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11570 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jul 2004 at 12:37 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-29 12:39:48 AM  
They Brew Guiness?

/dodnt RTFA
2004-07-29 12:41:59 AM  
New Belguim Brewery?
2004-07-29 12:42:01 AM  
YES! H1P1NE, I was about to post something similar.

/high five
2004-07-29 12:42:05 AM  
beer is the cornerstone of civilization
2004-07-29 12:42:40 AM  
I've had Cusquena (Peruvian beer). It tastes like it was made in AD 600.
2004-07-29 12:46:35 AM  
Today Peruvians make chicha primarily from corn

soo.. today they drink Everclear? (think that comes from corn, correct me if worng)
2004-07-29 12:46:45 AM  
I guess herding goats on a freezing cold mountain plateau was a lot less miserable if you were totaly wasted.
2004-07-29 12:47:17 AM  
...ritual feasting and drinking...

Woohooo....trip to Peru anyone? ;)
2004-07-29 12:49:09 AM  
Ancient urine stains on outside wall also discovered on mountaintop in Peru
2004-07-29 12:51:57 AM  
Wait till they find that ancient meth lab in one of the caves done the mountainside.
2004-07-29 12:52:27 AM  
This is the first time I have seen the banner used as a pun.

Nice job, submitter.
2004-07-29 12:53:02 AM gotter, everclear runs about 97% or so, and it is corn...burns like a mother going down too

2004-07-29 12:54:46 AM  
holy shiat... man i cant type tonight... must.. play... Mavis Beacon.... and stop using "..."'s!!!
2004-07-29 12:55:25 AM  
done the mountainside

I guess sometimes I type with an accent.
2004-07-29 12:57:37 AM  
more proof that fat, ugly Inca chicks got laid too
2004-07-29 12:58:08 AM  
GIS for 'Peru beer.' Perhaps goggles were invented in Peru.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-29 01:00:47 AM  
Lol got a story about everclear, my mom has been a bartender for about 40 years now, and she found this recipe for Apple Pie and amazingly enough, you cant taste the alcohol in it, anywhoo its basically cider and cinnimon (spelling) boiled down, then everclear added.. with some other ingredients. well i woke up one day and she had a nice finished jug of "apple cider" i poured me a huge glass.. drank about half of it, tasted kinda thick. My mom sees what im drinking and starts flipping out on me! takes the cup away and makes me call into work that morning. I didn't feel it at first, but holy crap about 10-15 minutes later i was FLYING!!

/nice hump-day (wed.) that was...
2004-07-29 01:01:31 AM  
Everclear can be made from anything, it's just 95% ethanol (it boils at a lower temp than pure ethanol, so that's as high as you can straight distill). It's just made from corn because corn is the cheapest way to make alcohol.
2004-07-29 01:03:22 AM  
Right on , gents...time for a roadtrip!

Or maybe a planetrip...that'd be kind of a drag to drive
2004-07-29 01:05:48 AM  
That's also why gasoline with ethanol is made from corn. Dirt cheap to make.
2004-07-29 01:06:42 AM  
Bah, the gas isn't made with corn, the ethanol for the gas is.

I swear officer, I've only had one!
2004-07-29 01:07:08 AM  
Aqhata munani!
2004-07-29 01:07:18 AM  
catfishdog -- done! I was just thinking of heading there
2004-07-29 01:11:56 AM  
Zymurgy? You around?

First science in history, last in the encyclopedia.
2004-07-29 01:12:59 AM  
I think pretty much every society with agriculture has figured out how to make some sort of alcohol, usually beer.

I think it proves something. God is good. And he wants us to be drunk.
2004-07-29 01:20:48 AM  
The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
2004-07-29 01:32:33 AM  

2004-07-29 01:53:38 AM  
Next weeks FARK party in an old Peruvian cave. Drew will be there.
2004-07-29 02:39:11 AM  
It's been a long time since Everclear turned on me that night in Tampa, but I thought it was grain alcohol.

I either just proved a bunch of people wrong or made myself look like an ignorant bastard. I guess it remains to be seen.
2004-07-29 02:52:00 AM  
hazeleyedwolff actually, I think you're right and the brand Everclear (which makes a lower 151 proof also) does use grain. Some quick googling indicates that. Maybe the generic, and lab versions, of the same that use corn as the source of their ethanol.

Anyway, by the time you've distilled to that point it doesn't matter whether your sugar source is corn, grain, or slugs feasting on molassis.
2004-07-29 03:02:19 AM  
According to this bottle of Everclear, it's grain alcohol.
2004-07-29 03:32:56 AM  
I rock.

\Everclear tastes just like vodka with a little kick to it.
\\I may very well drink far more vodka than is healthy.
2004-07-29 04:44:03 AM  
Is guiness a cheap rip off of Guinness then?
2004-07-29 05:16:04 AM  
I once drank a mini keg of expired beer. Its smelt like rotten eggs. The next day I puked more than the fat dude on Monty Pythons "Meaning of life". A headache that felt like someone cut off the top of my head and put sea salt on my brain.I shiat so much buttmud i could of painted my house.

