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(Some Guy) Boobies Farker's favorite redhead, Heather Carolin. Not safe for work   ( divider line 202
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136908 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jul 2004 at 6:32 AM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-22 08:08:51 AM  
Love redheads..... some of the best lovers of my life were redheads.... It's time to go to bed and kill off some kittens.... Anyone who is hating this lady has a serious case of teh gay (probably incurable). Although the hair is styled up a bit, I must say I've known several redheads almost this curly without significant (or any) effort.

/my $0.02
//know what I'll be dreaming of today
2004-07-22 08:10:23 AM  
My cack asplode.
2004-07-22 08:14:57 AM  
Easily the best boobies fark I've seen yet... Good find.
2004-07-22 08:15:41 AM  
I hate cats anyways...

/one handed typing
2004-07-22 08:17:54 AM  
Even w/out makeup, she's sexy:
(html is being difficult)
2004-07-22 08:25:40 AM  
My, such proud boobies!
2004-07-22 08:26:21 AM  
This is actually a threepeat...maybe quad.

You know what? I DON'T FARKING CARE!!! Let's start a petition to have this link EVERY day on Fark!!!
2004-07-22 08:28:09 AM  
Any man saying he would not hit that = Gay
2004-07-22 08:28:18 AM  
I would father her redheaded children. All of them.

2004-07-22 08:29:07 AM  
Ahhh, now this is a great way to start the day.
2004-07-22 08:29:42 AM  
Not only would I pleasure her until she needed hospitalization... ummm, I forget, too busy imagining.
2004-07-22 08:30:27 AM  
Yeah, she's hot. But we could do without this link every other week. Plenty of other good ones that nobody's seen. I know, I've submitted them...
2004-07-22 08:33:09 AM  
Not the hottest woman on earth, but not too bad either. She looks quite a bit different from the amateur shots to the playboy and makeup I guess.

She is cute though.
2004-07-22 08:35:43 AM  
Finally, a return of Boobies to FARK......what a drought
2004-07-22 08:36:59 AM  
I've dated two redheads in my lifetime. Firey temper, borderline psychotic-both of 'em. When each relationship ended, they each ripped out my heart and ate it in front of me.

But daaaaaamn, what a ride to the end. Both times. I'd do it all over again in a friggin' heartbeat.

/If the wife would let me.
//She's not a redhead.
///Won't use the hair dye I keep buying for her either.
2004-07-22 08:38:32 AM  
I will now go and hit on every hot redhead I see.
Even if one in ten says yes, I'm still ahead.
2004-07-22 08:38:45 AM  
"A body without freckles is like a sky without stars"

/That line works EVERY time.... Need to use it on her....
2004-07-22 08:39:13 AM  
i thought this was fark's favourite redhed:
2004-07-22 08:40:09 AM  
oops, here:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-22 08:45:31 AM  
Sid_6.7 wrote:

Her nails? Is her manicurist (that even the right title?) from a trailer park?

All those bangles and that fake, crappy jewelry, especially the horrifically chosen earrings, are painful to look at.

You're looking at her nails and studying her jewelry?

You do realize she's a naked woman right?

2004-07-22 08:45:45 AM  

She is possibly the most beautiful woman in the world.

Easily. I cannot think of a hotter person on this planet. I already have a thing for red-heads. This girl is a kitten's worst nightmare.
2004-07-22 08:59:24 AM  
I imagine TF'ers look at stuff like this everyday. Yep, my 5 dollars are still safe with me.
Hope your browsers support .PNG format.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-22 09:02:46 AM  
So so many dead kittens

Swiftrhett - I'd hit her too. Twice even.

/pray for the kittens
2004-07-22 09:21:11 AM  
Here is another gallery of her for those who wanted more. Same picture sets mostly but I noticed there were some different pictures mixed in.

