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(AZCentral)   Tempe 8th-graders disciplined for hugging   ( divider line
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6503 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jan 2002 at 12:04 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-25 12:12:52 PM  
Jessamy? What kind of name is that??

Sorry, I agree with this. 8th graders should not be showing affection. They are too young!
2002-01-25 12:13:05 PM  
Heaven Forbid kids show emotions. How dare the schools let kids develop into adults with a healthy emotional state. We need to be crushing their spirtis.

Ack and they wonder why kids are growing up to be nuts
2002-01-25 12:15:54 PM  
There's a limit to affection that should be shown in school, but a hug? I don't agree with their punishment. Perhaps there was more than a simple hug? I can imagine The Media filtering out anything more.
2002-01-25 12:16:11 PM  
Next they'll be saying you can't have sex underneath the bleachers.
2002-01-25 12:17:25 PM  
Real stupid. I'm fifteen, no girlfriend, and a girl I consider a friend gives me a hug every day. It doesn't mean they're farking, it most likely means they're good friends.
2002-01-25 12:19:40 PM  
Negative interaction good.
Positive interaction bad.

Well this proves oposites attract.
2002-01-25 12:27:50 PM  
A little hugging leads to a lotta shaggin!
It's always the goody goody cheerleaders who get knocked up by 16!
2002-01-25 12:31:37 PM  
Can we blame this on Clinton?
2002-01-25 12:33:54 PM  
2002-01-25 12:39:32 PM  
I would assume blowjobs in the bathroom are also forbidden.
what kind of crappy high-school is this?

Paula Poundstone likes 8th grade hugs.
2002-01-25 12:41:47 PM  
Hey, hugging could lead to beer-drinkin. That might be good, because I think there's something funny in the water in Phoenix.
2002-01-25 12:44:12 PM  
Tempe is a farked-up city anyways. I mean, come on.. the let the Cardinals play there!
2002-01-25 12:47:02 PM  
I remember a teacher getting angry at me in grade 8 for hugging a girl. It was... *thinks*... almost 4 years ago I was in grade 8.

Anyways, the teacher said something like "Excuse me, but that's prohibited here at school."

I responded with "Excuse me? It's not like we're having sex here in the hallway or anything."

That ended up getting me sent to the principal's office. Heh.

Stupid rules, really.
2002-01-25 12:51:37 PM  
Another stupid chapter in the "zero tolerance = zero rationality" book.
2002-01-25 12:55:30 PM  
This is why Arizona should burn.

Useless state with useless people.
2002-01-25 12:57:12 PM  
Neal's father, Gary, said that his son makes A's and B's and was selected as a student of the month last May.

I guess what he is trying to say here is that if a kid gets good grades he can break the rules. So, why was everyone onto Clinton for scoring in the Oval Office? I mean he was a Rohde's Scholar!

I know it may sound like the school is being picky here, but they did warn the kids about this. When I worked at a school the kids were always trying to see how far they could push the rules. Now, these two seem like good kids; but the rule was probably not made to controle there behavior. It was probably made for the kids who like to spend their breaks playing tonsil hockey; but if they only apply it to them then they get sued.
2002-01-25 01:00:56 PM  
Smookyfufu: And you make such a statement because.......
2002-01-25 01:01:33 PM  
What were the two previous violations? I think there's more to the story than an innocent hug.
2002-01-25 01:11:25 PM  
These are 8th graders. They don't need to be showing affection towards eachother. Atleast wait until high school.
2002-01-25 01:15:40 PM  
Caboozy: stop being a troll.

Sometimes, I swear, I hate people. What the hell are kids supposed to think? Teachers, parents, and everyone else biatch and moan 24-7 about violence in schools, video games, tv, etc. and then turn around and act like its a crime against humanity when two people (who just so happen to be under the age of 16) show love or affection for each other. This is nonsense.
2002-01-25 01:32:29 PM  
sheesh....they shoulda been arrested or something...shiat, if 8th graders can get more action than cracK the High School Grad, then the terrorists......
2002-01-25 01:35:16 PM  
Affection = BAD (at least here in the good ole USA)

Violence = GOOD

Just look at any prime time TV!
2002-01-25 01:36:56 PM  
It continually amazes me how puritanical some aspects of our society still are... of course Arizona is a pretty conservative state so I'm not particularlly surprised in this instance...
2002-01-25 01:39:08 PM  
I agree that this whole thing is ASININE. But rulz is rulz . . .
2002-01-25 01:40:15 PM  
I'm going to kill every school administrator in the world.
2002-01-25 01:41:41 PM  
when i was in high school, 2 tards had sex on the floor of the boys room.

the boytard got a 10 day out of school suspension
the girltard got 3 days.

how unfair is that.
2002-01-25 01:44:31 PM  
"A little hugging leads to a lotta shaggin!"

Caboozy, may I have a hug?

Keep trollin dah'lin. I'll nibble on your bait anytime.

