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(AZCentral)   Video shows Enron employee ask former CEO Kenneth Lay if he was on crack   ( divider line
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6824 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jan 2002 at 3:28 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-30 03:30:16 PM  
first ammendment
2002-01-30 03:31:05 PM  
2002-01-30 03:31:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Kenny, stick with the "i don't recall".
2002-01-30 03:32:58 PM  
so that's what happened to all that he had a DRUG problem... you know, that's the first sign.
2002-01-30 03:34:12 PM  
So where's the farking video?
2002-01-30 03:34:29 PM  
What did he say?
2002-01-30 03:35:10 PM  
I really don't see a problem here.
2002-01-30 03:37:02 PM  
"oh, we have no money even though we recently sold $110 million worth of shares...
2002-01-30 03:37:44 PM  
2002-01-30 03:39:06 PM  
Crack problem....hmmm.... that might explain the partnership that Enron set up with that shell company called New Jack City Inc.

President: Ice -T
CEO: Ice Cube
COO: Snoop Dog
Janitors: Vanilla Ice, Hammer
2002-01-30 03:40:13 PM  
**@@$$%% Troll Food %%$$@@**

Enron is to Bush as __________ is to Clinton.

2002-01-30 03:40:17 PM  
And could someone please tell me what the hell "Old Lady Lay" was talking about when she complained about cash calls? Did she mean margin calls?
2002-01-30 03:40:23 PM  
2002-01-30 03:43:19 PM  
I caught a little bit of it on T.V. last night. It seemed that Lay was implying that if you thought Enron was going under then you must be high on crack.
2002-01-30 03:44:49 PM  
mmm, big buttery brown 20 rock.
2002-01-30 03:45:34 PM  
Bush is merely the political manifestation of Ken Lay.

When we're digging for potatoes because all of our money has been stolen by these chiselers, Laura Bush will be saying through the window of her limo "we are absolutely broke," while on her palm pilot she is selling $100 million in Pfizer stock and planning to take the family to Mars for the summer.
2002-01-30 03:45:38 PM  
What a video...I'm surprised he didn't pull a Bud Dwyer right there on the stage
2002-01-30 03:46:30 PM  
Actually Enron is to Clinton.This mess was created with help of the Democrats.This would have been averted if those creative accounting rules were not enacted.
2002-01-30 03:47:32 PM  
Enron again Burber remember most of this was going on under his watchfull eye, or rather under the knob polishing (missin .02) of interns perhaps is he was nto busy getting blown he could have ferreted out a whistle Blower of a different source. Enron "owned" both sides of the congress
2002-01-30 03:47:38 PM  
"What are you people, on DOPE ?!"
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-30 03:48:48 PM  
Sorry for stealing your idea, I started writing it before your post Shameless really I swear
2002-01-30 03:49:18 PM  
Is there, a video? geez Im an Idiot!
2002-01-30 03:51:44 PM  
Crack gets blamed for everything.
2002-01-30 03:53:17 PM  
damn, you know a catch phrase started by teenagers has gotten tired if in a meeting of a bunch of high powered suits it's used to describe the CEO.

Case in point: Bill Gates to Ballmer, "All your developers are belong to us!"
2002-01-30 03:54:46 PM  
Where do you think all that money went anyway?
2002-01-30 03:54:55 PM  
ShamelessPlug, if it can't get through the Gingrich congress, it can't get to Clinton's desk.
2002-01-30 03:57:38 PM  
i still don't see what the administration did wrong.

i think its a media conspiracy to generate news. get a few obnoxious republicrats to yell and scream about something then sell some papers.

that or clinton payback.
2002-01-30 03:59:11 PM  
If ten houses and $5 million in stock holdings - to say nothing of a $25 million severance package and millions in cashed-out stock options - is her definition of "broke," then I must be absolutely destitute. I didn't know I was so poor.
2002-01-30 03:59:32 PM  
Anyone catch the news about the DNC chairman making $18 million on a $100,000 investment (Can you say "insider trading?". I knew you could...). That company is circling the drain in bankruptcy now too. Wonder if the Demos will be all up in our faces demanding an investigation of that one?
2002-01-30 03:59:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"You're pretty wild and far-out, aren't you?"
2002-01-30 04:01:46 PM  
43%, I agree with you. Personally, I'd like to take a brick and hit Henry Waxman over the head. He's sooooooooooooooo annoying - kinda like a whiney little kid brimming with energy that won't shut up. To him, everything is a conspiracy.
2002-01-30 04:02:14 PM  
''I would like to know if you are on crack. If so that would explain a lot, if not you may want to start because it's going to be a long time before we trust you again

