM bassvarlet on AIM or tophat665 on Yahoo! or MSN (doesn't trillian rock?).
2004-08-18 10:05:27 AM  
bunch of Dorks
2004-08-18 10:06:07 AM  
Just Ignorant

You need a good GM/DM/Ref/Storyteller, but it can be wonderful fun. Imagine the PC version, sans graphics, with more freedom (can do anything that you can think of if the rules/GM agree), and actual human interaction (well, I think they're human at least).

Personally, because the RPG session always has a "party game" atmosphere, I tended to stick to games with a more "party game" feel to their play. Paranoia, Toon, a little Torg, and Rifts. Rifts was big and epic, and really wasn't as much fun as the more humourous games.
2004-08-18 10:06:24 AM  
I have to say, as a role player, that the people we should really look down on are LARPers. I mean, right? ;)
2004-08-18 10:07:08 AM  
Tell me again: why would people play this instead of going outside to play sports or picking up chicks or anything else more productive?

You're assuming a mutual exclusivity. There isn't.

2004-08-18 10:07:12 AM  
For those who can get ahold of the books, you should take a look at the system in the D&D Basic Set and compare to 3 or 3.5. There are some very interesting similarities.

I played lots of D&D, but I far prefer Call of Cthulhu and Paranoia for the amount of intelligence needed to survive, and Harn and Vampire: The Dark Ages for depth of story.

Anyone here play obscure RPG's?
2004-08-18 10:07:49 AM  

Dood, Ring of Shocking Blows only activates once a round.

Also, your trip modifier is prolly horrible.

Barbarian 1 /Fighter 2/Ranger 2/Tribal Protector 2/Exotic Weapon Master 1 is the crazy. With your exotic weapon stunt for double strength damage, a 30str halforc can swing for like 1d8+25ish 15-20x2 before 2 handed power attack at level 8. With haste boots and wild fighting, thats like 4 attacks a round. Combine that with great cleave and you have a pretty angry dood.
2004-08-18 10:07:52 AM  
I have my AD&D books sitting on my shelf next my computer at home. I am afraid they have not been touched in some years.

I am a computer gamer now, but I think it would be interesting to play some PnP RPG again.

2004-08-18 10:07:54 AM  

Sweet selection. TMNT was great fun. Good system, unique character generation and a tasty franchise.

And Paranoia changed the history of gaming forever. At least for me...
"You mean I get five lives? I don't see how I can lose THAT many!"
2004-08-18 10:08:22 AM  
heroes unlimited, teenage mutant ninja turtles, marvel, ad&d

/gm'd all those, i think.
//still plays hero quest with wife.
///not a euphemism.
2004-08-18 10:09:40 AM  
Yeah, you might be able to take out the Tarrasque, but nothing can withstand the Gazebo.
2004-08-18 10:09:48 AM  

Obscure? I have the first edition of Albedo - the flagship of Furrydom before they all turned into perverted freaks. Also have Amber, the game Eric Wujick made after leaving Palladium, based on the Roger Zelazny game. His system? All diceless, entirely up to the GM whether any action succeeds or fails.
2004-08-18 10:11:21 AM  

You must face the Gazebo alone.

How nerdy am I? We were cracking gazebo jokes when they were taking pictures at my wedding.
2004-08-18 10:11:59 AM  
Because there is only so much of those things that you can do before you look for something else to do. Generally it isn't more often than once a week in the evening. It is sort of like those games of poker you see on TV, with the players there to get away from their other responsibilities for a while and hang out with their friends. It is a form of escape. That, and a lot of the people who play it aren't that good at sports or picking up chicks

Or some of us play sports as well and are chicks.

Gee, what a shocker.

And as for Vin Diesel, he's not the only gamer. Dork Tower had a small section for the "celeb gamers" for a while.
Wil was one of the ones mentioned, as well as Vin. I forget who the other two were.
2004-08-18 10:12:08 AM  

I'm going to have to disagree with you (as if you didn't know ;).

I played paper D&D in high school and had a girlfriend for three years of highschool.

I play computer D&D now, and I still find time for dating, mountain biking, and working out.

It's all about moderation. Pursue your interests in moderation, and you'll have a well-balanced life :)
2004-08-18 10:13:52 AM  
i too, deplore this stereotype -

i am 32, live in my parents basement and i have NEVER played this stupid game.
2004-08-18 10:13:52 AM  
Little did I know that it was part of a game, but was that ever a smokin' hot picture of the succubus!

I know that picture. I think every 13 year old boy during the run of Monster Manual 1 knows that picture.

I figured running across a succubus would be worth it.
2004-08-18 10:14:15 AM  
I used to play once a week with my roommates and a few others. I would cook a huge meal and then we would play for a good 5-6 hours.

Much better than just sitting in front of the TV as far as I am concerned.
2004-08-18 10:14:32 AM  

Deadlands for amusement value, any game where you can have a nun as your companion and she kicks ass is always a good time.

Conspiracy X ~ Neat little game, one of those games that depends on brains rather than brawn. You get shot, you stand a damn good chance of dying. (Our characters had to drag one other out when he got shot in the ass one time. PC was laid up for a few games while he "recouped".) none of this 10 bullets and you don't die stuff. Good game.
2004-08-18 10:15:07 AM  
I'm gonna go ahead and cast my vote for Tasselhoff Burrfoot
2004-08-18 10:15:11 AM  
I preferred to fight dragons via video game.

[image from too old to be available]

That way you don't even have to interact with other human beings.
2004-08-18 10:15:39 AM  
I played lots of D&D as a teenager....but then the goldbox D&D games came out for my IBM computer. Ever since then I have been a computer RPG addict. I've tried going back to the old pen and paper games but they are just boring to me now.

Currently playing Star Wars Galaxies and DAoC. Waiting very patiently for Dark and Light to come out!!
2004-08-18 10:17:18 AM  
30 years and seems to be doing better then star trek is now.
2004-08-18 10:18:38 AM  
TLBreer: "Tell me again: why would people play this instead of going outside to play sports or picking up chicks or anything else more productive?"

Tell me, Breer, why sit inside reading Fark instead of being more productive by "playing sports or picking up chicks?"
2004-08-18 10:18:40 AM  

Damn, I saw Albedo in a used book store once. Still kick myself for not picking it up. I've heard of Amber, but I haven't played it.

How about Murphy's World (Reganombies!), The End (recently re-released), Morpheus, Chill, Tales From the Floating Vagabond, Runequest, The Underground?

Of course, there's a reason some of these aren't still around. Some of them suck horribly.

And good Munchkin reference above. (plays ancient, intelligent, then potion of pollymorph, rakes in treasure)
2004-08-18 10:20:40 AM  

Heroes of Asfar-a card game based on a D&D world created by the creator. Not an RPG but a great game based upon one.

Ghostbusters: The RPG. Released by West End Games back in the diznay.

What about the Lone Wolf books? One on One books? Way of the Tiger books?
2004-08-18 10:20:56 AM  
I only played D&D once.
I've never played Magic:TG or anything like that.
I dont read/collect/buy comic books (Except for a few Calvin&Hobbes)
I am not a Lord of the Rings fan.
I am not fat, most girls think I'm good looking.

Yet I'm 25 and have never kissed a girl, fark my life.
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