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5533 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jan 2002 at 1:11 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-28 01:20:08 PM  
*insert witty comment here*
2002-01-28 01:21:27 PM  
this is so true, if he eats penis it will be neither a boy nor a girl but if he eats kitty then his chances of a boy or a girl increase dramatically

2002-01-28 01:25:52 PM  
I thought the X chromosome sperm was in the right testicle and the Y chromosome sperm was in the left. Does this mean I can stop tying one off with a rubber band?
2002-01-28 01:26:10 PM  
How is this cool? If you eat more PCBs, which will eventually kill you, you have a better chance of having a boy. I'm glad I can control my odds that way.
2002-01-28 01:28:12 PM  
so if you eat lots of bratwurst your kid will end up being a jets fan?
2002-01-28 01:29:40 PM  
Does anybody in their right mind want a girl?
2002-01-28 01:30:40 PM  
"A change in the proportion of boys to girls, however, indicates that environmental contaminants may play a role in human reproduction."

Well, duh!
2002-01-28 01:32:44 PM  
Is 57% really that statistically signifigant? Seems to be only a 6-8% increase.

Really I'm asking.
2002-01-28 01:33:05 PM  
Shaftman3: being the father of 4 of them I can honestly say that although they are nicer to me than their mom, I am being paid back something fierce for something(s) I did so part yes and part no

2002-01-28 01:39:59 PM  
i guess i should start eating a lot of pickles!
2002-01-28 01:46:51 PM  
Damn. Chemical pollutants. I was hoping for something more along the lines of "broccoli for boys, cucumbers for girls," or better yet, "Taco Bell for Boys, Wendy's for Girls"
2002-01-28 01:47:13 PM  
I have three teenage boy's so does that mean my hubby is gonna die soon????
2002-01-28 01:48:49 PM  
Actually there just may be some truth to this thinking about hubby works in an oil refinery so yeah he is contaminated.....
2002-01-28 01:49:48 PM  
No, Jewels, you're from austrailia. There isn't pollution there. Only the excess of the US could cause such horrible deformities as a penis.
2002-01-28 01:51:54 PM  
we got lots of pollution...LOL

Us Aussies are just as deformed as what you's are so it is all equal ;)
2002-01-28 01:52:04 PM  
2002-01-28 01:52:58 PM  
hey.. I resemble that remark.. Bennyhana
2002-01-28 02:12:12 PM  
It is not a large enough sample to indicate anything.
2002-01-28 03:08:45 PM  
I find that if I just eat "beaver", she's not likely to have any baby at all, providing she returns the favor.
2002-01-28 03:32:48 PM  
"I have three teenage boy's so does that mean my hubby is gonna die soon????"

Oh hi mom!
2002-01-28 03:50:47 PM  
Hi son...dont tell your father he is doomed now will you???

2002-01-28 05:49:49 PM  
And if you have an infinite sample, I'll bet you'll find that it's 50% male/50% female. And Fb- will be the father 75% of the time.
2002-01-28 05:49:53 PM  
I agree with Steven. With such a small group of people (208), their findings are well within their margin of error.
2002-01-28 05:58:43 PM  
If you eat lots of PCB's, you'll have more boys. Of course they'll have 18 toes and an arm growing out of the middle of their chest but other than that...
2002-01-28 06:04:30 PM  
people should wear more hats
2002-01-28 06:38:29 PM  
"Hi son...dont tell your father he is doomed now will you???"

Damn. I was hoping you'd be grilling your kids to find out which one was keeping tabs on you on fark. :)
2002-01-28 07:44:38 PM  
Steven: Yup, you're right... now if they would of surveyed 10.000 men, it may be more believeable. I've seen health studies where nine kids were used! BTW, that study was ridiculed out.
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