i dont know why but that comment is HYSTERICAL
2002-01-30 04:43:16 PM  

"big buttery brown $20 rock"...why stop there? Make it a "Hun Piece"'re making me jealous.
2002-01-30 04:51:57 PM  
Cinderelly, Cinderelly,
you are big and fat and smelly,
and your pants are full of jelly,
and you're sportin' a beer belly
and your dogs name is Eddie Van Bertinelli
and Jack Chick sent you too Helly
2002-01-30 05:02:26 PM  
If you had to sleep with his wife you'd pick up the pipe, too.
2002-01-30 05:12:25 PM  
Crack? No this guy must have been free basing draino.
2002-01-30 05:21:59 PM  
I guess you should give the guy some slack.

I mean, all he did was ride the crashing wave that was the Enron stock Price, and got out without loosing everything, like those Enron employees who have nothing left because all their retirement money was locked up in Enron shares.

If they're broke, than does Bill Gates earn minimum wage?
2002-01-30 05:23:05 PM  
Considering his ties to Bush, its probably opium.
2002-01-30 05:36:24 PM  
Likewise if you can not get it thru dashels congress it can not get to Bushs desk
2002-01-30 05:38:15 PM  
Arizona is an Indian word.

Besides, they trusted Marion Berry again.
2002-01-30 05:51:36 PM  
prseidents are never broke, even when they get out of office they still like 200,00$ from the govt a year if I am correct, but i could be wrong.
2002-01-30 05:52:53 PM  
BF+ : I would figure Bush a "coke" man?
2002-01-30 06:00:23 PM  
Actually Enron is to Clinton.This mess was created with help of the Democrats.This would have been averted if those creative accounting rules were not enacted.

Um, I wouldn't blame the democrats. Big Energy has never been as close to Democrats as they are to Republicans, as Republicans tend to favor policies that Big Energy agrees with. If Enron were a huge civil law firm, I'd be more inclined to believe you.

Deregulation happened at both the federal level (where that sort of thing is typically handled by a congress controlled by the GOP at the time), as well as at the state level (where, of course, the executive branch is more likely to wield his influence.

Is this to say that Bush is guilty or Clinton innocent regarding Enron? Too soon to tell. But it is safe to say that Enron far surpasses any of the Clinton scandals for potential of wrong-doing. Enron is to Whitewater what crack is to aspirin.

Lastly, enough with the "GOP scandal". Parties don't engage in scandals, people do. When republicans and democrats paint it as a party scandal, they are successfully whitewashing the fact that they, as individuals, had their hands in the till. Don't let them get away with it. Hold them all, dems and pubs alike, accountable.
2002-01-30 06:05:32 PM  
''I would like to know if you are on crack. If so that would explain a lot, if not you may want to start because it's going to be a long time before we trust you again,''

Oh, I'm pretty sure you won't have to worry about trusting Mr. Lay again... ever.
2002-01-30 06:09:22 PM  
right-o old chap, hold both accountable, i can't stand the Republicans crying "stop attacking the president, its war time", yea, unless your a Democrap. and vis-a-vis.

Republicans two years ago "don't take money from China, that's foriegn influence"

notice how there is always someone yelling for campaign reform until they benifit from it? what happened to that issue? did everybody's pockets get lined this year?
2002-01-30 06:22:53 PM  
yeah, just about.
2002-01-30 06:28:43 PM  
2002-01-30 06:39:42 PM  
Lay: ''Let me say right up front, I am absolutely heartbroken about what's happened..."

Oh, then by all means lets forgive him. We know his heart's in the right place. Besides, punish a CEO? This is America, for chrissakes!
2002-01-30 07:09:58 PM  
"Earlier this week Lay's wife Linda said her family lost its fortune when Enron, the once-proud linchpin of the Houston economy and national energy market, collapsed.

''There's nothing left. Everything we had mostly was in the one stock ... Other than the home we live in, everything else is for sale ... We are fighting for liquidity,'' she said.

But NBC said it had found at least 10 homes or lots, owned by the couple, that were not listed for sale and were worth about $10 million.

The network said Lay was entitled to a severance package of $25 million. And as of Jan. 1, the former-Enron chief owned more than $5 million in two companies -- with 340,724 shares in the No. 2 personal computer company Compaq and 20,220 in drugmaker Eli Lilly."

Jeez, I'd like to be that broke.
2002-01-30 08:04:16 PM  
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