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(ZDNet)   New service from McAfee allows users to bitch slap people that try to hack into their personal computers   ( divider line
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2002-01-30 04:49:38 PM  
Who is Zed?

Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead.
2002-01-30 04:49:56 PM  
Good deal. It's payback time
2002-01-30 04:50:35 PM  
Yeah..I like...but how long before the hackers get their hands on it and modify it for their own whims?
2002-01-30 04:52:19 PM  
HEY!!!! Hell Hath Frozen's snowing like crazy in Tucson Arizona!

Sorry for breaking the thread
2002-01-30 04:52:52 PM  
If we takeaway the software, then only the hackers will have the software.
2002-01-30 04:55:07 PM  
That is a cool concept.
I like it.
2002-01-30 05:01:20 PM  
The only problem with this is that it will only catch the amateurs. The l33t hackers know how to spoof IP addresses and use already hacked into systems to do their dirty work.
2002-01-30 05:02:20 PM  
Any of you people who like code think that you will be able to hack this software so as to cut out the middle man and just lauch a virus back down that same path????? Better yet, Cause the whole community to lauch a denile of service attack right back at them.....Screw the law, I want their hardware to pay the price.
2002-01-30 05:05:05 PM  
"Go ahead punk, make my day."
2002-01-30 05:05:42 PM  
"McAfee Visual Trace is able to look up the registered owners of the originating address, and if the malicious user's location falls within the United States, it can even display the hacker's street address."


The above is just a lie, or a marketers ignorance,
you cannot get a street address from an IP, you can
do a look up on the IP and see who registered that
block of IP's, but that's it. If you take a net-zero
account and do a look up on the IP, this is what you will see.

Netzero (NETBLK-NETZERO-209-247-164-0)
2555 Townsgate Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361

So if you do a traceroute and also take their
IP and do a whois lookup in ARIN and send it into their ISP's abuse dept, it's the same thing, this is just automated with pretty graphics.
2002-01-30 05:05:49 PM  
Fark them... fark all of them. Bastards.
2002-01-30 05:07:06 PM  
"McAfee Visual Trace is able to look up the registered owners of the originating address, and if the malicious user's location falls within the United States, it can even display the hacker's street address. "

ok, i'm no farking expert (yes i am, wait no), but even an ARIN trace will only get their isp's address, there is no way to get THEIR actual farking street address, unless they are a cable/dsl user with a static ip that traces back to their exact address for some reason, or the line is actually their domain registered to them. (i dont know what reason, i havent used cable/dsl). otherwise, anonymity would be near non-existent because anyone could figure out your street address from your ip.

so, what the fark?
2002-01-30 05:07:07 PM
2002-01-30 05:07:49 PM  
Old idea, I think there is a software title called "Jammer"
it does pretty much the same thing and will not screw up your system like McAfee products do.
2002-01-30 05:09:45 PM  
That's a lot of biatch slapping. I get dozens of SSH, RPC, winproxy, lpr, ftp, and telnet probes daily, and I'm just on a dynamic DSL connection.

And yeah, what about spoofing? I could get a bunch of people's connections shut off if I just spoofed their IP when I scanned someone's McAfee system
2002-01-30 05:12:12 PM  
Sgamer: yeah really. the only way to convert an IP to street address is to compare the ISPs logs to their billing information. Or their CallerID logs to the phone companies database.

I can already do what this software does with ipfilter rules and standard UNIX tools.
2002-01-30 05:12:51 PM  
....and once you track down the hacker, McAfee gives you the option of sending a phone-swinging McDonalds Manager -OR- a racist , spitting customer to their house!!!
2002-01-30 05:13:39 PM  
Yeah it uses NeoTrace..That program sux ass. It can tell you who 'owns' what IPs. Most of the time you get some address for an ISP, whatever this sux more shiat about rich white biatches who think 50+ million in liquid assets is being broke please. I need more drama!!!!!!!!
2002-01-30 05:14:41 PM  
Some of you guys make IP spoofing sound like childs play.
Anyone care to share their IP spoofing in three easy steps formula?
2002-01-30 05:17:10 PM  
Bogey: dude, you just take a big black marker, and write over what THEY say your ip is.
2002-01-30 05:18:06 PM  
Why bogey, this thing gotcha scared?
2002-01-30 05:19:54 PM  
THE_Marq: apparantly Im Zed, thankyouverymuch. (so like btw zeds not dead, they just took my bike)
2002-01-30 05:22:13 PM  
Not snowing in PHX yet...but ;)
Native Phx people will not be able to drive in the snow.
2002-01-30 05:22:17 PM  
to those who think neotrace 'sux ass':

I beg to differ. The pro version displays satelite images of the user's town. I've scared the crap out of some of my stupider friends with it.
2002-01-30 05:23:53 PM  
Hey BF+:When I click on your name it says you don't exist and taste like chicken. Handle spoofing - cool.

