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(Seattle Times)   Woman sues "shock-jock" for post-traumatic stress; apparently unaware of function of power button on radio.   ( divider line
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2002-01-27 09:10:15 PM  
butt bongo bonanza strikes again?
2002-01-27 09:10:58 PM  
Although unchivalrous(heh?),He had every right to be pissed off and call her a cretin.. reminds me of Cartman's mom in Southpark....
2002-01-27 09:12:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hasn't she suffered enough?
2002-01-27 09:17:05 PM  
maybe there's no "off" button on radios where she is from.
2002-01-27 09:20:19 PM  
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2002-01-27 09:21:07 PM  
She's lucky that Gary the Retard couldn't find her house.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-27 09:26:43 PM  
the show isnt all that bad either though it reminds me of howard stern, goodtimes goodtimes
2002-01-27 09:28:15 PM  
"settled with her for $100,000"
This is why court cases like this happen.
2002-01-27 09:29:57 PM  
This is why I hate old do-gooder hens. There are plenty of radio stations that don't have that one particular DJ on them, but she can't just promote a "good" DJ, she's gotta get the "bad" one's show closed off to that area. Normally, the only people that would be listening to the show would be PEOPLE THAT LIKE THE SHOW ANYWAY. So she ruins it for everyone else. Screw her, I hope she really does have post traumatic stress... I hope she's scared shiatless.

2002-01-27 09:31:49 PM  
Girlygirl........On radios like that, if you hit the on button and second time they usually turn off. Or so I have heard:)

I guess she could have just turned to another station too.

Why do people have to wreck other peoples fun? I hate that guy and think his show is stupid, So I listen to something else. Problem solved. No need for further action. She is such a waste.
2002-01-27 09:33:12 PM  
She hated the show so much that she had to listen obsessively. Stupid dirty c.

Just like in Private Parts, the average Stern hater listen for longer than the average Stern lover.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-27 09:34:47 PM  
Hey...let's all be-little the woman right here...and get Fark.Com embroiled in the lawsuit..think of that, free publicity!
To bad they can't implant a 'V-Chip' in her head..then she could filter out all the crap she finds offensive..
2002-01-27 09:35:16 PM  
Stupid shock jocks... wish I was deaf.
2002-01-27 09:39:31 PM  
read the article

At home that evening, Carpenter began receiving harassing faxes, phone calls and hang-ups on the phone, and began to crumble, said her attorney, Ray Brown
2002-01-27 09:39:45 PM  
Maybe she should sue Fark for what we're saying about her now? Or any other offensive website ...

Dear Madam,
I suggest you go lookee-see over at or goat ... thingamajig (Czech it out (sorry)).

Plenty of cash to be got! Yay! The web's almost as easy to use as a radio!

yrs trly, Blabber/ :)
2002-01-27 09:41:26 PM  
Karpage - tsha! Irrelevant.
You're letting the facts get in the way of a good rant.
2002-01-27 09:45:59 PM  
This article disturbs me. I'm going to sue that lady.
2002-01-27 09:56:17 PM  
Man, I wish I had her fax number
2002-01-27 09:57:43 PM  

2002-01-27 09:59:44 PM  
This just in - woman's fax machine rumored to have power button as well.
2002-01-27 10:01:05 PM  
Tom Leykis sucks. He's a has been.
2002-01-27 10:01:20 PM  
I do not get how what she did was wrong. They should not of ever got her fax number on the air. I had this neihbor lady once droved me all kind of crazy with calling the cops and haelth departments and all kind of shiat with pure boguss crap just cause she did not like me one bit. I could of ;sued her good but I did not. She was not no ric h rradio network thougfh.
2002-01-27 10:03:57 PM  
So, recieving annoying phone calls and faxes for 1 day is worth 2 million plus. I LOVE AMERICA!
2002-01-27 10:04:34 PM  
It, are you drunk, or just really new at typing?
2002-01-27 10:07:36 PM  
Money Grubbing biatch.