More NSFW Heather Carolin?
2004-07-22 09:22:32 AM  
Heather Carolin:
All dead kittens are round'n in their graves
2004-07-22 09:24:01 AM  
Pics.... old.... seen a 100 times.... already....
2004-07-22 09:25:59 AM  
Please, someone post a SFW photo - I have to see what this is all about.
2004-07-22 09:26:40 AM  
Woah....there's a girl that's damn near perfection in my book. I generally lean towards blondes, but this is a major exception! :-)

Very excellent choice of link!
2004-07-22 09:30:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Means "Bean Curd"

I'd still hit it.
2004-07-22 09:34:37 AM  
Is she a midget?

Red hair? Cute. Pasty skin? Ick. No shoulder width? Disconcerting.

SHe looks like a 13 year old with a boob job.
2004-07-22 09:40:37 AM  
bbooooiinnnngg! Redheads are a tasty treat...
2004-07-22 09:40:51 AM  
I need some proof she's not a man, baby.
2004-07-22 09:44:39 AM  
Aracnix, biatch!
2004-07-22 09:50:59 AM  
hummina hummina hummina hummina
2004-07-22 09:57:27 AM  
Another keyboard ruined.
2004-07-22 09:58:51 AM  
Heather Carolin owes me a new keyboard!
2004-07-22 10:03:05 AM  
She is most definately faptastic
2004-07-22 10:07:59 AM  
Boogie Woogie all night long

Super Freak, Super Freak

and she'll never get you spirits down, once you get her off the street....
2004-07-22 10:19:53 AM  
And she debuted in Playboy with Tiffany. Pivotal day for fapping.
2004-07-22 10:22:15 AM  
The only way I wouldn hit that is if I were dead. Anyone who speaks ill of her will soon not be able to hit that.

Allow me to worship at your altar, oh my goddess. I kneel before the holiness that is your being, and offer up my puny self to your most high being. Your desires are my commands. I shall die serving you, and will do so happily and eagerly. I shall smite those that oppose you, and maul those who do not treat your holy being with the proper respect.

I give unto you my loyalty, my soul. Allow me to worship you, and verily the world shall be at rights.

Rev. Scatological Warfare, High Evangelical of Carolinism
2004-07-22 10:22:18 AM  
Anyone have any pics of recent playmates?
2004-07-22 10:26:20 AM  
Disparaging comments about Heather Carolin make the baby Jeebus cry.
2004-07-22 10:28:57 AM  
For all who are at work, here is a pic taken from the pictorial - with naughty parts blurred out by me. Somewhat SFW, but still a lot of skin, so that's why I'm linking it instead of inserting it here.

Curvy goodness
2004-07-22 10:32:42 AM  
thanks monkyspanky, you rule

more anyone?
2004-07-22 10:34:58 AM  
By the way, my link above says "Tiffanny" but that's really Heather. I misnamed the file - bad kitty.
2004-07-22 10:41:16 AM  

Yes. But I fail to see how that applies, here. If she does it for you, that's great. Frankly, I like women with color to their skin. Being a white, overly-freckled female myself, I can get plenty of that action looking in a mirror. That's just me.

2004-07-22 10:44:20 AM  
Just love Redheads... Finished with my girlfriend almost 2 months ago. Redheads rule and yep Heather Carolin is just what i needed.
2004-07-22 10:45:13 AM  
Thanks SpeedyTurkey!

I just "blurred" another one, the one with the guitar mentioned above.

Guitar Heather
Guitar Heather again

As I was about to blur the Boobies part and checking the Photoshop filters, I could hardly keep myself from selecting the "Pinch" filter.
2004-07-22 10:50:12 AM  
I thought this was Fark's favorite red-head...

[image from too old to be available]

Or is that more like Fark's flavor of the week? I don't know, I'm a girl. I just go to the boobies threads because its funny to see people argue back and forth about what consitutes hotness.
2004-07-22 10:53:35 AM  
user name should post some more pics of herself, i think.

/i'd love it
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