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(Daily Soccer)   Possibly the world's strangest soccer injury   ( divider line
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16168 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jan 2002 at 2:17 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-29 02:21:18 AM  
I figured "broken brain" to be the strangest, but I've been proven wrong.
2002-01-29 02:26:47 AM  
Oh my farking gob... this should have an "amusing" tag...
2002-01-29 02:27:35 AM  
I just spent 10 minutes trying to do this deliberately, and it didn't work.

How in the fark did he do that? And picture the crowd watching this dude running off the field with his own tongue crammed in his esophagus

What a dipshiat
2002-01-29 02:31:03 AM  
This reminds me of the time, Egon, when you tried to drill a hole through your head.
2002-01-29 02:44:31 AM  
I told my wife that it's fun to swallow your own tongue.
why don't you try it sometimes.....

Come to think of it, she can put that tongue to better use

2002-01-29 02:45:28 AM  
I've never been able to understand how someone could swallow their tongue. Where's it gonna go? Down your throat?
2002-01-29 02:48:05 AM  
Lavahead: And it would have worked, too, if you hadn't stopped me.
2002-01-29 02:52:17 AM  
The official report was that he choked on a tongue. It wasn't his own tongue, we're not sure who's it was. But you can't, actually, dust for tongue.
2002-01-29 02:59:57 AM  
Courtney: If I bit my tongue off during a soccer game and watched it fly into someone elses mouth & get lodged there...yeah, at the very least I'd be checking out the lost & found
2002-01-29 03:00:09 AM  
Maybe he was enjoying some Lamb Tongue (see potted meat post below it).
2002-01-29 03:17:40 AM  
Shin guards can only do so much...
2002-01-29 03:35:35 AM  
The world's strangest soccer injury would be enjoying watching soccer.
2002-01-29 03:38:51 AM  
Skidnuts I just spent 10 minutes trying to do this deliberately, and it didn't work.

Ummm.... Dude. You were *this close* to becoming the honourary Darwin award winner of the century.
2002-01-29 03:42:14 AM  
Farker Skidnuts deliberatly swallows own tognue, posts message s as he dies.

Sorry. Still giggling about that.
2002-01-29 03:43:34 AM  
That's not true, Blaire, if you know what is going on. Have you ever been to a World Cup game? Ah, memories of World Cup USA--Sweden versus Russia at the Pontiac Silverdome--are still so clear... Sigh...
2002-01-29 03:45:09 AM  

You gyus quoting lines from Ghostbusters just made my day. Just wish i had bought any of the 2 DVD movies instead of the goonies.....
2002-01-29 04:00:18 AM  
TONGUE-SWALLOWING EXPERIMENT UPDATE: If you try to swallow your own tongue with too much vigor, you trigger the gag reflex, resulting in a keyboard malfunction.

Do not try this at home bragahaghahgldgjljsrfdigjhe[o9uhduiojf
2002-01-29 04:03:03 AM  
Skidnuts - Wow. Maybe I was right in the first place.
2002-01-29 04:07:42 AM  
Not really that unusual, if you get knocked out it can happen.
2002-01-29 04:15:18 AM  
Holy shiat, Reaper...hurry up & sneak out of here before the bouncers see the pic/thread goof.
2002-01-29 04:27:09 AM  
I was gonna post some REALLY GROSS pictures because that one you posted was 'R' rated at best in my book.
But then again, I don't feel like getting banned for good.
2002-01-29 04:27:53 AM
2002-01-29 04:43:00 AM  


"EGON !!"

(btw in the Ghostbusters 1&2 pack, the first disc is damaged beyond repair after 48 minutes)
2002-01-29 04:48:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-29 04:51:05 AM  
actually, swallowing your tongue is one of the commonly heard injuries in soccer. I think swallowing yourself through your anus would be unusual though, if it ever happens.
2002-01-29 04:58:57 AM  
Cheers Kan!
2002-01-29 05:07:10 AM  
Your welcome. The picture say a 1000 words.
2002-01-29 05:13:06 AM  
sigh... swallowing your tongue is not that unusual. Seriously, it's something that you have to worry about with convulsions or just being unconscious. The tip of the tongue isn't "swollowed", the fat fleshy back end seals up your throat.
2002-01-29 06:53:46 AM  
Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't you just have to exhale to get your tongue unstuck? You know, negative pressure and all that...
2002-01-29 06:53:50 AM  
Ive played in a game where a dude swallowed his tongue - its not exactly common but its not unusual. And a rugby game as well
I doubt any americans would recognise the name, but David Buust anyone?? Eat your heart out Thiesman ...........
2002-01-29 07:16:31 AM  
I just spent 10 minutes trying to do this deliberately, and it didn't work.

Is that suicide or stupidity?
2002-01-29 07:18:43 AM  
One should always chew properly before swallowing.
2002-01-29 07:45:12 AM  
dumb yanks
2002-01-29 07:46:07 AM  
do you bite through your tongue before swallowing????
2002-01-29 07:53:02 AM  
I think I'm going to vomit now...
2002-01-29 07:53:35 AM  
. . . player swallows tongue . . .

2002-01-29 07:54:51 AM  
hey Skizza.....come on over here and let some of us "YANKS" introduce you to real's SOCCER
2002-01-29 07:57:53 AM  
As a soccer player, there is nothing I hate more than a player that chokes during the big game.
2002-01-29 07:59:53 AM  
Do you mean that kind of football that you play by carrying a ball with your hands?
2002-01-29 08:11:32 AM  
MNotme: yes Vegasj means the game where you run with your feet, not a horse
2002-01-29 08:17:25 AM  
hehe nice reference Courtney
2002-01-29 08:25:07 AM  

1. Football is the biggest sport in the world.
2. It is known throughout the world as "football"
3. The game of football involves contact between a
spherical ball and a foot. It is from this association
that we derive the word "football"
4. American football uses neither a football nor a foot
5. Your "football" is just a bastardised version of our Rugby, the main difference being that you are all so scared of getting hurt that you require 100's of kilos of cotton-wool protection.
6. To avoid any possibility of something interesting happening in american football, the game is paused every 3 seconds to let everyone on the field stand up again.
2002-01-29 08:26:15 AM  
</rant ends>
2002-01-29 08:39:39 AM  
Docwra: David Buust - wasn't that the one that nearly made Peter Schmiecal vomit? That bloke still walks with a huge limp, after about 10 operations.
2002-01-29 08:44:47 AM  
Batfink: So when you Americans speak of "football" you're not talking of a specific game, but any game that can be played on foot?
2002-01-29 08:47:34 AM  
Kenchie: yeah, it was Busst, his leg broke through 90 degrees there's a picture of it here: OW!
2002-01-29 08:55:46 AM  
Skizza your an idiot....

People would be dieing if they didn't have that equipment on. Try being a quarterback and sit there knowing your about
to get hit from any possible direction by a 6'3" 300lb dude.
Soccer is boring as hell....More excitement in the stands watching idiots from different countries kill each other.

Rugby is kinda cool but it's still kinda Gay in my book.
2002-01-29 08:56:58 AM  
O you are right however American Football should not be football.
2002-01-29 08:57:56 AM  
diarra cha cha cha.
2002-01-29 09:00:47 AM  
simpman: have you ever seen what Jonah Lomu does to people while playing rugby? Rugby players are just as big as American Footballers, and the sport is just as violent. It's just that rugby players are hard as nails and don't tend to notice when a "6'3" 300lb dude" stamps on their head.
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