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(Some Guy)   Whales beach themselves in Japan. Rescuers have to fight with others who show up with chainsaws to carve themselves some whale meat   ( divider line
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5315 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jan 2002 at 2:05 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-26 02:08:53 PM  
Mmmmm.... rotting blubber....
2002-01-26 02:19:24 PM  
Get me the dynamite.
2002-01-26 02:19:31 PM  
For as much money as those things are worth, I'd be down there too with a chainsaw.
2002-01-26 02:19:59 PM  
2002-01-26 02:20:55 PM  
Heh... chansaw.

Hey, at least they didn't use dynamite.

But burying them until the skeleton's all that's left... that's just [image from too old to be available]. At least allow roadkill rules to apply... "It's dead, we didn't kill it, oh, well, let's eat." Besides, who's going to remember where they are in 20 years? That's a lot of meat...
2002-01-26 02:24:19 PM  
Gamara is really neat,
Gamara is full of meat.......
2002-01-26 02:32:34 PM  
When did Rosie go on vacation?

I'm going to hell for that one.
2002-01-26 02:36:14 PM  
Meat is meat and man has to eat!
2002-01-26 02:39:12 PM  
Would you eat a sperm whale?
2002-01-26 02:39:55 PM  
Whales in trouble?

Quick! Someone call Peta!
2002-01-26 02:41:56 PM  
mmmmmm salty...wait sperm - ewwwww
2002-01-26 02:44:02 PM  
only in Japan
2002-01-26 02:44:28 PM  
Yep. Those Japanese guys haven't figured out why they're called sperm whales.

Or maybe they have, and it's Japan's "gay community."
2002-01-26 02:47:13 PM  
Well, just for the record, the japanese are know to eat anything that washes ashore or floats.
2002-01-26 02:53:54 PM  
Ah the highly refined culture that is Japan. The country that gave us Bukkake,rape videos and Beta Max.
2002-01-26 02:56:15 PM  
nsfw...sure it is.. g
2002-01-26 02:57:19 PM
2002-01-26 02:58:00 PM  
cultural imperialism at its finest.
2002-01-26 02:59:19 PM  
And TubGirl.
2002-01-26 03:02:32 PM  
ShamelessPlug: Not to mention dating simulators
2002-01-26 03:04:24 PM  
Yummmmmm....whale meat.
2002-01-26 03:11:47 PM  
Insert Rosie O'Donnell joke here:
2002-01-26 03:21:13 PM  
tastes like chicken
2002-01-26 03:29:29 PM  
i say let 'em carve up the dead rotting corpses if they want to eat them.

if they get sick and die, then that's just a plus for the gene pool...
2002-01-26 03:31:57 PM  
2002-01-26 04:01:56 PM  
The japanese wonder why their economy is in trouble? The whale is already dead let them eat it!
2002-01-26 04:03:17 PM  
The whales are dead, I say let's have at it.. seems a waste to let it rot while there are so many people who do want to eat it. If they want to keep parts of it for research or musea, then let's have some people who know what they're doing cut them up. They can either give the meat away to the needy, sell it and give the money to research, or whatever.
For the record, I like different kinds of food and I think it'd be cool to get a taste of whale if one beached and it was dead anyhow...
2002-01-26 04:08:20 PM  
Bagu's point: Proven!
2002-01-26 04:08:58 PM  
Ah the highly refined culture that is Japan. The country that gave us Bukkake,rape videos and Beta Max.

Hey, Beta was better.

Besides, you can't judge a culture based just on the bad things. That would be like judging America based only on the crime rate. Or judging England based only on the food.
2002-01-26 04:11:56 PM  
Gamara is also fun to eat.
2002-01-26 04:12:40 PM  
Highly refined Obessessed with pop culture yes. I guess from lack of places to go outside they come up some awfully strange shiat.
2002-01-26 04:13:28 PM  

Well I don't know those British have screwed up teeth, the Irish are just a bunch of religious drunks and lets not forget the Germans.
2002-01-26 04:22:03 PM  
The sea was angry that day my friends.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-26 04:50:27 PM  
.. whale ... the OTHER white meat.

