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(kfor-tv)   Cell phone towers might be used to help detect tornadoes. No word on wheather Sprint will charge $5/month for this service   ( divider line
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1725 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jul 2004 at 1:33 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-23 11:22:36 PM  
hmmmmm... "wheather". i can't decide if that's a typo or appropriate
2004-07-24 12:20:16 AM  
"If this tower resembles a corkscrew, there might have been a tornado."
2004-07-24 01:43:44 AM  
Great headline.

/hates those bastages at Sprint
2004-07-24 01:47:06 AM  
w/o adding radar, Russians detected and tracked stealth bombers with Serbian cell phone towers through triangulation. It is how Serbs shot down the stealth bomber during Clinton/Halfbright's pretty little war.

relevance, tornadoes are a lot bigger.
2004-07-24 01:48:59 AM  
that's a punny headline
2004-07-24 01:56:31 AM  
It's bistatic radar in commercial drag.
2004-07-24 02:02:15 AM  
Knowing all cell phone providers, they will.

"Get vital weather updates on your cell phone with a limited time $5 upgrade to our SUPER PLUS SERVICE!"

2004-07-24 02:04:10 AM  

I'm just about to get a new cellphone. I've terminated my relationship with Sprint, and am about to commit to Cingular.

Please comment.
2004-07-24 02:05:00 AM  
w/o adding radar, Russians detected and tracked stealth bombers with Serbian cell phone towers through triangulation. It is how Serbs shot down the stealth bomber

Nitpick: it was a stealth fighter (F-117), not bomber (B-2).

Also, it's much more likely that the Serbs got that one through some clever tatics, not technology. Here is an article about it.

I've also read elsewhere that they had been trying for quite some time (in hindsight) to do this. One of the major faults of the US (operating within NATO) was using nearly identical flight paths over and over again. This enabled the Serbs to set up an ambush and wait for the right conditions.

Stealth isn't invincible, even against older radars. It's just a tool to make you a bit harder to see, and if used improperly you can end up just as dead.
2004-07-24 02:05:19 AM  
that >>>>>>>> thing should have been the closing bracket for a

{{{{{{{ threadjack warning }}}}}}}}
2004-07-24 02:11:52 AM  
Anyone know good sites for free alerts?

I use and to alert me during times when i'm supposed to be working. I find those pretty useful. Unfortunately, their "breaking news" alerts are few and far between. The headlines at set times get repetative. And I have yet to receive an amber alert for my area.
2004-07-24 02:12:16 AM  
Verizon. I can probably get service on the ocean floor. in a lead box.
2004-07-24 02:19:25 AM  
IrieTom: Long story short:

Verizon = Crazy awesome service with CDMA goodness.
Cingular = Better phones.
2004-07-24 02:20:52 AM  
For the weather types on here, just how good are computers at picking up on tornado activity from doppler scans? I figure that's what the people in charge of this idea wish to use in conjunction with a cellular warning system.
2004-07-24 02:56:15 AM  
i'm with moosen on this

i have verizon service and i, like him can get service damn near anywhere. no problems at all.
2004-07-24 03:17:34 AM  
isn't this what trailer parks are for?

/no. wait. now i remember. trailer parks just attract tornadoes.
2004-07-24 03:26:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
The most cop-like cell phone service provider mascot ever. I keep thinking that I'll see him on an episode of Law and Order, beating the fark out of a prostitute for trying to run.
2004-07-24 03:30:21 AM  
I've got Cingular, and I can get a *full* GSM signal in the back of the local wal-mart... verizon couldn't even hold an analog signal there.

I also live in a basement apartment, and I've got full signal here too.

Cingular's data plans are a bit out of line with the other carriers, but I have to say that it's the best service I've had so far, and I've had 'em all.. Sprint, Verizon, T-Mo, US Cellular, and Alltel.

2004-07-24 03:32:29 AM  
minor correction before someone jumps in my face about it.

