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1404 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Jan 2002 at 10:07 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-30 10:08:59 AM  
2002-01-30 10:11:30 AM  
Hmm, too bad it's not later in the year, I might be in Toronto some time this summer. Wouldn't have minded "hoisting a few" as you say with Kerouac, one of the few Farkers with something more intelligent to say than "boobies!"
2002-01-30 10:13:22 AM  
London fark party on the same day, anyone?
2002-01-30 10:16:34 AM  
Bloody hell, if we try to have it at the same time, it's on Saturday the 10th starting at 11:00pm - is that right?
2002-01-30 10:18:07 AM  
i'll be in NYC for Saint Patricks day.

anyone? green beer and pickled eggs. and i think there is a parade or something.
2002-01-30 10:18:10 AM  
there may well be another summer bash.

i may well have moved to Ottawa by then.
2002-01-30 10:19:01 AM  
Bug -

Go to Coyote Ugly - the REAL one, on 1st Ave. just below 10th st.

they use Creme de Menthe to make the beer green.
2002-01-30 10:22:37 AM  
Hey Kerouac, you guys did a number on MTC last night...Sorry I missed it.
2002-01-30 10:23:46 AM  
yeah, well, she's an attention whore. can't stand her.
2002-01-30 10:28:45 AM  
Hi Scoots. Hi Kerouac. How you guys doin'?

2002-01-30 10:30:21 AM  
Oh, is someone talking about me, Manic? I thought I heard my name...?

2002-01-30 10:36:48 AM  


2002-01-30 10:38:25 AM  
Can we burn American flags at the party?
2002-01-30 10:38:56 AM  
So are sex crazed teachers going to be in attendance ?
2002-01-30 10:38:58 AM  
There's a party in my pants, but only some of you are invited
2002-01-30 10:40:03 AM  
Kerouac, even though i'm partial to Gary Snyder right now, i'll accept the suggestion.

do you know of any old skool Irish bars in NYC?
2002-01-30 10:40:24 AM  
So is there actually anything going on in the city of Toronto? I've never been there but as I said, I may find myself there this summer. Give me the low down..
2002-01-30 10:40:44 AM  
As a matter of fact, i know of one....

(This is the part where Lahroo7 kills me.)
2002-01-30 10:41:42 AM  
EVERYWHERE in NY is an old school Irish bar.

But the one that pops to mind is McSorley's.
2002-01-30 10:48:46 AM  
sh*t that's all you had to say
2002-01-30 11:09:21 AM  
Hey.. this is my Boobies.

Mind if I tag along in Ottawa? Visit FARK daily and would like to meet a few of ya :)


2002-01-30 11:09:34 AM  
....hey, who farted? I bet it was this guy:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-30 11:19:07 AM  
Only hoisting a few ? .. I think thats a good start for the first 10 minutes ..
2002-01-30 11:20:46 AM  
Kerouac - they use Creme de Menthe to make the beer green.
Don't say THAT. For the love of all that is sacred, please, PLEASE , never mention that again.
2002-01-30 11:21:43 AM  
Wish i was making that up.
At least YOU found out beforehand.
2002-01-30 11:49:14 AM  
On the other hand, having had to work a St. Paddy's day, I can see why they'd do it. Mostly to get the morons the hell outta their bar.

Farking lightweights, bpuking their guts out by 2PM. If you're going to drink that heavily, you goatta train for it.
2002-01-30 12:18:28 PM  
i'll try and make it out. i've gotta bunch of crap on the table around then, but i'll try and put in an apperance.
2002-01-30 12:19:43 PM  
heh. i assume drew won't be there, though..

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-30 12:35:03 PM  
Yeah, Great.

Myself, plus the 4 Other Ottawa farkers I know will be in Montreal on the 15th to see Weezer.


How many other Ottawa farkers would get together on the 16th instead ? Meet at Dominion Tavern or something ?
2002-01-30 12:51:18 PM  
How about we combine the two parties into a nice halfway point. Say, Kingston!

But I'm just saying that because I have no way of getting to either Ottawa or Toronto.
2002-01-30 12:58:22 PM  
I could do the 16th, but i'll be at the Corel Centre until 8 or 9.
2002-01-30 01:02:19 PM  
FEH FEH FEH!!! Damn work!!! Damn it all!!

SilentObserver: Hell yes, Kingston!!
2002-01-30 01:02:24 PM  
SilentObserver - They wouldn't even consider moving the Ottawa Party to Kanata for me. I do believe you are SOL.

2002-01-30 01:19:16 PM  
Well how many Ottawa Farkers are there ?
Including me, I know 5, and we all chill in the Market. (I live near the art gallery).
Market is central.
16th is good.
If something is critical...Tattoo it on your body. It's just a permanent way of making a note.

Ottawa Fark Party
w00t, and so forth.
2002-01-30 01:28:20 PM  

I think the 16th would be great. 8 or 9 is pretty early anyway, isn't it ?
2002-01-30 01:33:41 PM  
I wish it could be Kingston! Then we could line up some great live music.

Sharp, I may be able to give you a ride. But remember, Ass Gas or Grass - Nobody Rides For Free.

Leonard, I think it should be obligatory, no? With Ernie/Bert/Dubya placards on sticks? While wearing beaver caps? or those funny ref foam maple leaf hats? What a photo opp! BTW, would we need a permit? (little T.O. dig there - hey, I am in the Hammer, hehe, and yes i've heard that one about your girlfriend and the kiss etc.)

THAT would make the Sun and probably Global news anyways.
2002-01-30 01:43:08 PM  
Schedule a farkparty for March 16th or so. I will be in TO for Wrestlemania.
2002-01-30 01:50:39 PM  
In regards to the Ottawa party on the 16, that's fine, just give notice and location!
2002-01-30 03:12:37 PM  
I'll only change it if you go vote for my Miss Kitty photoshop.
2002-01-30 04:08:54 PM  
I'll have my webcam up. I'll "virtually" be there :P
2002-01-30 05:27:41 PM  
Fark Party Ottawa! I'll be there!
2002-01-30 05:50:12 PM  
Will Drew be at either of the parties?
2002-01-30 07:34:39 PM  
Ya, so that takes care of the Fark parties in the east. When does Fark - Vancouver take place? Better yet, Victoria so I don't have to take the ferry! :)

2002-01-30 10:08:01 PM  
I can make it on the 15th.... I'm out in Nepean.
2002-01-30 10:17:31 PM  
I may do Fark BC next Christmas.
2002-01-30 10:30:29 PM  
Fark - Vancouver can take place after May, when I move back there ;)
2002-01-30 10:31:18 PM  
and don't expect the Drew experience unless you are springing for a plane ticket.
2002-01-31 03:08:04 AM  

You gonna be sending out a spam reminding us about the O-town party?

Like every good Farker my attention span is limited to whatever is currently linked on the front page.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2002-02-01 08:13:07 AM  
This is a real drag. I was in for a Toronto FarkParty, but that one's during Mardi Gras, and I'm already booked in New Orleans. What about moving the party to a weekend *not* concurrent with an already-scheduled FarkParty. I'd sure as shiat be at both. Maybe even the Ottowa one, too.
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