2002-01-27 10:08:49 PM  
Tom Leykis sucks R. C. Collins missing nut.
2002-01-27 10:12:07 PM  
it is apparent she started to crumble way before this thing with the radio station.....i think if i were the owner of that radio station and she threatened to boycott us...i would hold a parade for it!! :-)

I am with billhilly....let's sue the hell out of her ...
2002-01-27 10:12:44 PM  
Ted Bell wouldn't even put his meat in Leykis' mouth.
2002-01-27 10:14:10 PM  
2002-01-27 10:17:55 PM  
In respect for this radio-show host, I am hereby changing my bio to "shock". Check it out!
2002-01-27 10:20:06 PM  
How many of you have been harrassed by phone? A few years ago, I spent a few months with constant calls all night. Eventually I had to shut the phone off at night. Which means, if someone had placed an emergency phone call, if someone had gotten sick, they would have gotten a recording. Fortunately, nothing happened, but harrassment is no joke, and I think she deserves to win. Not for calling her names, not for using dirty language, but for giving her name which had these lamebrains go after her.
2002-01-27 10:20:16 PM  
Stupid big companies settling every lawsuit even when they didn't do anything wrong, it lets everybody and their mother sue people for anything.
2002-01-27 10:22:17 PM  
Downcaste you are to funny. Ha ha. You areright about my being drunk but I also get tired of correctting all of my misteaks sometimes. My typing sucks not like my opinoin. I think you all are funny.
2002-01-27 10:23:06 PM  
BillyHilly: LOL!!!
2002-01-27 10:26:49 PM  
Comb-over boy
2002-01-27 10:26:58 PM  
I too, have been traumatized by reading this article. We should all sue her.
2002-01-27 10:27:05 PM  
Now there are a few issues here. 1 - there is such a thing as free speech. It's bad enough, when listening to the radio, I get beeps, time delays, etc. because some people can't handle some words. But it works both ways - she can argue against having him on. I don't agree with her (turn it off if you don't like it), but I can't say threatening faxes and phone calls are called for.

She was probably pissy because of Leykis' public opinion that abortion okay, and that unwed teenagers should have them instead of any alternative. Fine - just like a$$holes, everyone has an opinion. Also like a$$holes, nobody thinks theirs stinks.

I think the guy is an arrogant jackass - I just don't like hime. I was happy when my local station (WNEW, New York) pulled his crappy show. He rips people off (Howard and Opie and Anthony), claims credit for things he had nothing to do with, and is a royal prick all around. Plus he beats women (convicted) - lowest form of slime around.

But then, if I catch his show, I turn it off. I say the woman should get the costs to have her numbers changed, and nothing more.
2002-01-27 10:27:47 PM  
Now THIS is effin' funny. Be sure to check out the signatures. The comments would look great here on fark
2002-01-27 10:33:04 PM  
Gidget, I love you. Seriously.
2002-01-27 10:34:35 PM  
Razner - Lol
2002-01-27 10:35:08 PM  
Heh, the guy should be punished, but the lady shouldn't have been that greedy.

Go go gadget court system...
2002-01-27 10:38:57 PM  
my freaking ears!
2002-01-27 10:42:18 PM  
All of these people (this loser, dopie and queerthony, rocko, etc...) are HOWARD STERN RIP-OFFS! Howard created so-called 'shock' radio, and if you notice, they all suck compared to him. BE ORIGINAL DAMNIT!
2002-01-27 10:44:30 PM  
I wonder how much hate mail and prank phone calls this silly lawsuit is going to cause this woman. Hehe. The irony.
2002-01-27 10:47:12 PM  
fark that lady and fark howard stern, Leykis rules! leykis would kick the shat out of howard stern then screw his girlfriend , ex-wife, and mom.

blow me up tom!
2002-01-27 10:49:54 PM  
Give her number to Mancow and then the hilarity will ensue
2002-01-27 10:52:51 PM  
Omigod. Leykis is such a bloated sack.
2002-01-27 10:53:11 PM  
Hello caller, your on the air!
2002-01-27 10:55:41 PM  
wha? He attacked her on the radio. He could have even incited violence towards her. I hope she wins. That was asisine of Tom Likeass, or however you spell his name.

I'm glad that show exists, I know all the mentally defective are glued to their radios and the streets are safe.
2002-01-27 11:00:38 PM  
When I read the headline, I was totally prepared to hate that woman. But man, getting her numbers and stuff on the air, really really bad of them. I guess that host didn't make any of the harassing calls himself (as far as we know), and it's not like he could control what people did with the numbers after they'd been aired on his show, but it was his responsibility to give her at least semi-privacy.

That woman is asking for a lot of money, and definitely doesn't deserve to get all of it. But enough to get a new number and maybe move away from that town would be good.
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