I've had all the carriers availiable *here*. We don't have AT&T or any of the dinky mom&pop style providers.

there, all better ;-)

2004-07-24 03:40:10 AM  
IrieTom - I was goign to switch from Sprint to Cingular, but believe it or not, Cingular doesn't come in at my house, which is in the main town in the county, which is where all the stores and all teh coverage is.

I can get it way out in the freakin' woods for god's sake but in my house, nadda.

Otherwise I'd have switched. fark sprint right in their stupid asses.
2004-07-24 03:42:29 AM  
$5/month? More like $29.95/month plus $63.37 in misc fees and taxes.

/no land line (voip), bare minimum cell phone plan which still costs too much
2004-07-24 03:43:45 AM  
I've just gone through a stupid billing dispute with Sprint, man do they suck goat balls. If you have a two hour call that starts at 8:59PM, they won't hit you for just the 1 "daytime" minute. You'll get stuck with the whole two hours, even if every customer service representative agrees that it's not stated in the service agreement.

Anyhow, I've found a way to solve these disputes real quick if you're ever at odds with a wireless service. Just ask to terminate your service. They'll reverse any extra charges in about 30 seconds if you keep the service, then you can wait until you've found a better deal and terminate it anyway.
2004-07-24 05:30:43 AM  
Hey nickkoto (or anyone else that has Sprint issues)

since I'm pretty much a veteran of Sprint's HORRIBLE "Customer Service", let me give you a tip.

next time you have a problem with them, call "Executive Services" (you can get the phone number here )and be very polite and explain the situation. Those people can (and sometimes will) give you the farm and then some to make you happy. ;-)

2004-07-24 05:33:37 AM  
oh.. and to actually make an on-topic post for a change.

Tornados scare the everloving shiat out of me... I had one tear up my neighbor's house while I was hiding in my basement. NOT fun.

anything they can do to get even 10 seconds more warning time, and better tracking, well... let's just say that I'd be glad to help pay for it if need be.

2004-07-24 06:41:15 AM  
AT&T probably would've charged for something like this, in Northern California. Bastards.

/moved to T-Mobile and haven't regretted it. Period.
2004-07-24 08:19:02 AM  
Just dropped Sprint PCS for Nextel here in Gainesville, FL. Nextel seems to have much better coverage out in the sticks West of I75.
2004-07-24 10:35:49 AM  
Actually, the radar thing *might* be obsolete, as there is interesting work being done in very low frequency sound detection (aka infrasound)
2004-07-24 11:15:17 AM  
As a Sprint customer I throughly enjoyed the headline. Kudos submitter.
2004-07-24 11:51:59 AM  
no comment on the "spiffy" trifecta?
2004-07-24 07:32:56 PM  
Wonder if there will be roaming and overage charges for the service.

Didn't read the article. Just farkin' loathe and HATE Sprint with a passion. farkers shut off our cell phone service when my husband was deployed in Iraq all because I was one day late with my payment (which I had made arrangements for in advanace because we had to wait on my husband's military pay which came in the day after our bill was due). farkers. Was a customer for nearly three years. They cancelled our service, slapped me with a cancellation charge and then charged for the remaining months finishing out the year (4 months worth). We're still fighting that crap.

And did I mention that 5 or 6 times they suspended my service for beening on my cell phone 8+ hours at night (because I was talking to my sister-in-law who's husband was also in Iraq)? They told me they shut it off because they thought it was "stolen". I'd get off of my phone call with her and I'd get a message on my phone from Sprint saying my server has been suspended. I'd have to call each time and spent an hour or two on the phone to get it back on. So much for unlimited nights and weekends.
2004-07-25 12:28:56 AM  
News flash. All wireless providers suck.

I just find it amusing that the people who seem to complain the most are the ones who have lousy credit, don't pay their bills on time, etc.
2004-07-26 01:38:18 AM still with me? There aren't any computer algorithims that can do that with any accuracy. The systems that we (the NWS) use are a trained forecaster and Doppler radar. The computer will splatter the symbol all over the screen. Most of us don't even use it. There's a process there that can never be automated.

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