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(   Canadian teens, apparently emulating their American idols, have finally given up on broadcast radio   ( divider line
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2004-07-29 04:02:00 PM  
I'm glad I've got a 1000 CD collection... Who needs radio?
2004-07-29 04:02:10 PM  
The Dynamite Monkey

Relax dude. They said
2004-07-29 04:02:45 PM  
yeah what OminatorX said
2004-07-29 04:03:40 PM  

Agreed. 89.5 is a good station if you want to hear new and interesting music.

The rest of our radio sucks major ass. Q107 has had the same rotation since 1991, with Sympathy for the farking Devil played at least 6 times a day (seriously, how much Rolling Stones can a person listen to in a lifetime).

The 2 big rock stations are decent at times (97.7 and 102.9), but they play a lot of the same crap over and over as well, and the commercials take up about 40% of airtime.

102.1 used to be good, but they understandbly started to suck once the good new rock completely dried up in the late 90s.

Jack is a new guilty pleasure. They don't take many chances, but you won't hear Billy Idol or Talking Heads anywhere else on the radio nowadays, so sometimes they're worth listening to.

Personally, when I'm in the car is the only time I'm listening to radio, and then it's usually CBC radio, since I hate commercials. When I'm at home it's Rogers' cable radio stations or MP3s.
2004-07-29 04:04:26 PM  
I grew up across the lake from TO and I was amazed at how much better Q107 was than anything out of Buffalo...that was 15 years ago. Dont get to listen anymore but now Ive got a 2 year rotation minimum of CD's for my driving pleasure.
2004-07-29 04:04:41 PM  
I'm with MorningBreath...I love satellite, but I love my cable modem more, so I'm stuck with an $80 cable bill every month for extended digital basic cable, my modem, and no HBO. :( But the cable has digital music channels, although I rarely flip up there to listen. And one of these days, I'd love to get Sirius.
2004-07-29 04:04:43 PM  
You mean now we have to pay to hear Stern laugh at retards and watch women get undressed?
2004-07-29 04:06:51 PM  

Rick Mercer lives on my street.

Which means you live about 30 seconds from mine (Broadview). Howdy neighbour.
2004-07-29 04:08:13 PM  
Vapid, was looking at that the other day. but I didn't see much of a point for the price, if you already have a computer hooked up to your reciever anyway. I suppose it uses less power and looks cool. I can hook a set of speakers up to my PDA and do the same thing. If it would get you both of those Canadian chicks at the same time I may buy one.
2004-07-29 04:08:37 PM  
Public radio listening has been increasing while commercial radio has been decreasing. It's no wonder Canadian listeners are flocking to net radio and Sirius/XM. There's no public radio system like ours there.
2004-07-29 04:09:26 PM  
What I want to know is who are these "adults" listening to 19+ hours of radio per week? I don't know why any sane person subject themselves to that. I'm 40 and I hear maybe 30 minutes of radio per week, and use the computer for all other music needs.
2004-07-29 04:10:05 PM  
GuyCaballero and TO Farkers- there is an awesome Buffalo station I found on the TO airwaves. It called itself 'Dancing Oldies' which sounds pretty crappy, but its all Soul, Funk and a tolerable amount of related Disco.

Any ideas?
2004-07-29 04:10:10 PM  

Which means you live about 30 seconds from mine (Broadview). Howdy neighbour.

Very cool. Actually, we don't technically live on the same street, but I can see his house from mine. He's on Playter Crescent, I'm on Playter Boulevard. Our houses have the same number too, so we always get each other's mail.
2004-07-29 04:11:21 PM  
Do any Toronto Farkers still refer to 102.1 as CFNY?
2004-07-29 04:11:45 PM  

LOL you are right... I always got to anyway

But these poor people are now TOTALLY FARKED:


Registrant: Make this info private
Coding Dynamics (22983069O)
104-60 Queens Blvd. #12G
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: 999 999 9999
Fax: 999 999 9999

Domain Name: OLGA.COM

Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :
Brown, Andrew
FOREST HILLS, NY 11375-3622
Fax: [none]