(or was that 'tourists'? )
2002-01-26 04:52:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]

2002-01-26 05:02:02 PM  
Now, where did they say those whales were?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-26 05:03:43 PM  
(Constanza gulfs down handfuls of whalemeat)

Salesguy : George, the ocean called- they're out of whale!

George: Oh yea, well, the Jerk store called- and they are running out of YOU!
2002-01-26 05:23:03 PM  
This is a cross between

[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-26 05:33:08 PM  
Whale - the other dead meat that's already been picked apart by seagull's and homeless people.
2002-01-26 06:03:05 PM  
2002-01-26 06:05:59 PM  
In my very best Homer:
"mmmmmm.... whale...."
2002-01-26 06:12:35 PM  
I've got a problem with eating something that I just found dead and lying around. Call me weird.
2002-01-26 06:14:11 PM  
2002-01-26 06:17:47 PM  
The Kappamaki, a whaling research ship, was currently researching the question: How many whales can you catch in one week?

- Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, "Good Omens"

In many ways Japan is a very forward-thinking and advanced society. Alas, along with Iceland and a couple of other countries, their government continues to allow rare, slow-reproducing mammals with sophisticated social structures and demonstrable intelligence to be killed for "research" (with the meat later sold for mucho $$). I'm not a vegetarian, but for the love of christ, why do we feel the need to eat every farking species of animal out there? Didn't we breed cows, pigs, goats etc. for millenia specifically to eat? Why whales too? Jesus, people suck.
2002-01-26 06:43:23 PM  
I am a vegitarian. Although, when I was camping in Alaska I did group up with an Inuit family and had the pleasure of eating whale meat and muktuk. MMMmmmMMMmmmmMMM Delicious. Unless the blubber is boiled, it is very chewy and hurts my gums after a while. It tastes like almonds to me. Now the whale meat, we ate raw and frozen. It is a very fine meat and very tastey. It is probably more healthy to eat then beef laden with hormones and preservatives. Lets not put down cultures because they eat differently then we do.
The whites use to disrespect the Indians calling them dog-eating Indians. The Indians I met in AK were sickened by the very idea of eating dogs or wolves but if they did eat it a few hundred years ago, so what?
The Japanese culture and people are still human and should not be put down because of what they eat. To many vegitarians, it is shameful to eat meat from what use to be a living animal with a developed nervous system and self/God awareness much greater then plants. I tend to agree. Racism sucks. Prejudice sucks. Love your fellow man.
2002-01-26 06:45:59 PM  
Did you all read some of the other articles there. Some 32 year old guy beat the shiat out of his 9 year old for playing a dirty trick on him. Some homeless guy was beat to death by a gang of teenagers. Man Japan is becoming more Americanized each day, next North Korea.
2002-01-26 06:48:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-26 07:17:34 PM  
And I thought the plane taking off the wrong direction was a farked up story
2002-01-26 09:08:29 PM  
I think we can just agree that people are generally stupid assholes, regardless of nationality, race, and ethnicity. The reason that this whole thing is news is because it's unusual; I doubt that every Japanese person would want to slice up and eat this rotting corpse, just as most of us here would not want to fry up that raccoon lying at the side of the road. Every culture has its own hicks.

I agree with No Such Agency though; there are more viable/practical sources of meat to be found than whale. Shame on those guys that go out and whale in this day and age. I'm directing that at anyone that does it, not just the Japanese. (If this offers any perspective, I've got a lot of Norwegian blood in me, and they are some of the biggest whalers in the world).
2002-01-26 09:11:10 PM  
Well I was just making a general observation. Let me know when you go back over there, maybe you could show me some good karaoke bars. And as an added plus I would be of above average height. And another added plus I could tech them how to drink KY bourbon properly.
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