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2002-01-26 01:24:30 AM
With such an eloquent speaking voice, how could anyone possibly misunderstand Mike Tyson?
2002-01-26 01:25:29 AM
Why yes. That's it exactly.
2002-01-26 01:32:48 AM
Starry, starry Mike. Now I think I know what you tried to say to me. How you suffered for your sanity - how you tried to set them free. They did not listen. They're not listening still. Perhaps they never will...

Sounds like something you might come up with, right before they take you off your Zoloft.
2002-01-26 01:35:42 AM
if by "artist" you mean 'homophobic, racist psychopathic rapist'...then yes, he probably is
2002-01-26 02:33:38 AM
i can see where the satire was in the story... but not any humor
2002-01-26 02:55:24 AM
MIKE TYSON= SUCK MY HUGE BALLS you black biotch!!!
2002-01-26 03:02:39 AM
If I were to jizz in Mike Tyson's mouth, would that constitute "eating my babies"?

*Now THAT'S one to grow on!*
2002-01-26 04:06:06 AM
Ignore the pay-per-view 3-round crapfest & just spend it on Jagrmeister shots between your buddies....the fights will be much more entertaining
2002-01-26 07:42:51 AM
Elephant tranquilizer: $31.50
Photo film and developing: $9.30
Makeup: $15.43

Sedating Mike Tyson, painting him up like a Korean Hooker, and photographing your weener on his face: Priceless

That's "art." That's MasterCard
2002-01-26 09:08:07 AM
betchya tison thinks it tastes like chicken.
2002-01-26 10:44:47 AM
i wunder if tiesun can spell his name.
2002-01-26 11:11:49 AM
"I'm a performance artist.....wuv me."

2002-01-26 11:14:00 AM
...that flickering eye thing...i've seen it before....right before he had a plate of hollyfield ears i think.....
2002-01-26 01:16:49 PM
if he's an artis, then my name is Goku, and it isnt
2002-01-26 04:11:29 PM
I thought Prince was The Artist. Man, Mike has had his bell rung too many times.
2002-01-27 08:20:12 PM





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Sun January 27, 2002:
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Cheney emerges from the Fortess of Seclusion to tell us that any similarities between himself, the Energy Task Force and Enron are coincidences, and we're not owned by the Energy industry, despite us doing that they want us to do

Steelers self-destruct in pure Baltimore fashion 24-17
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The end of newspapers?
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Why the Roman Empire fell.

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AOL and Olsen twins team up. France surrenders.
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Cross-dresser killed in bar misunderstanding

Porn star to Hungarian voters: "Pull your lever for me."
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Long haired weeners...uh, men
(The Globe and Mail)

21 month old survives on potato chips and toilet water for four days after mother kicks it

Miss Cleo and company being sued for billing fraud, phone spamming. She never saw it coming.

Jackie Chan set to become eyewear magnate.

Some ass robs the house of a dead Marine during his funeral
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Walken (animated) featured in funny webtoon about a guy, a monkey, and a whole gaggle of Wayans's

Scotland, PA - new Walken film trailer

Even better Tron, online version released next week
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Baker crushed by dough machine...Pilbury doughboy sought for questioning

Tonya Harding kicked out of apartment. Finds new place to live: her car.
(Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Chocolate is now good for you

UK loses to Alabama. Duke still sucks
(Savings and Clone)

Gene Banking: When your dog dies, just clone a new one. (Gift certificates available.)

Lion that killed Taliban fighter and survived a grenade attack dies of old age
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Photoshop these goobs at a Renaissance Festival

The Incredible Hulk cartoon, with downloadable theme song
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Magnetic healing

Sat January 26, 2002:

# of Comments

(Some Rocket Guy)

Rocket Guy almost ready for take-off. Should be dead any day now.

Pravda.ru celebrates its third birthday
(Some Guy)

Hobbits originally from Kentucky. Do a ctrl + f search on the webpage for "Kentucky"

Contestants needed for new reality show "Who Wants to be a Playboy Playmate" -- Hef to pick winner using his advanced scientific methods
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Guy wants to know why people are searching for "Wil Wheaton pregnant fb- is the father" (Scroll to Nov 27)
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Photoshop this good pic
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Whales beach themselves in Japan. Rescuers have to fight with others who show up with chainsaws to carve themselves some whale meat

Pennsylvania. Where the buffalo roam the interstate.

John Ashcroft orders semi-nude paintings and sculptures covered, tired of boobies appearing behind him during press conferences
(Some Guy)

Manuela Arcuri (not safe for work)

Plane with 250 passengers takes off on taxiway in wrong direction at Anchorage Airport.

Scientist says he has cloned Richard Simmons

Stevie Wonder in palimony suit. His defense: 'I've never seens this woman before your honor'

Photoshop these wood toting soldiers

An even better Game of tron.. Gentlemen, start your light cycles
(Some Guy)

List of All Catholic Saints

Daughter's school-skipping habits lands mother in jail, while she is in jail, Daughter skips school again

Doctors stunned by baby's resemblance to Yoda

File sharing made easy for those tired of Napster
(Some Guy)

Check out Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon hottie Zhang Ziyi's Visa commercial

Details of feces-themed art leaked to public, art loses shock value.
(the Wired Press)

Mike Tyson: Misunderstood artist of our time?

Satan on Wine Testing

Correction, Brittnay Daniel ISNT the 80's Show Punk

Art Bell continues to shock the world; definitive proof that strange beings do exisits. Most from the planet Earth.
(Some Guy)

Play a game of Tron in 3D with this fun clone

Why the hell are there jellyfish fossils in Wisconsin?

Penis-multilating tampon puts rapists out of business - forever

Supreme Court Justice's mom, knows how to pick out yummy bull testicles (third story)

Teen claims that he accidentally chopped his friend up with an axe and put him in the fridge
(Something Awful)

Owner of SA's awful link of the day used to live down the street from Farker Funkychuck. Come see why Funky moved across town.
(Some Guy)

Why Republicans have no sense of humor: or exhibit A in why we need a flamebait tag
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