Record expires on 22-Apr-2006
Record created on 21-Apr-1997
Database last updated on 07-Jul-2004

Domain servers in listed order: Manage DNS


Show underlying registry data for this record
2004-07-29 04:12:33 PM  
Uhmmm...poppinjay, I think you can get CBC radio anywhere in Canada, even if you are on Tundra. US Public radio cares a fair amount of Canadian public radio content.
2004-07-29 04:13:32 PM  

Yeah it's $170. The feature I like is the remote control... instead choosing tunes on your desktop, you can choose them from the patio/living room whatever. The first one I got didn't work, and I discovered linksys has terrible customer service. Phillipines.
2004-07-29 04:16:02 PM  
Yeah, I bet Coding Dynamics' laywers just got very happy.

Right now im trying to get OLGA to play some hendrix. I don't think the author of this article had a very good idea what they were talking about.
2004-07-29 04:16:23 PM  

Sweet. Maybe I'll run into you at Sak's sometime. I practically keep those guys in business with midnight snack runs.
2004-07-29 04:17:33 PM  
As a former radio DJ (I alsways did it part time for fun) I can say that broadcast radio has gone downhill past the point of no return in the last five years. The telecommunications act of '96 cleared the way for Clear Channel, CBS/Infinity, Radio One, Bonneville, and a few other giant corperations to take over radio. Even public radio is gone thanks to NPR. It's the Wal-Marting of radio. The same lame tunes, no chances being taken... jsut horrible. Where I live I get two horrible classic rock stations (WARW-94.7 and WZBA-100.7) - basically the same spent Stairway to Freedbird songs over and over. Over 35 years of music to choose from, and I hear the same songs by B.T.O. and Styx that I was sick of 15 years ago. The "Rock" stations (DC101 and 98 Rock) aren't much better. DC101 is the same Blink 182 songs as the local alternative station, and 98 Rock is still playing Motley Crue. The horrible alternative station (WHFS) plays top-40 pop, that's alternative? The only station that's worth a listen is WRNR-103.1 - but I'm constantly having to dodge the payola Dave Crap-Spews Bland on there. Otherwise, a decent station.
I gave up radio because everything has become so formatted, to the point where I was being told exactly what to say in every break, and given zero freedom to play anything different. The last station that I worked at (a Clear Channel station) wouldn't allow us to take requests because "no one cares what someone in (town) wants to hear or say". Listeners called all of the time for requests, dedications, shout outs, etc., and when I wouldn't do any of that they would call back pissed. That was it for me. Radio is run by a bunch of graph-paper brained accountants now...that's why it sucks so bad.
2004-07-29 04:17:34 PM  

Do any Toronto Farkers still refer to 102.1 as CFNY?

I do. Is that wrong? Those are still their call letters, aren't they?
2004-07-29 04:18:35 PM  


Sweet. Maybe I'll run into you at Sak's sometime. I practically keep those guys in business with midnight snack runs.

Huh, and here I thought it was me. Word to the wise, those kool-aid slushees and gin don't mix well.
2004-07-29 04:19:23 PM  
Finally given up on broadcast radio? This happened a while ago. Nobody I know listens to the radio unless there is no other choice. That is rare.

Americans are our idols?
2004-07-29 04:21:46 PM  
Go Habs Go

Love the login name, dude. Think Kovalev's coming back?
2004-07-29 04:24:03 PM  
Vancouver radio sucks, that's not news. They keep shuffling "Larry and Willy" and the "Electric lunch" around as each station in turn thinks anyone gives a damn. They both suck. So does Brother Jake. I set my alarm clock to CBC radio specifically so I don't have to listen to any of those idiots laughing at each other's lame fart jokes first thing every morning. Just shut up and play the damn music guys, you're not funny or clever. Not that the music is any better...everything they play is at least 20 years old. As good as some of those bands WERE, they were already over and done with when I was first listening to them back in high school. Unless you want to listen to Z95 and hear the latest corporate-created sensation played 500 times a day.

Oh, and enough with the Bryan Adams. Just because he's from here doesn't mean anyone here likes him. I guess it helps to get airplay when your manager owns the station.

