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(Yahoo)   Topeka: "Not as bad as you think" and other slogans the city is considering   ( divider line
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9351 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2004 at 6:39 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-03 01:02:42 PM  
Hahahahhhahha... Topeka actually sucks. Bad. Period.
2004-08-03 01:10:44 PM  
"Topeka: We Kan!"

2004-08-03 01:14:05 PM  
Topeka - Kansas City is only an hour away....
2004-08-03 01:16:14 PM  
"You know you want Topeka!!!"

/wait a minute, that's actually not too bad.
2004-08-03 01:18:11 PM  
Topeka is for lovers! Of Corn.
2004-08-03 01:20:24 PM  
Topeka: Not as bad as you think. It's worse!
2004-08-03 01:21:04 PM  
Topeka - Paragon of Inconsequence.
2004-08-03 01:23:25 PM  
Topeka: I posted a funnier slogan in the the other thread
2004-08-03 01:26:13 PM  
Ooh, ooh, I got another one: Topeka - At least its not Wichita!
2004-08-03 01:32:41 PM  
Topeka: The smell isn't what you think it is.

/should have enabled voting
2004-08-03 01:34:12 PM  
Topeka. Slogan-free for 150 years. Er, wait.
2004-08-03 01:54:08 PM  
Topeka: We'll pique 'ya interest!
2004-08-03 01:57:39 PM  
Topeka: Gateway to, um, grass.
2004-08-03 02:00:54 PM  
Topeka - #1 of all the Eka's!
2004-08-03 02:25:29 PM  
Topeka- Not just dust in the wind!
2004-08-03 02:51:45 PM  
Topeka: Where You Can Hunt Down Fred Phelps and Beat Him to Death!
2004-08-03 03:16:16 PM  
Nice one whidbey. I saw him and his inbred crew demonstrating at the DNC last week. Would've taken him out then and there if the place weren't swarming with heavily-armed security forces.

But actually, Topeka has some really nice Art-Deco buildings. At least according to a book we got in the office last week.
2004-08-03 03:18:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
This is the only thing I want to deal with that sounds like "Topeka".
2004-08-03 04:12:06 PM  
Topeka: We were in a Steven King novel not once, but twice.
2004-08-03 04:13:53 PM  
Topeka: if you thought Omaha was dull...
2004-08-03 04:39:13 PM  
Topeka: Flat as your 12 year old niece, but won't press charges.
2004-08-03 05:16:56 PM  
topuka, nuff said...
2004-08-03 05:43:32 PM  
Topeka: A good place to dig potatos.

/Thats what the word means...for real.
2004-08-03 06:14:04 PM  
Topeka - Cause th' train don't run outta Wichita...less'in yer a hog.
2004-08-03 06:42:08 PM  
I sense a PS thread coming out of this one...
2004-08-03 06:42:26 PM  
You just left Topeka...and you didn't even notice!
2004-08-03 06:42:33 PM  
Topeka: The plumber's butt crack of the midwest!
2004-08-03 06:43:51 PM  
Topeka...We Got Nothin.
2004-08-03 06:44:00 PM  
Topeka: Scurvy free since 1984.

Topeka: It's like St. Louis, without the glitter.

Topeka: Where the lega drinking age is just a suggestion.

This thread is useless without voting
2004-08-03 06:45:03 PM  
I live in Lawrence. The first thing I said when I heard this (after I got done laughing my ass off, that is) was "you mean they just now figured out they have an image problem?" I just helped my sister and her husband move to Topeka. They both work there, and the commute was wearing them out. Their neighborhood is in the true Topeka tradition...a block or two of decent houses. then a block of crack houses and hookers, then a few more blocks of decent places. So even if your block looks nice, there's a good chance that someone has been shot at within a few hundred feet of your house. Topeka is what happens when you don't have good city planning and zoning laws.
2004-08-03 06:45:32 PM  
How about : TOPEKA a huge steaming pile somewhere in bum fark Kansas.
2004-08-03 06:46:50 PM  
Topeka... nothing worth noting
2004-08-03 06:48:49 PM  
"Topeka:when you leave,you'll say Eureka!"

Just funnin'. Not as bad as:
"Tampa:America's next great city". ;)
2004-08-03 06:49:08 PM  
"No slogan is better than a bad one," Wallingford said. "Maybe we don't use one. Maybe we get our theme knocked out and get some graphic that we can use that says it all."

Photoshop contest!
2004-08-03 06:50:39 PM  
Welcome to Topeka...Now get the hell out!
2004-08-03 06:50:44 PM  
Topeka- You're not in Kan... oh, wait.
2004-08-03 06:51:18 PM  
Topeka: No not the pudding, the city.
2004-08-03 06:51:29 PM  
Topeka: I assure you we are OPEN!
2004-08-03 06:53:02 PM  
Topeka: Just like vanilla but with mystery chunks!
2004-08-03 06:53:25 PM  
TOPEKA! We've got the COOLEST Tornadoes!
2004-08-03 06:53:43 PM  
Topeka, Where schools were forced to integrate!
2004-08-03 06:54:32 PM  
"Topeka:Where You Can Get On Your Freaka!"
2004-08-03 06:55:14 PM  
I lived in topeka for a short time in the early 90's. I actually thought it was a decent town. Juliekins is right though. You walk through a neighborhood and you'd better know where you're going, because two blocks over you're dodging lead.

The strangest thing about the town, though, was that at the time when I was in highschool, 1/3 of the kids were goth, and 1/3 were into Prong. I don't think I've ever seen a higher ratio of kids shooting for the subculture. Almost none of them were normal. I can only assume that's changed since then.
2004-08-03 06:55:31 PM  
on a serious curiousity bend:

anyone ever live there? i did.
21st terrace. Jay Shideler Jr High.

/sighs, shakes head
2004-08-03 06:55:57 PM  
Topeka:It's just not a rest stop anymore!"
2004-08-03 06:56:26 PM  
Topeka: Train nerds unite!
2004-08-03 06:57:23 PM  
Topeka: Nowhere to go but Up!
2004-08-03 06:57:42 PM  

/looking through the negibors bedroom window
2004-08-03 06:57:43 PM  
I lived in Topeka for about 2 1/2 years while I went to Washburn Univ. The only time I've actually had any crime commited against me was when I lived in Topeka. Plus, there is nothing to do there.

Somebody I worked with there lived in Lawrence and he said the difference is that if you are walking down the street in Lawrence, and somebody you don't know starts talking to you, they could end up being your best friend. If the same thing happens in Topeka, you should run away.
2004-08-03 06:57:50 PM  
The heart of Rock and Roll IS Topeka

/Huey Lewis & the News
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