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(Miami Herald) NewsFlash Jeb Bush's daughter arrested on drug fraud   ( divider line
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2002-01-29 12:28:49 PM  
Love it. Wonder what the mandatory minimum is where she lives?
2002-01-29 12:28:52 PM  
img.fark.comView Full Size
would have been just as fitting here

2002-01-29 12:29:18 PM  
Anyone notice that the wife's name is almost Colombia haha
2002-01-29 12:29:42 PM  
them bushes are starting to look like the ol' kennedy clan.
2002-01-29 12:31:00 PM  
mmmmm... prescriptions... *homeric drool*
2002-01-29 12:31:03 PM  
Prescription fraud, eh? Hmmm.
2002-01-29 12:31:28 PM  
what is the deal with the bush clan and controlled substances?
2002-01-29 12:31:31 PM  

She should call that kid from South Carolina.
2002-01-29 12:31:42 PM  
i think that the bushes are worse than the kennedy's...its just that all of the bush's trash is just now commin to surface so does anyone have a pic of this hoochie?

2002-01-29 12:32:01 PM  
So, good ol' Dubya's kids have the alcohol thing going fo them, and Jeb's are taking over the drug angle..
2002-01-29 12:32:20 PM  
Who cares?
2002-01-29 12:33:29 PM  
Ha ha ha ha ha. I have nothing against the young lady, of course. What would really be neat would be if W were to relapse. This is probably as good as we're gonna get from the Bush clan though. Financial scandal and corruption just don't get the American public as whipped up as sex and drugs.
2002-01-29 12:33:43 PM  
Dude, Where's My Lawyer?
2002-01-29 12:33:43 PM  
Hahahahahah good times, good times.
2002-01-29 12:34:02 PM  
Dogbone Are you talking about me? 'Cause if she looks anything like the other two bush girls, I'd be more than willing to talk..
2002-01-29 12:34:19 PM  
I'd bet that it was for oxycontin...
2002-01-29 12:34:48 PM  
If she doesn't get the mandatory prison sentence, it's going to look like Jeb and/or Dubya pulled some strings.

If it looks like Jeb and/or Dubya pulled some strings, Dubya's approval rating is going to plummet faster than Enron stock.
2002-01-29 12:36:21 PM  
Who the hell names their daughter Columba?
2002-01-29 12:36:44 PM  
I couldn't find the mugshot
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-29 12:37:50 PM  
They probably figured the prescription was phony by the blue crayon signature.
2002-01-29 12:37:54 PM  
I bet she likes to suck a big fat cock for a hit of X.
2002-01-29 12:39:19 PM  
some high powered political people's kids, sheesh

2002-01-29 12:40:06 PM  
Here's a link to an article with a pic

2002-01-29 12:41:42 PM  
Those teeth are f'n vicious.
2002-01-29 12:42:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Better pic of Noelle...
2002-01-29 12:42:47 PM  
'She graduated from Tallahassee Community College in 2000' - from article

Good to know that Nepotisim still has its perks.
2002-01-29 12:42:56 PM  
she's the blonde...

[image from too old to be available]

Hell, I'd take drugs if I looked like her!
2002-01-29 12:43:01 PM  
"At this time, my wife and I would like to focus the press attention back on former President Clinton, and all the bad things he did..."

This is the republican solution for everything...and it's working!
2002-01-29 12:43:30 PM  
Jeb is a class act. As his statements below go to show. Notice he had the good taste not to make-up some outrageous claim that is was a "Vast Left-Wing Conpiracy".

Bush and his wife, Columba, issued a statement on Tuesday but did not provide specifics on the charge.

``Columba and I are deeply saddened over an incident that occurred last night involving our daughter Noelle. This is a very serious problem. Unfortunately, substance abuse is an issue confronting many families across our nation,'' Bush said.

Bush asked the public and the media to ``respect our family's privacy during this difficult time so that we can help our daughter.''

``We will have no further comment on this issue,'' he said.

He essentially said. We are not happy that she was involved in this and it is family business so please respect our privacy. Bill the ass-grabber and Hillary the Hag could learn something from this or perhaps he learned something watching them. Who knows.
2002-01-29 12:43:32 PM  
IckyMettle:All the better to chew pills with.
2002-01-29 12:43:32 PM  
Jeb, Columba and I the only one saying WTF?

2002-01-29 12:43:46 PM  
It seems addiction runs in the family. Her Uncle George was an alcoholic and cocaine abuser, her cousins keep getting arrested on alcohol charges, and now her. It must run in the genes.

BTY, I still think George Jr. must have been drunk during the pretzel incident. It just doesn't make much sence that he passed out but not from lack of air.
2002-01-29 12:44:08 PM  
"As Florida's First Lady, Mrs. Bush has chosen to dedicate her time and energy to help promote art appreciation among Florida's young people, and to speak out about the evils of drug abuse."

Looks like she's been talking to the wrong young people, etc etc.

Here's a better shot: [image from too old to be available]

Noelle is the strung-out looking one on the left.
2002-01-29 12:44:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Those fixed glassy eyes give the game away, don't they, fellow pharmaceutical enthusiasts?
2002-01-29 12:44:15 PM  
"01-29-02 12:36:21 PM Crolack
Who the hell names their daughter Columba?"

Read it, the mother (Jeb's wife) is Columba.
2002-01-29 12:44:17 PM  
Man, imagine having to grow up in that household! You'd be farked up all the time,too.
2002-01-29 12:44:38 PM  
Dammit, Skidnuts
2002-01-29 12:44:53 PM  
Jeb's Wife Columba makes me Hot.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-29 12:46:01 PM  
Love it. On the night of the State of the Union address, George's niece gets arrested. Farking fabulous!

Feel the GLEE!
2002-01-29 12:46:03 PM  
Nice pearl necklace
2002-01-29 12:46:11 PM  
Capigula, take your thought-free Clinton bashing back to Free Republic
2002-01-29 12:46:21 PM  
"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit abusing prescription drugs."

-Noelle Bush
2002-01-29 12:47:03 PM  
hehe JOHNDX..ripped from the same site, no doubt ;)
2002-01-29 12:48:24 PM  
Unfortunately, substance abuse is an issue confronting many families across our nation,'' Bush said.

Not just many families but almost everybody in your family. George *sniff, snort, glug, glug* Bush, his daughter, and now Jeb's.
2002-01-29 12:49:02 PM  
A Mytwocents sighting!

Grivas slams some more vicodin.
2002-01-29 12:49:11 PM  
All drugs are good, esp pharmies!
2002-01-29 12:49:43 PM  
This is abuse of the "Newsflash" tag.
2002-01-29 12:50:08 PM  
Its good to see the Bush's are doing their patriotic duty by distracting the media.
2002-01-29 12:50:35 PM  
I'd like to frig her in the ashehole. THe daughter, that is. I think she looks like a goer. She'd probly do all kinds of kinky stuff.
2002-01-29 12:51:05 PM  
<steve_martin arrowhead="false">gimme drugs, gimme drugs</steve_martin arrowhead="false">
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