/Rant rant rant.
2004-07-29 04:28:51 PM  
Whoa, gabba2, that's heartbreaking to hear -- I grew up in suburban MD, alongside all those stations.

And tell me pls., O Canadian Farkers -- is Rush still given respect & airplay, there in the Great White North??


Begin the day with a corporate voice
A companion so obtrusive
Plays that song that's so intrusive
And the tragic "abusic" ruins your morning mood

Off on your way, hit the open road
No more magic at your fingers
For the spirit, once it lingered
But now you'd rather have i-Podded solitude . . .
2004-07-29 04:30:00 PM  
Jeffy Jeff
"skinink, I tried to visit When I click to play in WMP format, WMP pops up and tells me "The source filter for this file could not be loaded". Any idea what I need to do to fix this?"

Not sure how to fix that, I listen to it using Winamp, which works great even for streaming over a dialup. Just don't plan on doing anything else on dialup if you're streaming music, heh.

2004-07-29 04:30:21 PM  

Vancouver radio sucks, that's not news. They keep shuffling "Larry and Willy" and the "Electric lunch" around as each station in turn thinks anyone gives a damn. They both suck. So does Brother Jake

So that where brother jake went.

I thought he was funny in the late 80s, but I was pretty young then. It was always John Gallagher that made that show funny though.
2004-07-29 04:31:53 PM  
CubicleOccupant_no.10038-1 - RUSH is played TOO DAMN MUCH!!!
2004-07-29 04:33:02 PM  
CubicleOccupant_no.10038-1: is Rush still given respect & airplay, there in the Great White North??

If you spend 30 minutes in the car and flip around, you'll usually manage to find at least one Rush song.

Nice parody BTW. :)
2004-07-29 04:39:57 PM  
XM radio says it is commercial free, but it isn't. Every 10-15 minutes I get 2-3 commercials in a row on their comedy channels. I think as the popularity of satelite radio picks up, more and more commercials will be added until it is just as bad as broadcast radio is today...
2004-07-29 04:50:22 PM  
XM says it is commercial free on it's music channels.
2004-07-29 04:53:23 PM  
Guy Caballero

So that's where Brother Jake came from...I don't know if he's still around here. His shtick was funny for about a week, then it got really old really fast.

Was John Gallagher that big guy that ended up on MuchMusic? Whatever happened to that guy, last time I saw him was on Kids in the Hall?
2004-07-29 04:55:13 PM  
Oddly enough, The Spirit of Radio was written about CFNY in the 70's. Truly a unique station. It was the first time I heard AC/DC's Big Balls, it was an import at the time. Anyway, Rush let them use the song title as their tagline, "CFNY, the spirit of radio."

One likes to believe in the freedom of music
But glittering prizes and endless compromises
Shatter the illusion of integrety - N. Peart

no parody needed, the song was already poking fun at the recording industry, but then you knew that already.

Rush nerd quiz: Name the first Rush tune with piano in it.

/Guy and frontier, get a room funboys
2004-07-29 04:57:45 PM  
Dan Gallagher was the big guy. Dead.
John Gallagher - drunken sports caster knob
2004-07-29 05:07:15 PM  
20 years old, haven't listened to radio in well over 4 years.
2004-07-29 05:28:53 PM  
Canadian teens also think Bushtard is evil, so I give them a LOT of credit.
2004-07-29 05:30:27 PM  
By the way television, you're next. Suck-ass commercial-box. Here's a reality show for you: "Network execs begging for change."
2004-07-29 05:36:07 PM  
Smokin' babes in the backgound:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-29 06:03:46 PM  
I have to say that radio does suck. Besides the constant commercials that suck the life out of you, radio has a tendency to play some new corporate sanitized even semi good song over and over every 15 minutes that you never want to hear that song again. Then the next new song comes out and they do it again. By the end, there is no music worth listening to. Also, has anybody noticed that most morning DJs really suck? Maybe its because they are so regulatewd but morning shows sound too predigested, sanitized and cut to size like a tv dinner then a children's tv show.
2004-07-29 06:23:33 PM  
If I were rich, I'd buy-out 102.1 (CFNY) and take it back to its roots.

