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12588 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jan 2002 at 7:22 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-25 07:23:35 AM  
Yes, yes I did.
2002-01-25 07:25:32 AM  
For chix0r to lix0r.
2002-01-25 07:28:03 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Wasn't that in the other thread?
2002-01-25 07:30:07 AM  
What a thoght to wake up to in the morning. Man tits.
2002-01-25 07:30:16 AM  
well, not until now i guess
2002-01-25 07:31:06 AM  
I'll stick with female nipples.
2002-01-25 07:31:27 AM  
It's another cruel jest of fate.

Like a tap on a wall without any pipes.
2002-01-25 07:35:40 AM  
It's like raaaaiiinnnn, on your wedding day.
2002-01-25 07:36:07 AM  
i thought they were for hanging weights off
2002-01-25 07:36:21 AM  
Well duh, if men didn't have nipples how would they get jobs at the Jim Rose Circus?

[image from too old to be available]

Mr. Lifto is cool.
2002-01-25 07:38:48 AM  
2002-01-25 07:39:14 AM  
ah.. Man is created from woman..
2002-01-25 07:40:58 AM  
i shouldn't have made this the first thread i read after i woke up
2002-01-25 07:41:38 AM  
That didn't answer "why"--it answered "how". My nipples are still a mystery.
2002-01-25 07:41:56 AM  
You know, this question has been keeping me up nights.
2002-01-25 07:42:04 AM  
I have one word to say:

2002-01-25 07:43:29 AM  
BAH! silly Indiana uni. It is so men can become women and show up on the springer show 3 weeks before thier wedding.

the "creator" has had this planned for millena in advance.
2002-01-25 07:50:42 AM  
Wonder, No
Enjoy, yes
2002-01-25 07:54:17 AM  
Egad. There's some scary articles on here today.
2002-01-25 07:55:33 AM  
Indeed 9/10, where is the flamebait?

2002-01-25 07:56:54 AM  
pacifiers ?
2002-01-25 08:01:03 AM  
Jeebus save me from gynecomastia.
2002-01-25 08:05:29 AM  
Hey I liked the original headline better.
2002-01-25 08:13:44 AM  

They always do that to my headlines.
2002-01-25 08:19:16 AM  
"Look! That kid has bosoms!" - Homer
2002-01-25 08:22:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I guess we have nipples for to assist those who change their mind.
2002-01-25 08:22:54 AM  
See what important information my university puts out to you all.
2002-01-25 08:25:26 AM  
I think the article was actually very interesting.

So there.
2002-01-25 08:41:35 AM  
gynecomastia- I'd like to see the origin of this word. Sounds like something else.
2002-01-25 08:41:49 AM  
2002-01-25 08:43:21 AM  
Sorry, I don't buy it. If the foetus is androgynous at 14 weeks, then why does it have nipples then?
2002-01-25 08:46:54 AM  
That playboy pic has to stop showing up. That is why Fark got the gross and discusting listing on that filter site.
2002-01-25 08:48:58 AM  
Somebody thought this condition was worth a statue:

[image from too old to be available]

Ancient Egyptian statue of Hemiunu showing enlarged male breasts.
2002-01-25 08:49:26 AM  
OK but next question: Why do some very few men have sensitive nipples and not me?
2002-01-25 09:00:43 AM  
I'm so glad my University provides such critical information to the public. My graduate work and the work of my colleagues and faculty? Eh. Who cares? It's the nipples people want to know about! Good grief.
2002-01-25 09:05:06 AM  
I'm amazed it went this long without somebody else saying it:

[image from too old to be available]
His name was Robert Paulsen!
2002-01-25 09:23:02 AM  

I was busy looking for the picture you posted... :)
2002-01-25 10:17:41 AM  
01-25-02 08:49:26 AM Hairyscotsman2
OK but next question: Why do some very few men have sensitive nipples and not me?

I could ask the same question about myself....

On a note related to the story, my high school Chem teacher once asked the class to answer the question why men have nipples. Of course, everyone stared dumbly at him and he eventually told us. The important part of this is that I had the BIGGEST crush on him and when he asked that I could NOT stop thinking about his nipples. *sigh*
2002-01-25 10:24:38 AM  
OK but next question: Why do some very few men have sensitive nipples and not me?

Either you're too hairy, or you haven't had the right two women licking each one.

Just a guess :)
2002-01-25 10:29:06 AM  
What's up with the male nipple teasing thing with the Brits and Aussies? In "The Replacements" the guy that played the Welsh place kicker and in "Coyote Ugly" the guy that played Kevin both did the nipple teasing thing. Is this exclusive to British and Aussies, or do American men dig this too? Just kind of curious...
2002-01-25 10:37:25 AM  
I'm hairy and my nipples are sensitive.... I think I should stop posting personal information. Back to work for me. yay.
2002-01-25 10:52:17 AM  
"I have nipples Greg, can you milk me?"
2002-01-25 11:05:58 AM  
Sheesh -- yes we're full of suprises... sorta like how some women have facial hair, which is scary...
2002-01-25 11:29:27 AM  
!American Men Demand More Nipple Play!
2002-01-25 11:33:16 AM  
I wanted to add a picture of the Nipple Guy from Little Nicky, unfortunatly (?) I couldn't find a pic

some one be a dear and post it
2002-01-25 11:40:55 AM  
My last boyfriend liked having his nipples licked. He also liked me sitting on his chest while moaning, so who knows. ;)
2002-01-25 11:44:51 AM  
After knowing this it's amazing people still are prejudice against gay people.. I mean they just have their x's & y's outta place.. We're all born female but some don't get the full transition probably related to fluctuations in testosterone levels or some other chemical we haven't yet found...
2002-01-25 12:30:44 PM  
USDAJ: Its buggin me. Is that from "Meet the Parents"?
2002-01-25 03:56:48 PM  
yeah...nipples are for being licked, definitely...and if you add honey, then that makes it all that much better.
2002-01-25 03:58:44 PM  
Karma Sutra has a honey dust that is for nipples, my ex-girlfriend got pissed when it tasted so good I bit her.

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