BTW not too scared, I'm fond of using other peoples terminal servers and Metaframe boxes when I feel like doing something bad.
2002-01-30 05:25:55 PM  
Mods SUCK !!
2002-01-30 05:27:25 PM  
So now you can find out where they are and hack them back, or mail them a virus or a bacteria whichever, or go there and knock on their door. I dont know if this is gonna help? any comments? I just dont think that watching green and red lines on a 'world map' will make any sense to anyone "Oh no We lost Poland!" WTF?
2002-01-30 05:31:11 PM  
Spoofing would be helpful, if any hackers wanna help us out.
2002-01-30 05:31:18 PM  
Imabmf: Neotrace does suck.

If law enforcement is using it to track hackers, it's no wonder they suck so badly at it.

Lbo: Sgamer: yeah really. the only way to convert an IP to street address is to compare the ISPs logs to their billing information. Or their CallerID logs to the phone companies database.

Getting you ISP to do this for you is not an easy thing, it requires a subpoena, again, not the easiest thing in the world to get.

This is good for people who feel they have been violated, and want to take action. Send off your little McAfee trace thingy and feel good about your self.
2002-01-30 05:35:19 PM  
Ggowins. You are correct it will only catch the amateurs... But everyone starts out that way. So lets catch as many of the little snot nosed hackers as we can before they grow up and become big snot nosed hackers.
2002-01-30 05:36:52 PM  
Reason why BF+ has no profile:

His name has a plus, which is used as a space in a URL.
In reality, you're trying to find BF and not BF+.
2002-01-30 05:42:50 PM  
Right. Similar hilarity ensued back when my name had
three exclamation points.
2002-01-30 05:43:20 PM  
The other thing about this that is annoying is calling
it hackerwatch, why not crackerwatch (I guess the PC implications). To me a hacker is someone who loves computers
so much they can sit there "hacking" all day to get the way the date is displayed just right or gets a particular program to not suck up as much RAM but get the same response. A cracker is a wannabe who uses the tools of a hacker to break or damage other peoples systems.

It's a fine distinction and I'm sure McAfee isn't to worried about angering the hacker community, it's just another annoying thing about this article.
2002-01-30 05:55:30 PM  
This is just a marketing scheme to sell the product, there is NO way to get a street address from an IP#. The only way to get a street address is to snag the users OEM# and hope they filled it out correctly. (BTW, mine isnt) 8-)
2002-01-30 05:56:33 PM  
Wait, did I say too much?
2002-01-30 06:00:08 PM  
My brother lives in Tucson, and he knows how to drive in snow. He'll show em by golly!
2002-01-30 06:02:47 PM  
Gee, Bogey, shouldn't you be programming a router or something?
2002-01-30 06:02:48 PM  

The only difference the layman sees in between a hacker and a cracker is that one has not been caught breaking the law, and the other has.

It's rather like having, and knowing how to use, a gun.
The commonwealth wants to insure you are accountable for being responsible for the extreme power you wield.

No-one wants to get shot at.
Some want to be able to shoot back.
2002-01-30 06:06:20 PM  

Yes you did! I see that you live a 723 Evergreen Terrace. Springfield USA!!!
2002-01-30 06:10:12 PM  
waaa somebody pinged my subseven port i'm gonna tell and you're gonna go to jail! i don't know what UDP means but you're gonna pay for sending that packet, pal! i bet there's a lot of money to be made from panicked WinXX users terrified by HACKERS! WHO ARE GONNA HACK THEIR COMPUTERS!!11 and then umm.. steal.. or break... something... i guess. i saw it on the news.
2002-01-30 06:10:59 PM  
Here's how to spoof in three simple steps

gcc -o newtear newtear.c

whoala. simple spoof in three easy steps.

and by the way.. you use 'terminal server' and 'meta frame boxes' to do something 'bad'?

do you go by the nickname ZeroCool, lord nikon, or cerialkiller? and how many 'gibsons' have you hacked?
2002-01-30 06:13:02 PM  
MrMud: Sir, i have hacked 2.5 gibsons, and am currently hacking an ibanez
2002-01-30 06:19:14 PM  
Hi Bob
Spent 13 hours in Greatfalls yesterday setting up wireless and a firewall for the garbage company there so I awarded myself the day off today. You coming out tonight?
2002-01-30 06:20:35 PM  
I prefer the old fashioned method of cloaking my activities. Break into a house that you know has connectivity, use their farking computer. oh, and don't leave fingerprints. Use latex medical gloves.
2002-01-30 06:23:21 PM  
by the way bogey, i apologize if that came off in the wrong 'tone' it was meant to be light hearted. =D
2002-01-30 06:24:12 PM  
Skankboy: shhhhhhhhh.
2002-01-30 06:25:57 PM  
Is my mind playing tricks on me again, or is this "Macdady808" guy posting that tyson.swf link on all the boards? Or both? It's starting to seem very familiar...
2002-01-30 06:26:35 PM  
MrMud - does that mean I can stop trying to make it work now? Haven't managed to spoof anything but I think I crashed a couple of my customers servers.
2002-01-30 06:29:27 PM  
well, if the routers are configured right, then you wouldn't be able to spoof.. so that must be the problem. try going from one of 462's hacked gibsons. I'm sure they don't do filtering on their routers. =D
2002-01-30 06:31:51 PM  
hahaha. looks like there a bunch of pussy assed 14 year olds out there now. hah.
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