Ya, it'd piss the fark out of advertisers and music execs, initially, but since it'd be a totally unique sound the hope would be the return of listeners, in Toronto and the world over.
2004-07-29 06:41:32 PM  
around Quebec City, there are 3 conglomerates holding each 2 radio stations. The only one that is not happens to be the most listened to, twice as many as the second, mostly by young, educcated people.

The Montreal market is even worse, it is considered the exception in north america for its numerous same-content stations. Most radio stations there have a pop content with has-been comic guys in the morning and afternoon shows. Montreal sends its shows around the province of quebec, except in quebec city. Why? Because people listen the independent one and see how Montreal stations suck.

And now this independent station called CHOI is being shut down for crude language. only a few bad words. if the FCC was that severe, Howard Stern would have never made a network radio show and would be somewhere in the outskirts of some rural county.

Any canadians here can read about it in friday's globe and mail, it's an interview with Patrice Demers, CHOI's president.
2004-07-29 07:08:02 PM  
In case anyone is interested in an industry perspective...

I'm a media buyer/planner/strategist for both Canada and the US, and my first instinct on anything to do with media reporting is to question the source. Has anyone else noticed that this is a report posted on This site is owned by CanWest Media, who is the parent company of the national GlobalTV network and owner of most of the big major daily newspapers (National Post, Vancouver Sun/Province, Calgary Herald, etc.) Does it really surprise anyone that a TV/newspaper conglomerate is taking a swipe at radio? Of course they're going to post negative articles about other media!

As for the assertion that Canadian teens have only recently started to move away from radio: this isn't news since it's a trend that's been consistently reported by the BBM (Bureau of Broadcast Media) for the past 4 or 5 years. And in fact, Canadian teens started turning to online radio streaming and music downloading much earlier than their American cousins because highspeed internet connections (broadband and ADSL) were adopted earlier in Canada than any other country.

My take? The article is bogus. But the girls were certainly cute.
2004-07-29 07:19:03 PM  
Radio: Old and busted.
Internet: The new hotness!
2004-07-29 07:20:40 PM  
As the general manager of a college radio station I gotta say they are the way to go. The best music no one else is playing and no can't beat that.

And the girls are really hot
2004-07-29 07:39:34 PM  
Bashing commercial radio is certainly popular (especially on Fark), but really, it's like b*tching that McDonalds doesn't offer a decent steak. McDonald's doesn't exist to provide you with a gourmet meal, and commercial radio doesn't exist to cater to your insanely particular and selfish musical tastes.

Listen to the damn commercials - you might hear one that actually interests you! The car I bought two years ago (which happens to be the best purchase I ever made) was a direct result of a commercial I heard on LOCAL RADIO.

DO NOT PAY FOR RADIO - turn off the AM/FM if you want, but do NOT pay for XM or Sirius.
2004-07-29 08:13:05 PM  
Montreal radio sucks ass. The best stations are 99.9 the buzz out of the US (vermont?) if you can catch it and some station from an indian reserve that sometimes plays rap/hip hop.

Otherwise you can listen to Mix 96 which plays mainstream crap all day. At night they sometimes play live club music which isn't bad if you're into that type of thing. CHOM plays classic rock. Classic rock would be great if they got some variety. Instead they play teh same 20 songs every day. They also have the idiot dj's who laugh like morons at things that aren't funny.

Sadly when I don't have any cd's in my car I listen to talk radio (CJAD).

/me has an mp3 cd player in my car.
2004-07-29 08:35:43 PM  
It's the new corporatism.
Fark customers
Fark employees

But don't to anything to anger your precious, sweet, lovable shareholders.

They are like little spoiled brats..just might pull a hissy fit and dump your shares to punish you.
2004-07-29 08:47:18 PM  
I love my XM. I never listen to Kansas City FM any more.
2004-07-29 08:50:17 PM  
Music sucks. Here in Winnipeg I'll take Adler Online any day.
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