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(CNN)   Mike Tyson on Larry King Live tonight, let's see if he loves Larry King until... wait that's backwards   ( divider line
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2002-01-28 06:25:47 PM  
Is he going to wear one of those masks like Hannibal Lechter in "Silence Of The Lambs"? And will Mike Tyson have to wear one, too?
2002-01-28 06:26:24 PM  
Best. Headline. Ever.
2002-01-28 06:26:57 PM  
Its fun to watch Mike Tyson talk out of his ass. From a safe distance, of course.
2002-01-28 06:28:28 PM  
Ah, quick-to-respond Simpsons.

Drederick Tatum: "Litter is my worst foe. I hope to eat its children."
2002-01-28 06:32:37 PM  
I bet Larry will get an earfull, wait... that's backwards
2002-01-28 06:33:10 PM  
That webpage says Connie Chung is on Larry tonight..
2002-01-28 06:35:13 PM  
For Larry's sake it better by live via satellite.
2002-01-28 06:35:23 PM  
So how long has Tyson been masquerading as Connie Chung? I'm starting to think he's abnormal.
2002-01-28 06:36:07 PM  
agree... kudos to the headline-writer.
2002-01-28 06:40:41 PM  
Larry! For god's sake, don't get pissed and tell Mike to "bite me!".
2002-01-28 06:44:12 PM  
Is that Mike Tyson dressed as Connie Chung, or is Connie Chung gonna talk in a high voice and hurl insults.
2002-01-28 06:46:00 PM  
Maybe Larry, Mike and Connie Chung will all end up duking it out. I'll have to catch it later after RAW is over.
2002-01-28 06:48:36 PM  
I always knew Connie Chung was a transie, but I never thought she could box and eat human flesh!
2002-01-28 06:49:48 PM  
My money is on Connie Chung -- remeber how tough she was with that Condit fellow.
2002-01-28 06:53:12 PM  
What the hell ever happened with that Condit guy anyway?
2002-01-28 06:57:28 PM  
Agreed. Excellent headline. Wish I could write 'em like that, maybe I'd get a farking article posted...
2002-01-28 06:57:31 PM  
Sang- He is running for re-election. Although there is not a chance in hell he will win. His 25 points behind the lead.
2002-01-28 06:59:09 PM  
I hope to hell they take callers.

Sang Froid: He's running for re-election and has zero support. Not even Diane Feinfark supports him.
2002-01-28 07:32:02 PM  
Larry King's prison biatch name is Self-Toucher.

Mike Tyson's PBN is faggot Enforcer.

[image from too old to be available]

Connie Chung's PBN is Hot Hole.

Peaceboy's PBN is Dildo Head.
2002-01-28 07:32:51 PM  
De-filter that link, btw...
2002-01-28 07:37:26 PM  
Mike Tyson will now serve as the new McGruff the crime dog. He'll take a bite out of crime.

err.. sorry
2002-01-28 07:39:18 PM  
Hey Peaceboy!
I'm on my sweet Christian sister's computer. Can I click that link without going to hell? Her husband checks history.
2002-01-28 07:44:37 PM  
I think Iron Mike and Larry will get along just fine. Evidence, this excerpt from Larry King's old newspaper column.

In case you were wondering, Sandy Koufax is still my best friend...

If you ask me, Robin Givins is an evil lying biatch...

Not that you asked, but I think ear biting is sexy...

Lately, my two biggest hobbies are crotch grabbing, and rape.....

I like to take my suspenders and choke prostitues until they pass out...

I'm going to Fark you until you love me...
2002-01-28 07:47:00 PM  
hey...i thought i submitted this oh well should be goooood viewing tonite wooooo TV history possibly
2002-01-28 07:48:05 PM  
oh wait i guess i did LOL nebermindage
2002-01-28 07:48:12 PM  
Ha ha. Will Wheaton is on Beat The Geeks.
2002-01-28 07:55:59 PM  
TV Geek's hair must be alien to this planet.
2002-01-28 08:01:41 PM  
Hytes, it's relatively tame, just a generator, nothing much worse than what already appears in the post. Just correctly unFark the "b" word in the URL before proceeding. Besides, even upright Christians like Jerry Falwell occasionally do time in the pokey, so just explain it's some sort of sociology experiment...
2002-01-28 08:02:52 PM  
Falwell??? Geez. I meant Jimmy Swaggart.

But I'm sure Falwell would be treated with the utmost hospitality.
2002-01-28 08:03:46 PM  
Or maybe I meant Jim Bakker.

Anyone have an evangelist's scorecard handy?
2002-01-28 08:15:17 PM  
2002-01-28 08:21:22 PM  
Max Load, tried to read that at work without laughing, failed.
2002-01-28 08:45:03 PM  
Maybe Connie Chung is going to fark him until he loves her. That Larry King really knows how to get the chicks.
2002-01-28 08:47:36 PM  
Guys, I really dont think Tyson is going to be on Larry King Live,,

CNN's Connie Chung in her first in-depth interview since joining the network. She'll talk with Larry about her more than 30 years as an award-winning journalist, the state of the current news climate and what she has in store for her new primetime program on CNN.

Plus, Where is Daniel Pearl? The Wall Street Journal reporter was abducted last week by terrorists who think Pearl is a spy for the CIA. Larry talks exclusively with Paul Steiger, Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal and Helene Cooper, a fellow journalist and close, personal friend of Pearl's, about what's being done to bring him home. "
2002-01-28 08:52:53 PM  
I think Tyson was scheduled, but the Tyson camp realized that the moron would probably have a complete meltdown in the face of any questioning by King. Choking an old man to death on national TV is probably not what Tyson needs right now for his image. But hey, I'm just guessing.
2002-01-28 09:01:34 PM  
Tysons management did in fact change their minds.. Interview is reschedualed though!
2002-01-28 09:17:17 PM  
Bill Hilly - Choking an old man to death on national TV is probably not what Tyson needs right now for his image.

Yaa, back in his prime it would've been fine., applauded even.. But theses days...
2002-01-28 09:33:07 PM  
pleeeeeeeeeeez.......wuv me!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-28 09:37:25 PM  
Having Tyson wink at me like that gets me all hot and bothered.

Is it hot in here?

Where's the thermostat?
2002-01-28 09:47:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

How dare Connie Chung take my spot....
2002-01-28 10:11:15 PM  
Connie Chung will be filling in for Tyson tonight. She got some hot tips on how to actually completely sever the tough cartilage in King's ear with her teeth before security pulls her off. No word on farking Larry until he loves her at this time...
2002-01-29 09:16:06 AM  
Tyson was not on Wawwy King. This is wudikwus.
2002-01-29 10:15:13 AM  
I missed the show (no cable) but I wonder if me mentioned

"I am nawt a perfek man, Connie."
2002-01-29 10:28:59 AM  
Mike Tyson did end up on the Biww O'Wiwey show, though (via satellite)...I was flipping, and came upon the very appearred than Bill had him for lunch...someone seemed to be off-camera, feeding Mike his lines...and Mike never was looking right at the camera.
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