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(NCBuy)   If your name is Jennifer Smith and have a lopsided pair of boobies, the rock group Bloodhound Gang needs to talk to you   ( divider line
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13137 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jan 2002 at 10:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-25 10:04:51 AM  
pictures please.
2002-01-25 10:06:11 AM  
And do they intend to go on a coast-to-coast, hands-on tour to find all of these fans?
2002-01-25 10:06:20 AM  
if your any kind of lady and you have any kind of breasts i want to hear from you......
2002-01-25 10:12:13 AM  
If we can find a transvestite with lopsided man-boobies, will that do?
2002-01-25 10:13:11 AM  
"Do these look lopsised?"

"I dunno, does this curve to the left?"
2002-01-25 10:14:52 AM  
is it day or something?
2002-01-25 10:31:08 AM  
Miss Smith,

I need to talk to you to. Please report to the nearest free clinic for your test results.

Thank you.
2002-01-25 10:31:35 AM  
Um.."too", rather.
2002-01-25 10:34:26 AM  
Two words: Discovery Channel

Gotta love the Bloodhound Gang...
2002-01-25 10:39:16 AM  
"Is this a bust?"

"It's very impressive, yes."

The Naked Gun
2002-01-25 10:47:32 AM  
Bloodhound gang sux- except for the chaisey lain song.
2002-01-25 10:48:06 AM  
WTF! I'm looking for this girl too. She gave me a serious case of the dose, dawn gutter whores.
2002-01-25 10:48:12 AM  
rock group?
2002-01-25 10:48:46 AM  
There was a young lady from Thizes,
Whose breasts were of two different sizes.
One was so small,
it was nothing at all--
but the other was big, and won prizes!

There was a young lady named Claire...
2002-01-25 10:59:08 AM  
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
2002-01-25 11:00:37 AM  
Hooray For Boobies
2002-01-25 11:01:50 AM  
Is this her?

2002-01-25 11:03:58 AM  
. . . including Jennifer Smith, a preacher's daughter from Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

Singer Jimmy Pop says Ms. Smith is remembered mostly for flashing her boobs and asking, "Do these look lopsided?"

A preacher's daughter?? Why am I not surprised?? I'll bet she was smashed, too.
2002-01-25 11:15:34 AM  
the lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying.
2002-01-25 11:17:45 AM  
Oh man, i have a friend named Trevor Smith and he has a lopsided nutsack (not that i've seen it or anything). Do you think that would suffice?
2002-01-25 11:46:35 AM  
The only reason I want to get married is so I can have the reception band play "The Ballad of Chasey Lain". Of course, "Bad Touch" is the song of the century, bar none.
2002-01-25 11:51:56 AM  
Stumbly-- I'm guessing you could tell just by fondling them, eh?

(sorry, couldn't resist)
2002-01-25 12:01:26 PM  
Ouch it won't reach my mouth
If I could do it myself I'd probably never leave the house
But I can't so here's where you come in
Giving it "Diff'rent Strokes" just like Arnold Drummond
2002-01-25 12:02:32 PM  
well...first of all...3MTA3...yuck.
My boobies aren't lopsided, would they let me stalk them, or what?
No, I will not post pics.
2002-01-25 12:18:08 PM  
Limerick this PSA....

A minister's daughter named Smits,
Flashed a rock band her lopsided tits.
When they then had to find her,
'cause they hadn't signed her,
They called FARK's twenty-thousand net wits.
2002-01-25 12:22:12 PM  
nice work, cardinal
2002-01-25 12:26:37 PM  
If your ass is a Chinese restaurant I'll have the poo-poo platter!
My friend Jerry Vandergrift kissed me in Home Ec. class,
Later in the afternoon some jarheads in the locker room kicked my ass,
I said, "guys I'm like you I like Monster Trucks too
Wanna see how many push-ups I can do?
I just wish I was queer so I could get chicks!"
Chicks dig guys that are
Queer guys that don't dig
Chicks that don't dig guys like me
See I'm not queer I'm too ugly

But if I were handsome just imagine how great it would be,
Incognito as gay though but not actually that way though pseudo homo phony,
Maybe it's a stupid theory or maybe just stupidity
But if I was a queerbee in the fashion industry,
Scoring with a super model would be easy!
Cause 'super model' means voluptuous but is also is synonomous with 'super dumb',
Ya see I'd be a good listener so she'd treat me like a sister and soon I'd become ,
That trusted friend that cares that rubs her back and braids her hair,
No it wouldn't be a week before I'm in her underwear
I wish I was queer so I could get chicks!

Jimmy Pop is a lyrical genious.
2002-01-25 12:44:03 PM  
You know what I really want in a girl? Me
2002-01-25 01:24:10 PM  
Oh, that wacky Bloodhound Gang! (Where's pacman when you need him?)
2002-01-25 01:37:24 PM  
This her?

Jennifer Smith
Crystal Springs, MS 39059
Phone: 601-892-3749

I hope for their sake that it wasn't.
2002-01-25 01:54:57 PM  
this is taking too damn long to load. Anyone care to tell me why they're looking for her?
2002-01-25 02:07:12 PM  
Site is farked. What did it say?
2002-01-25 02:31:50 PM  
I think turning to a camera, opening your shirt, and asking a nasty question is tacit permission to broadcast it.

(Can't find the vote tag...)
2002-01-25 03:00:37 PM  
Just goes to show what idiots they are if they do an edit on a tour doc and THEN decide to go looking for stray fans for permission to use the material, accumulated over many months and many places.

farking retards.
2002-01-25 03:06:49 PM  
All pics can be found at

The BHG is teh l33t s4it! They are the best farking band in the universe.

That is all.
2002-01-25 03:14:03 PM  
Feh, the best I could find...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-25 05:19:48 PM  
bloodhound gang makes me wish I still wore steel toe boots so I could more effectively kick their faces in.

have to settle for a good 'ol stomping, I guess.
2002-01-25 05:20:03 PM  
I thought I had found her, but it turned out that this girl had two pair of lopsided boobies, so I don't think it's her.
2002-01-25 06:12:31 PM  
Wouldn't 2 pair of lopsided boobies make at least 1 good set?
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