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(Local6)   Dash cam pics of naked Ohio mayor (safe for work)   ( divider line
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35991 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Aug 2004 at 2:48 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-18 07:46:27 AM  
2004-08-18 07:47:42 AM  
Dad, please put some clothes one wants to see the Coyne groin

2004-08-18 07:49:01 AM  
Would have been funnier if a large dildo was drawn on his cheek with a black magic marker.
2004-08-18 07:50:18 AM  
HAHA - exactly...he's lucky no one took advantage of his inebriated state...
2004-08-18 08:10:38 AM  
He's all melty looking.
2004-08-18 08:21:06 AM  
What has this country come to when you can't pass out naked on a neighbor's lawn?

It was bad enough when they cracked down on crawling into a stranger's bed thinking it's your own (thanks a LOT Robert Downey Jr.), but this is just ridiculous!

What's next, no more dropping trou while out drinking with Keifer Sutherland?
2004-08-18 09:34:12 AM  
When this guy runs for King of The Hobos, he's got my vote.
2004-08-18 09:54:36 AM  
Just after a night of partying at some restaraunt? Damn, this guy isn't even a cool drunk.
2004-08-18 10:50:52 AM  

2004-08-18 01:47:09 PM  
Luckily nobody was around to set his groin on fire.
2004-08-18 02:22:06 PM  
Pfff. That's me on any given night, here.
2004-08-18 02:49:11 PM  
Let's everyone from North Olmsted post in again! Hehe...
2004-08-18 02:50:00 PM  
Erm, there were pics with the original article. The same ones, in fact. In fact, it was the same article. This isn't a followup at all. Call the feds.
2004-08-18 02:50:02 PM  
I did this alot in college. Except I woke up in the "Farm House" fraternity with a very voluptuous she-thing the next day
2004-08-18 02:50:55 PM  
Judgeing by the tiny pic on the website, Yikes.
2004-08-18 02:51:24 PM  
whoa, .274 puts him well into the Bad Jocks pro- sports category.
2004-08-18 02:51:53 PM  
An acting mayor will take over until the matter is resolved. Ladies and gentleman our new acting Mayor....Henry Earl.
2004-08-18 02:52:00 PM  

Eeeewww... I have a farm house chapter next door to me. Nice guys, but R-E-D-N-E-C-K.
2004-08-18 02:53:47 PM  

wasn't pretty for sure
can never run for office now
coyote date- wake up in am with partner on your arm and would rather chew your arm off like a coyote in a trap than wake the person up
2004-08-18 02:55:36 PM  
I'd vote for him
2004-08-18 02:55:39 PM  
Great, now everyone can see his shortcomings.
2004-08-18 02:55:51 PM  
I hate it when this happens
2004-08-18 02:57:23 PM  
Kind of makes you wonder what the missing scene in this story is.

1. Drinking and eating with buddy
2. ...Scene Missing...
3. Naked and drunk on lawn of neighbor.

Any thoughts?
2004-08-18 02:57:36 PM  
hey, he wasn't naked ... he had his watch on!

/obligatory punch line "that's not my ring, that's my watch!"
2004-08-18 03:00:36 PM  
1. Drinking and eating with buddy
2. Someone slipped a roofie in his 6th Long Island Iced Tea
3. Naked and drunk on lawn of neighbor.
2004-08-18 03:02:01 PM  
i wasn't aware that ohio had a mayor.
2004-08-18 03:02:18 PM  
Come on. Who among us hasn't been found naked along side the road? I often lay in the fetal position until somebody notices.
2004-08-18 03:04:00 PM  
How's that Disorderly Conduct? He's just lying there and I don't think he's going to get loud with a BA level of .274
2004-08-18 03:08:18 PM  
"I deeply regret that a personal issue has become so public," Coyne said in a written statement.
Hey buddy, when your dick is floping in the cool night breeze from passing cars while you sleep it off, it is a public issue. Or would that be a pubic issue?
2004-08-18 03:08:40 PM  
the mayor of ohio?
2004-08-18 03:08:56 PM  
anyone want to place a bet on whether he's a dem or a repub?

i say dem 'cause the article doesn't mention a party affiliation.
2004-08-18 03:09:01 PM  
whats a "dash cam"?
2004-08-18 03:10:26 PM  
if only he could catch a football this would'nt be a problem/ come on jock back to the dorm.
2004-08-18 03:10:57 PM  
That damned Ted Kennedy.

Will he not EVER get anyone home safely??!!??!!
2004-08-18 03:10:57 PM  
Maybe he was streaking!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-18 03:11:23 PM  
He got drunk, got nekkid and fell asleep on the side of the road AGAIN? After he did it the other day? Pack him off to Betty Ford, I say ... oh, wait...
2004-08-18 03:11:48 PM  
I'd hit it.
2004-08-18 03:11:53 PM  

The camera that's built into the dash of a police cruiser.
2004-08-18 03:13:22 PM  
Man, that takes me back to some good old times...
2004-08-18 03:18:23 PM  
That guy is one drink away from being in the next "Bumfights" video.
2004-08-18 03:19:28 PM  
Why does one consent to a BAC test when one is not driving? Do you have to? I thought you only needed to consent if stopped for suspicion of drunken driving...
2004-08-18 03:20:29 PM  
Welcome to yesterday, where the same story and pictures were previously posted.
2004-08-18 03:22:28 PM  
That's sad ~but funny~
2004-08-18 03:22:53 PM  
They should use that photo in the next Jack Daniels add. Cause after about 7 or 8 belts of Jack, I start looking like the mayor there.

/great stuff that Jack Damage.
2004-08-18 03:23:27 PM  
Kind of makes you wonder what the missing scene in this story is.

1. Drinking and eating with buddy
2. ...Scene Missing...
3. Naked and drunk on lawn of neighbor.

Any thoughts?

I would guess that at some point he probably engaged in some bum sex but I could just be jumping to conclusions.
2004-08-18 03:25:46 PM  
0.274 BAC!!! Holy Batman!

2004-08-18 03:27:42 PM  
i wish they took my BAC freshman year when i passed out in a hotel lobby thinking i was home in my dorm room. ahh the good ol days
2004-08-18 03:28:02 PM  
How is this "Follow-up" when it is the exact same article that was posted yesterday?

I call for a "Recycled" tag.
2004-08-18 03:32:40 PM  
Damn, I used to live not a mile from where this guy was enjoying his outdoor naked slumber. Glad to see someone has filled the outdoor naked slumber void since I left.
2004-08-18 03:33:11 PM  
He's not blaming anyone else for his actions, so give him that. It would be funny to see this happen here in the Bible Belt.
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