Why did i do it? damned of i know. But isnt that what makes life so fun! HEHEHE.

/Expired beer could cripple armies . whoa man! i think my bathroom is still haunted from that night.

//felt like sharing.And pass on the knowledge!
2004-07-29 07:28:28 AM  
I drank some of that on a trip to Peru, I can't say its the nicest drink I've ever had in my life, its warm and sickly sweet.
The tradition when drinking it is to look towards some mountain or other, say something weird and pour a drop of it in the soil in order to give it to some god (details are not my strong point), anyhoo to cut a long story short the god got more than his fair share of the drink.
2004-07-29 07:34:28 AM  
LG - You mean Guiness the british whisky from Ireland?
2004-07-29 07:43:08 AM  
2004-07-29 01:05:48 AM Sidi

That's also why gasoline with ethanol is made from corn. Dirt cheap to make.

That's also why your crappier American beers are made with corn adjuncts. Barley costs money, donchaknow.
2004-07-29 07:47:22 AM  
2004-07-29 01:00:47 AM H1P1NE


My mother tells a story of when my sister was 3 or 4 years old, she got into a big jug of homemade wine. Apparently she thought it was grape juice and helped herself. My mother found out when she saw my sister staggering around and saying "what is this, this is gooood."

My sister doesn't drink much at all now. Not compared to me, anyway.
2004-07-29 07:52:37 AM  
I bet its that stuff they make down there now called Chicha. Fermented corn I believe. Stuff will knock you off of your feet :)

Cusquena and Arequipena are regional beers that suck too :)
2004-07-29 08:11:20 AM  
One look at the landscape tell me the only left in this brewery is "Rolling Rock."

/try the veal
/tip the wait staff
/drive fast take chances
2004-07-29 09:12:44 AM  
The video showing the brewing process is pretty interesting. It is a little spare on the details though. I would like to know if they used a commercially prepared brewers yeast when they made the original batch, or pitched it themselves.
2004-07-29 09:32:10 AM  

LG - You mean Guiness the british whisky from Ireland?
You hit the nail on the head there.
2004-07-29 09:42:36 AM  
Funny, I just visited two breweries yesterday.

Cooperstown- good beer, crotchety old man as tour guide. Souvenir: a bottle of hot sauce.

Ommegang- very good (if somewhat wierd) beer, friendly hot chick as tour guide. Souvenir: a "beeriodical table" t-shirt and a really nice 175g frisbee.

Support your local brewer!
2004-07-29 10:06:48 AM  

Did you get a lot of free beer?
2004-07-29 10:59:18 AM  
2004-07-29 01:12:59 AM Sidi

I think pretty much every society with agriculture has figured out how to make some sort of alcohol, usually beer
I was watching some show, probably on Discovery Channel or maybe History Channel, about agricultural archeology. Among other things, they found a recipe for Egyptian beer. They made a batch using the recipe, and one of the tasters said it wasn't half bad. (Then again, I don't think they said it was half good, either.)

2004-07-29 04:27:32 PM  
No tv and no beer make Homer something something
2004-07-29 04:39:09 PM  
Ah, chicha... Would you believe it's a popular drink mix flavor for kids in Bolivia (possibly Peru)? I lived in La Paz when I was 10 (my dad's from there), and there were these Fla-vor-aid- like drink mixes, one of which was "chicha morada". It was purple and tasted pretty good. I also tasted some honest-to-Wiracocha chicha (slightly alcoholic, by the way) while traveling with my aunt in Cochabamba. In Bolivia there is virtually no drinking age, and bars are really scary places. You think the Irish are world-class drunks, you've never seen Bolivians leaving a bar or celebrating Carnaval.
2004-07-29 08:50:01 PM  
Sweet Jesus, I got the worse hangover of my life off of some Peruvian liqeur.
2004-07-30 10:30:46 AM  
Mmmmmm, fermented.

/since the "no TV and no beer make Homer something, something." has been used....

So beer comes w/ agriculture, then when they discover they can ferment fruits, wine. Then the hard stuff comes from distillation. I recommend we research Chemistry so we can make Whiskey. (Civ 4, anyone?)

All your brewery are belong to us.
2004-07-30 03:16:12 PM  
Zymurgist: Not a lot, probably 5-6 3oz samples at each brewery. That was probably for the best, because I had to drive to Albany immediately afterwards.

Keep your eyes open for Ommegang "Three Philosophers"- extremely tasty stuff.

P.S.- great farkname! Are you professional or amateur? A good friend brews for the Hoppy Brewery in Sacramento. I've got great memories of cooking up batches in his kitchen before he turned pro and moved to California. We devised all sorts of wacky rituals for "pitching the yeast"...
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