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(Defamer) Boobies Lindsay Lohan has apparently gotten smaller breast implants (with SFW before-and-after pics)   ( divider line
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155472 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2004 at 3:04 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-08-03 05:24:35 PM  
Is she a natural redhead? She doesn't look like most girls with red hair I know.
2004-08-03 05:25:33 PM  
Casper . . . I second that notion. But Alba is bonin Derek Jeter these days :(
2004-08-03 05:25:43 PM  
Is she a natural redhead? She doesn't look like most girls with red hair I know.

I think she needs to lay off the freaking tanning machine.
2004-08-03 05:32:19 PM  
I didn't know she had any pics taken in New South Farkin Wales
2004-08-03 05:32:27 PM  
if anyone wants to explore breasts growing and shrinking in size, then I recommend this:

your question's answered

yes I know old and busted but that is the first thing I thought of.
2004-08-03 05:38:12 PM  
Just the fact that that site has a main link titled, "Jake And Kirsten: Up To The Minute Breaking Information" should make you take the article with a little grain of salt.

/still in mourning over their breakup...or not...
2004-08-03 05:41:07 PM  
Could someone post me that animated gif of conan saying "oh and I gotta mention this.....I'D HIT THAT!!!"
2004-08-03 05:43:54 PM  
Skinink-Another thing Jackie would say-This is an outrage!!!
2004-08-03 05:48:32 PM  
Oh yeah, she's hot.
2004-08-03 05:50:45 PM  

I concur 100%. She looks strange is that picture though.

/not that I'm complaining.
2004-08-03 05:51:01 PM  
What, no picture of the ugly FARK nerd saying she's way too ugly for him..?

That's who this "Defamer" is, after all.

/would hit it like this, like that, with a wiffle ball bat
2004-08-03 05:53:26 PM  
I kinda liked her before the implants. Now..meh.

2004-08-03 05:55:09 PM  
do any NSFW pics exist of her at any age? not that i'd want to see her as a youngin', just curious
2004-08-03 05:57:14 PM  
Still, I think Lindsay Sloane is hotter than Lohan, but that's just me.
2004-08-03 05:57:28 PM  
Rock_Strongo : yes just google, i can't link
2004-08-03 05:58:24 PM  
you mean there IS nsfw pics of her before she was 18?
2004-08-03 05:58:52 PM  
oh hey, i didn't know the mods could put themselves in timewarps
2004-08-03 06:07:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-08-03 06:20:29 PM  
Uh, those are the same boobs. Not very good "boob men" if those website blogger fellas thought there was a difference. Morons.
2004-08-03 06:21:12 PM  
thems r reel.
what we have here is a quick bloomer, by the time she hits 30 she will be on Pier 21 spots hiding behind a stack of boxes wearing a Mu-Mu.

/nice now , but later...moo!
2004-08-03 06:22:54 PM  
Can't we put all this real/fake BS aside and admire her milk monsters as a glorious work of science and/or nature?

2004-08-03 06:26:07 PM  
If I was a guy, I'd prefer pics of Kate Beckinsale.
2004-08-03 06:39:33 PM  
1. They are obviously real.
2. More than a handful is wasted.
3. I'm just shy of twice her age.
4. I would hit it anyway.

I'd feel a little guilty afterwards about being a 35-year old who had sex with an 18-year old, but I would console myself with the fact that I just had sex with one of the hottest women on the planet.

Not that the opportunity would ever, ever, ever present itself, but if it did, there's no way I would risk waiting for her to catch up to the "half your age plus seven" rule. For all we know, she could totally skank out, Christina Aguilera style, any day now. Right now, there's pretty much nobody out there more hittable. Disagree? Let me make the case thus:

[image from too old to be available]

2004-08-03 06:39:50 PM  
question, those nip slip pics of her were before she was 18 correct?
2004-08-03 06:39:54 PM  
Nothing to add except that I want the flame job on my Ducati Monster tank like her boyfriend had in Freaky Friday.

2004-08-03 06:42:25 PM  
Any NSFW pics/links of Ms. Lohan from after she turned 18 will be drooled over.
2004-08-03 06:45:57 PM  
"The June 2004 cover of celebrity reciprocal-handjob rag 'Interview'".

Laughed my ass off when I read that. Well said.
2004-08-03 06:48:32 PM  
Oh for GOD'S sake!! You breast-obsessed farkers know very well that when a woman puts her arms up in the air (like in the supposedly "after" pose) her chest looks smaller!

I guess any excuse to talk about Lindsey will do.
2004-08-03 06:48:38 PM  
vid, I agree with everything you said, completely, and I'm a year older than you. I'd also like to toast you for the best pic of the thread.

I've had a secret crush on her since Freaky Friday.

Oh, and People magazine puts at least one picture of her in every issue, or at least for the last two months. I don't mind my girlfriend getting that trash mag anymore.
2004-08-03 06:52:09 PM  
Let the word go forth, from this time and place, that I would like to have sexual relations with That Woman, Miss Lohan. Not because it is easy, but because I am hard...
2004-08-03 06:57:01 PM  
just take a look at yougottabekiddinme's post.


/still would tap

yeah. that's right.
2004-08-03 06:57:11 PM  
She's not as good as Kate Beckinsale. Lindsay here is just average looking. Nothing to get all hard over.
2004-08-03 06:58:04 PM  
GrandmaGoth : We can't help it...we weren't properly weened.
2004-08-03 06:59:28 PM  
I don't know if they're fake, but if they are, I'll quote Walken form SNL:

It's a hell of a forgery
2004-08-03 07:03:55 PM  
Deleted and intensely "scrutinized" by said Moderator, aye?
2004-08-03 07:04:48 PM  
ROFLMAO at ScubaDoo.....
2004-08-03 07:07:22 PM  
I'd have a hard time pulling out.

think about it.
2004-08-03 07:07:54 PM  
In Michigan the age of consent is 16 so I have a 2 year head start on fapping to her. Wooooohoooooo go me!
2004-08-03 07:08:18 PM  
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! actually there's no difference at all. Goodbye.
2004-08-03 07:08:52 PM  
I'm clearly happy to comment about any breasts. Speakin' of which....

/peeks at GrandmaGoth's profile


2004-08-03 07:09:39 PM  
Lento: Still, I think Lindsay Sloane is hotter than Lohan, but that's just me.

Thanks for the Lindsay Sloane link, too bad it was farked by the time I got to it. She's smoking hot, I wish she was on a TV show that lasted more than 6 episodes.
2004-08-03 07:09:45 PM  
meh. I'm going to go watch 13 going on 30 ... Jen acting like a teen is hotter.
2004-08-03 07:13:18 PM  
Send those under 18 nsfw pics to me.
2004-08-03 07:14:30 PM  
Mark my words...she will NOT age well...better hit her NOW~!~!~!
2004-08-03 07:22:48 PM  
Efman : Very true. All that tanning plus the fact that her voice sounds like Lucille Ball in her final days does not add up to graceful aging.
2004-08-03 07:27:38 PM  
I can't believe how few pictures we have in this thread.

/would hit it.
2004-08-03 07:34:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Take your biatchy Lohan. I'd hit Alizee Jenaimarre any day.
2004-08-03 07:37:08 PM  
skyfire360 That was completely weird. I have a close friend named Tara that looks exactly like that chick! Thought that was her for a second.
2004-08-03 07:41:17 PM  
Where in AZ do ya live? I'd be willing to pawn my schoolbooks for a plane ticket to meet her

2004-08-03 07:44:12 PM  

Jen ai'Marre is the title of one of her songs. Her real name is Jennifer Jacotet.

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