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(Some Guy) Boobies Cutie wearing Fark apparel (barely SFW)   ( divider line 116
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112686 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jul 2004 at 5:14 AM (10 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-24 09:05:04 AM  
2004-07-24 09:05:30 AM  
16. That's all you need to know.
2004-07-24 09:10:59 AM  
She looks like a frightened Shannen Doherty.

Looking like Shannen Doherty is never good.

That said, I would appreciate the chance to gaze upon her heaving breasts.
2004-07-24 09:12:24 AM  
Holy shiat, it's that missing chick from Utah! Thank God, she's been found.
2004-07-24 09:15:52 AM  
I'm sure she looks really hot under a black light.
2004-07-24 09:22:23 AM  
At first glance thought she was alright. Then after reading the comments had to go back and look again. There is definately something wrong with her grill. The first time I must have been distracted by her big fake breasteses.
2004-07-24 09:25:39 AM  
Sorry Draakneuz

Most of the time I'd agree that Fark users are overly critical of nice looking women. Unfortunately, it just doesn't apply this time. She is the poster child for extreme butterface.
2004-07-24 09:30:55 AM  
You guys are waaaay too hyper-critical. Her face isn't bad at all and her bod is absolutely smokin'!

I would...well, you know...

/checking out the other 365 days on the calendar as well
2004-07-24 09:33:57 AM  
I dunno, there's something about a girl that can kick your ass: 0637400

Oh, and I'd hit the FARK girl too, and you can't tell you you wouldn't either. Well, you could, but you'd be lying...
2004-07-24 09:38:49 AM  
So, is she a farkette?

If so, m'darling, please ID yourself--so all these critical farkwads can crawl back under their collective rock.
2004-07-24 09:55:46 AM  
Look at number 2 on that page, someone stole her nipples!
2004-07-24 10:02:30 AM  
Aside from a couple of those pics, it's like a butterface contest.

2004-07-24 10:24:00 AM  
no need for my 2 cents, everything that needed to be said has been said, nice job all
2004-07-24 10:41:06 AM  
Just one more facelift, and she will have a beard!
2004-07-24 10:47:16 AM  
Sometimes it is not about what she wears ... but what She Rides On Definitely NSFW!
2004-07-24 10:52:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Well maybe not her knees, but she'd definitely hurt someone with that face.

/original for Draakneuz - there can be only one ;p
2004-07-24 10:58:35 AM  
Me like Friday the 2nd!
2004-07-24 11:14:26 AM  
Farkwear making a play for the tranny market?

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
2004-07-24 11:22:12 AM  
shroomvalley: Thanx man, I searched my ass off for that picture!!!! :)

Actually my guy kinda looks like the original. Maybe they are related?
2004-07-24 11:25:00 AM  
Check out #20 for some major "crossing the desert" action.

That's some camel toe.
2004-07-24 11:36:16 AM  
I just don't see why there's so much revulsion. The "meh" bit or the "butterface" I can understand. But the active revulsion?

I just don't get that.
2004-07-24 11:36:35 AM  
If you mean the chica in the lime green 2-piece, you're looking at a wrinkle in the fabric (it goes out, not in, see?).
2004-07-24 11:49:13 AM  
You can post all the pointy knee picks you want; biatch is still uglier than ugly.
2004-07-24 11:49:22 AM  
I'm a big fan of #16. Yowza.

Which I think is the same girl as 23.
2004-07-24 12:05:33 PM  
She's hideous, but so am I.

Hit it.
2004-07-24 12:08:41 PM  
6, 13, 14, 24. bingo
2004-07-24 12:12:22 PM  
I would meet it and talk with it, and consider dating it if I liked it. But she's just too average-looking for me to want to immediately hit it.
2004-07-24 12:16:19 PM  
Say hey thats lunch on me!

Wow, she's just lovely.
2004-07-24 12:25:30 PM  
"Hey, mom! I finally made the big picture is getting posted on!!"

"That's wonderful, dear! It's been your dream ever since you were a little girl. Let's go see what the Farkers think about your pictures..."

"Wha..? This...this can't be right!! Ugly? They think I'm UGLY? I wore the Fark panties and everything? Why, God, why?"


"There, there, dear. I know it must make you feel horrible, to have worked so hard for your hard body and the modelling contract and so forth, only to have anonymous people on the internet question your very gender, but it isn't the end of the world."
2004-07-24 12:29:48 PM  
I'm not sure how this is relevant, but it gives some Farkers hope.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-24 12:36:40 PM  
flg8tor called it first.
2004-07-24 12:38:30 PM  

I couldn't agree more. Was gonna post that link myself before I noticed you did.

I mean, jesus christ. It should be illegal to be that farking cute.
2004-07-24 12:41:18 PM  
I think that some farkers out there have standards that are too low. She's ok as a whole but who wants to be with a chick that looks like shes going to a Halloween party everytime she leaves for work?
2004-07-24 12:54:20 PM  
So she's not got the face of halle berry. So what? Only halle berry's got that face. Her face is not ugly, not at all. It just happens to be the face of a human being instead of the airbrushed ones you are accustomed to wanking over.
You poor poor lonely men. Either that or you are all supermodels that can can anything if you want to. What do I know.
2004-07-24 01:02:02 PM  
I liked the tagline for Stare magazine in the banner add "We don't even have articles." Heh.
2004-07-24 01:07:11 PM  
New standard for "butterface" for sure... yikes.

2004-07-24 01:13:59 PM  
Holy brow lift Batman!
2004-07-24 01:16:24 PM  
It's the 'muff' that dreams are made of....
2004-07-24 01:35:18 PM  
Halfmast Trousers, Hope? Hope of what? That one day when farkers are even older, uglier and fatter they can pony up for PROFESSIONALS to hide their revulsion and hang out with their sorry mid life crises riddled asses for very short periods of time? woot??

re #16: I'd objectify her in a goddess worship sort of way, but never ever make reference to "hitting it." She would then reward me for my tenderness, and make sweet love to me instead of some farker with misogynistic tendencies.
2004-07-24 01:50:46 PM  
This woman knows how it's done.
2004-07-24 01:51:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Let's try this again.
2004-07-24 02:06:17 PM  
DAMN! What's up with her face? Looks like it's been botoxed to Hell and back.
2004-07-24 02:11:15 PM  
I'm from Fresno and that radio station has one of the best morning shows in the country. Yes they get a lot of stuff from Fark but they have given Fark on air credit a few times. I wonder how many central valley Farkers there are?

/I see a really strange fark party in the future
2004-07-24 02:19:10 PM  
If thats a small sample of the women of the central valley, then God Bless Fresno.
2004-07-24 02:36:44 PM  
Oh what the hell, I'll hit her anyway. It's not like I really would be paying attention to the face anyway!
2004-07-24 03:09:19 PM  
Stare's Models... but they want a subscription :(
2004-07-24 03:33:00 PM  
Cutie?!?! Man that chick is fugly. There is something really scary about her face.
2004-07-24 03:33:33 PM  
It looks like a dinner roll.
2004-07-24 03:49:05 PM  
Butter face
2004-07-24 04:29:59 PM  
but his face
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