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(Washington Post)   Thailand cracks down on drug dealers - plans to shun them   ( divider line
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2371 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jan 2002 at 12:18 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-28 12:20:43 PM  
Wouldn't this have the opposite effect? Causing them to use more drugs?
2002-01-28 12:21:33 PM  
woah woah... dont go all crazy now, you might hurt their feelings.
2002-01-28 12:22:27 PM  
Hmm, a socially outcast, drugged-up community....

Sounds like
2002-01-28 12:22:46 PM  
::slaps hand:: "Bad boy, now go sit in the corner."
2002-01-28 12:25:30 PM  
now if they can only put a hold on the girls who squeeze banannas and pick up stacks of coins with their orafaces, then they will be making progress

2002-01-28 12:32:47 PM  
"Thailand cracks down on drug dealers - plans to shun them"

If you rearrange the headline, the true message is revealed:
"Thailand cracks down on plans to shun them drug dealers."

So they really are fighting for their dealers. Yaaaay!
2002-01-28 12:33:44 PM  
That's nothing. I can turn water into wine.
2002-01-28 12:35:43 PM  
Skwidd: hey man, what is your rate, I cannot quite see it in the bio

2002-01-28 12:37:43 PM  
Oh no...anything but that!..PLEASE GOD NO DON'T SHUN ME!!!...and while you're at it PLEASE DON'T THROW ME INTO THE BRIAR PATCH!
2002-01-28 12:43:50 PM  
duuuuuude, what?
2002-01-28 12:47:58 PM  
"Fire Controlman (FC)." The insignia is a barstool with aseat belt.
2002-01-28 12:50:53 PM  
Hey you! Stop dealing your crazy drugs!

*shun* *shun* *shun* *shun* *shun* *shun*

*he gets SHOT*

Well that worked out well.
2002-01-28 12:51:01 PM  
Worthless. All they will do is form a underground drug society. Much in the same way the people who aren't in prison do in america.
2002-01-28 12:51:15 PM  
*Knock Knock* Dave, it's me. Open up, I got the stuff
2002-01-28 12:52:32 PM  
I can turn urine into fertilizer.
2002-01-28 12:55:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-28 12:57:25 PM  
Poochai My De, Ka.
2002-01-28 01:00:45 PM  
We have to stop this before it escalates. Thailand already has the shun and it's just a matter of time before North Korea develops the snub.
2002-01-28 01:04:09 PM  
Skwidd-- my husband brought me back pics of that girl in Marilyn's from the last time he was on deployment... or someone who could do the same trick. She also shot ping-pong balls across the room. I was impressed enough to try to learn it myself (ping pong balls, not darts, I'm not that masochistic) and subsequently learned those little suckers don't pop out as easily as you'd hope. Those girls have a definite work ethic going on... practice practice practice!
2002-01-28 01:04:10 PM  
As long as the underage prostitutes are plentiful,I will be back for my vacation again this year!!
2002-01-28 01:05:12 PM  
*Shakes Skwidd's hand*

What's yours?
2002-01-28 01:18:41 PM  
i your wife! i your wife!
2002-01-28 01:30:39 PM  
the article-posting thingy is farked i keep getting 404-Errors
2002-01-28 01:41:48 PM  
What I don't get is why they need to smuggle the meth?
Dammit, I know how to make it on the kitchen sink, but here's a whole country so clueless they have to smuggle it from abroad?

What if they want to sniff glue, do they smuggle that too?
2002-01-28 01:43:57 PM  
Shun...hmmmm.... is that what they call it these days??
2002-01-28 04:00:06 PM  
Hmm.... Are they going to shun the users as well?? Oh wait, who'd be left to do the shunning... Can't have dealers without users.. and so long as people want to buy the shiat, someone should be there to sell it to them.. All hail the Drug Dealer!!
2002-01-28 04:04:50 PM  
Shunning works great! Just ask the Amish

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- Two young Amish men have pleaded guilty to conspiring to sell cocaine to young members of their community and could face up to 40 years in prison for their crimes.

Abner King Stoltzfus, 23, and Abner Stoltzfus, 24, who are not related, entered guilty pleas in federal district court in Philadelphia Monday. No date was set for sentencing, but the conspiracy charges carry penalties of five to 40 years in prison and up to $2 million in fines.

Prosecutors said that from 1992 to 1997, the two men bought cocaine from a Philadelphia area motorcycle gang called the Pagans, then sold the drugs to Amish youth groups....

2002-01-28 04:06:34 PM  
"Our policy is to try to wipe out the medium- and small-scale dealers, because these guys are the ones who spread the drugs to teen-agers"

what about the huge- and large- scale suppliers who spread it to the medium- and small- scale dealers? bad cop no donut.
2002-01-28 04:34:06 PM  
i dont see why they dont just go after the large drug smugglers / dealers who supply. no supply and the med/small dealers go away (well not really but harder to get things)
2002-01-28 05:16:57 PM  
so even if you (as a Thai drug dealer) are shunned, you
still be driving a Caddilac.
2002-01-29 12:07:38 AM  
That fark circle of life. I'm going to take a shortcut and drink my own urine. It's just "Future Beer".
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