And how 'bout those Eagles?
2002-01-25 02:06:42 PM  
FB was the Principal.
2002-01-25 02:10:31 PM  
Was it a "Hi-good-to-see-you" hug or a "Oh-God-push-your-boobs-into-my-chest" hug? School rules ought not to be black and white but subject to the interpretation of the intent....unlike the Raiders?Pats game, but that's a little different
2002-01-25 02:13:46 PM  
were boobies involved?
2002-01-25 02:20:05 PM  
there had better been something more going on: if you bust kids for hugging, they'll fakr in the middle of the cafeteria just to prove a point.

then again, you can't expect "educators" to figure that out on their own, i mean, how intelligent is the average middle school teacher.
2002-01-25 02:20:29 PM  
Just like this stupid supervisor at work got on me and my husband for that. Dude, if I can't hug my husband while we are BOTH on break, then the terrorists have already won!

Personally I think she's jealous....
2002-01-25 02:21:10 PM  
TheTick: How's that job hunting going?? Sure I'll give you a hug. I'm old enough...Thank God for the Eagles! To bad for the Pack!

Eighth Graders should be spending energy on their homework, not the opposite sex. Wait until later in high school for that.
2002-01-25 02:26:48 PM  
43%: Teachers don't make those rules. More likely, it's a conduct code created at higher levels of the educational system
2002-01-25 02:31:38 PM  
What is wrong with schools today... I think their handbooks for conduct explain things a bit...
According to the Connolly Student-Parent Handbook: "Students may NOT hold hands nor demonstrate other outward displays of affection such as kissing, hugging or embracing."

Students are not allowed to display affection towards one annother. what does this leave for acceptable interaction... Babys respond better and develop more rapidly if they have physical contact (in a good way you sick farkers) This is much the same as 8th graders, if you never come in contact with annother human being I think it would be much easier for you to go columbine in HS
2002-01-25 02:36:16 PM  
Another blazing success of "zero tolerance". I wonder if two girls would be disciplined for hugging - I seem to recall that girls at my HS did that a lot as part of their pack bonding behaviour (the male equivalent was seemingly shoulder punches and locker room towel-snapping).
2002-01-25 02:36:27 PM  
Judging by that quote from the Student Handbook, I would guess that a Golden Shower is probably right out
2002-01-25 02:36:31 PM  
Bass555: yeah, same difference. administrators are just teachers that didn't have the brains to pass the licensing exams to teach (unable to add, couldn't find the US on a map, that kind of thing).
2002-01-25 02:38:52 PM  
Bass555: Too funny!! Yeah I think you are right.
2002-01-25 02:51:45 PM  
As a resident of Tempe, I'll be sure to do my part. Barney the dinosaur likes hugging kids. If I see him anywhere near a school, I'm going to blow him away.

Rules are rules. No execptions.
2002-01-25 02:53:37 PM  
You know the little bastard was copping a feel.
Or he's gay.
I would slap the snot out of him either way.
2002-01-25 02:56:10 PM  
How about a dirty sanchez or whatever it is?
2002-01-25 03:03:10 PM  
Nothing wrong with a hug.

Now if he picked her up and dry humped her against the lockers, it might be a problem.
2002-01-25 03:04:08 PM  
Hehehe, I deserve a Ye Ol' Whipping for getting hugged at school. And to make the Ye Ol' Punishment worse it wasnt my girlfriend! So take that Ashcroft!
2002-01-25 03:13:05 PM  
Just to make sure kids have a real role model, they're having Mike Tyson speak at graduation.
2002-01-25 03:20:33 PM  
school. prison. school. prison.
is there a difference anymore?
2002-01-25 03:27:28 PM  
Maybe I am old fashioned but school seems to have turned into more of a social gathering than a place to learn. You wanna hug?? Meet after school! Cell phones?? Keep em at home! All girl/boy schools don't "hug" and they don't turn out too different than public school kids. They don't need all that touchy feely crap. I didn't have a cell phone and I still made it through. Get back to the basics, dammit!
2002-01-25 03:31:12 PM  
yes, you are allowed to hug in prison.
2002-01-25 03:37:10 PM  
Caboozy: i see your point, but isn't that what grade school is? learn social skills or die trying. do you really actually learn anything in grade school? Between the moron teachers and the tendancy to teach down to the lowest common denominator, grade school is pretty much where you go to learn to drink and role joints.

if you want an education, go to college. Provided you got binge drinking and raising (excessive amounts of) hell out of your system in HS, you may actually learn something useful.
2002-01-25 03:45:25 PM  
43% I think social skills can be learned but not while you are at school. At that age, you don't really know whether you are coming or going, sexually speaking, so banning hugging might actually be the right thing. There is so much confusion about your feelings, taking hugging out of the daily equation gives more time for learning. And I speak like this out of experience. If I was concentrating more on the lessons rather than the boys I would have set myself up with a better foundation for my future.
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