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(NYPost)   Three months after millionaire husband was clubbed to death at home, widow marries electrician who wired their security system. Hmmm   ( divider line
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2002-01-25 09:26:46 AM  
They won't need Columbo for this one.
2002-01-25 09:28:10 AM  
Wonder if questioned, would the electrician take the 5th.

(Not that that means he's guilty or anything like that.)
2002-01-25 09:30:11 AM  
This part's the best: Just days before the nuptials, Pelosi, who was divorced, got into a bar brawl over another woman.

But the sources said Generosa is so taken with her new love that she doesn't believe Pelosi would cheat on her.

2002-01-25 09:39:52 AM  
Where was O.J.??

2002-01-25 09:46:38 AM  
Generosa was quoted as saying "I will spend my days looking for the real killer!"

Stay tuned for next week's FARK, when we find out "Millionaire's widow charged with his murder, new husband has fling."
2002-01-25 09:54:42 AM  
I read about this case in 'Vanity Fair' and it is obvious that this Biyatch and her Dumb as a Rock semen provider boyfriend bumped the Husband off. She's a total headcase and New Husband better watch his a$$ if he steps out of line. She has him by the short hairs anyhow because if he tries anything she can drop a dime and get him busted for Killing Husband No 1. He seems like a real Nob end too, he likes to tel. people to watch out because he 'Has Links with The Mob.' 2 more beautiful people who prove that Money can't buy class....Cough Mike Tyson Cough.
2002-01-25 09:55:56 AM  
[Ammon and Pilosi] are now living like English squires at Ammon's country manor in Surrey, southwest of London.

You'd think they'd be living like millionaires, but hey, to each his own.
2002-01-25 10:36:15 AM  
It's the b!tches that'll get yas
2002-01-25 10:42:10 AM  
Sure... Always blame the electrician...
2002-01-25 11:02:15 AM  
I looked all over for a pic of this whore, can anyone find a pic of her?
2002-01-25 11:15:29 AM  
Any people in Surrey with time on their hands, spare bricks in their backyards and a couple sheafs of paper with "MURDERERS!" written on them?
2002-01-25 11:16:29 AM  
why is the rag known as the NY Post icon there instead of an icon for the rag known as the National Post?
2002-01-25 11:16:41 AM  
It all sounds too much like a bad Lifetime movie, or Jackie Collins novel. But I guess that's redundant - they're all bad.
2002-01-25 11:17:52 AM  
Couldn't be OJ. It's not his M.O.
2002-01-25 02:43:16 PM,,2-2002040323,00.html

I don't know how to make it a link, so cut and paste it. Pics of her, him and dead him. not great pics, but you asked for them
2002-01-25 04:45:16 PM  
Robin: Perhaps because the link is to an article in the NY Post and not in the National Post...just a thought.
2002-01-25 09:28:25 PM  
It was an accident, he walked 14 times backwards into an ice pick...yeah that's it....14 times or so, he was just walking bakwards into that pick over and over again....right Guido?
2002-01-25 09:34:38 PM  
If the electrician did it and he gets the chair, then we can use the "ironic" tag.
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