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(CNN)   Missouri police unable to get ahead on torso identity   ( divider line
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4417 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Jul 2004 at 6:03 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-31 04:43:24 PM  
2004-07-31 06:06:30 PM  
Headline is shoulders above the rest...
2004-07-31 06:06:50 PM  
Surely someone will recognize the breasts.
2004-07-31 06:08:25 PM  
2004-07-31 06:11:53 PM  
clever title
2004-07-31 06:13:58 PM  
Nice tits, shame about the face.

And legs.

And arms...

/insert clever 'going to hell' reference here.
2004-07-31 06:15:25 PM  
Pamela Anderson is dead?
2004-07-31 06:16:21 PM  
Not a good time to lose your head eh?

/and other appendages
2004-07-31 06:16:31 PM  
Presumably this means they've got behind.
2004-07-31 06:17:33 PM  
Fark is a strange place. People will vehemently defend this woman's killer and be offended at his execution jokes.

But of course will make fun of this poor woman....

/guilty as well....
2004-07-31 06:32:05 PM  
This is old news this happened atleast a month ago the whole torso thing
2004-07-31 06:35:46 PM  
Found two of those in Anchorage over the last year or two. Maybe it's a trend.... They just last month identified one of them
2004-07-31 06:42:28 PM  
2004-07-31 06:54:02 PM  
Someone should offer them a hand.
2004-07-31 06:58:01 PM  
The only thing out of the ordinary for this article was the author's use of the word 'winnow'.
2004-07-31 06:58:40 PM  
Suspect presumed to be armed and dangerous
2004-07-31 06:59:21 PM  
Arm yourself. That's what I say.
2004-07-31 07:02:49 PM wife is from Wright City.
2004-07-31 07:11:49 PM  
Seriously folks, these are the jokes.
2004-07-31 07:12:39 PM  
Maybe it's Mr. Dongs wife ?
2004-07-31 07:14:40 PM  
That's just icky. I would not want to be the one to find a headless/armless torso on the side of the road.

Nor would I want to be a headless/armless torso found on the side of the road.

I just want no part of this story
2004-07-31 07:14:52 PM  
Hopefully the police will get some headway on this case
2004-07-31 07:28:56 PM  
why did he leave the bra on is my question
2004-07-31 07:47:49 PM  
Finger food and an ice cold keg
It won't cost you an arm and a leg
Dance all night to a rotten band
Come on, people, let's give 'em a hand
Saturday night it's the place to be
Everybody cut footloose with me
At the party at the leper colony
Oh, there's a party at the leper colony

Met a little lady so pretty and young
She was quite a talker till the cat got her tongue
She oozed up beside me, I turned on my charm
Well, pretty soon she was completely disarmed
I said, "Girl, now don't fall to pieces on me"
But she cried her eyes out - literally
At the party at the leper colony
Oh, there's a party at the leper colony
Hey! Hey!

Hey now, buddy, don't you give me no lip
Sorry I was using your head for dip
There's a guy in the hot tub, I don't know who
Wait a minute, it looks like Stu
Well, hold the phone now, what do I see?
Another pretty mama got her eye on me
At the party at the leper colony
Oh, there's a party at the leper colony
There's a party at the leper colony
(Party at the leper colony)
There's a party at the leper colony
(Party at the leper colony)
Oh, there's a party at the leper colony, yeah, party at the leper colony
Well, there's a party at the leper colony
(Party at the leper colony)
2004-07-31 07:51:50 PM  
I just knew this was going to be a bad pun thread, and I was right. Having some sense respect for the deceased, I will leave now.

/walks away with her head held high!
2004-07-31 08:02:43 PM  
One hobo was talking to another, and he asked the other, "How his day was going?"

The hobo replied,"It was great!!!" He said,"he found a half of a bologna sandwich, and he ate it, a half a bottle of Bud and drank it, and a half light cigar and smoked it. It couldn't have be better he exclaimed."He then he asked how the other one's day was?

The other hobo said,"It was even better than yours." "I saw this woman tied up on the railroad tracks, so I untied her and had sex with her all day and night." The other asked , "Did you get a blow job?" He replied," You know.....I never did find her head!!!"
2004-08-01 01:06:51 AM  
Is this an appropriate time to use the term "butterface"?
2004-08-01 05:23:07 AM  
Heads up!
2004-08-01 09:09:06 AM  
Yes, I laughed at the headline. Nice job.
2004-08-01 11:51:34 AM  
Whoever wrote the headline, you are sentenced to ten years hard labor at the maximum security punitentary.
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