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(NBC 4)   Tractor-trailer spills 40,000 pounds of flour on I-95, no one knows how to clean it up (with pic)   ( divider line
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37523 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jul 2004 at 4:21 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-21 04:37:31 PM  
Heyyyyyy, this is in laurel. Pretty local.

I hope the drivers are okay.

I also hope this doesnt affect my commute.
2004-07-21 04:38:23 PM  
I have a film with a trucker spilling his load and it didn't look like this at all.
2004-07-21 04:38:41 PM  
A few guys with a broom, and a big fan?
2004-07-21 04:38:56 PM  
now all we need is a bit of rain...

/i, for one, welcome our flour spilling overlords ! ofcourse, got absoutely nothing.
2004-07-21 04:39:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-07-21 04:39:14 PM  
Hope there's a hooge explosion from people not thinking.
2004-07-21 04:39:34 PM  

"Officers said two people were seriously hurt and had to be flown to area hospitals."

Amusing indeed. Again, I'll be looking for you hypocrit asstards who were biatching about the insensitiviy in the roasting kids thread last week to make jokes about the misfortune of these people.

I will send the some flours, i mean flowers, while they are in the hospital.

2004-07-21 04:40:25 PM  
LUCKY ME! I work in Baltimore and live near DC, so normally I would be snared in that mess. But today, I'm out visiting clients in DC. And I managed to be home by 3:30.

Is it just me, or is there a major spill/explosion/100 car pileup on I-95 between Baltimore and DC every month? It seems like just yesterday that tanker truck fell off the 895 overpass and asploded.
2004-07-21 04:43:45 PM  
Man, where's the hyote when you really need him?
2004-07-21 04:44:09 PM  
Great! Now we can make a paper mache model of a new truck.
2004-07-21 04:44:43 PM  
Summonabench - now all the yahoos are gonna dump off on B/W and 197 and fark up my commute.
2004-07-21 04:44:51 PM  
hose it down with water, then bring in the special ed kids from DC to eat it. They LOVE to eat paste!!!

Pizza Party! Pizza Party!!!
2004-07-21 04:45:25 PM  
Crews have been reluctant to use water to wash the flour away since that could create a slippery mess for other drivers

When I was a kid, my grandmother taught me that mixing flour and water makes cheap glue.
2004-07-21 04:45:31 PM  
Biscuts and gravy.
2004-07-21 04:46:29 PM  
Get some butter, let it cook up in the hot sun, and get you some Interstate Etouffee

That, sir, is the best thing I've read today. C'est magnifique.
2004-07-21 04:46:30 PM  
40,000 pounds of flour.
50,000 gallons of water.
100,000 pounds of newspaper.
Instant repaving of I-95
2004-07-21 04:46:47 PM  
Farker Lewis

K that one made me laugh outloud.

/golf clap
2004-07-21 04:47:04 PM  
Get a bunch of flour beetles
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-21 04:49:45 PM  
little bread corvette?
was it a roll over accident?
2004-07-21 04:50:38 PM  
White flour?!?! It's that a carb counter's nightmare?

/atkins surrenders
2004-07-21 04:50:47 PM  
Farker Lewis, you stole my gag.

Irascible: hey, at least it's not as bad as the time a fuel tanker crash melted an overpass on I-95 in Bridgeport, CT...
2004-07-21 04:51:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

It's pure snow!

(couldnt find a pic of booger)
2004-07-21 04:51:42 PM  
Buttermilk biscuits
Here we go!
Zip the flour
Roll the dough!

2004-07-21 04:52:11 PM  
Irascible wins.
2004-07-21 04:52:47 PM  
Looks like George Carlin's penis-shaped cake won't be ready in time.

/What am I doing in New Jersey?
2004-07-21 04:54:46 PM  
Mine's different cause the apostrophe...kinda like Vanilla Ice with "Under Pressure"

Sorry to the folks who beat me to the homer reference.
2004-07-21 04:55:07 PM  
The highway has been antiqued! ho ho ho!
2004-07-21 04:57:07 PM  
antiquing gone wild.
2004-07-21 04:57:41 PM  
Morons, just bring the traffic copters closer to the road, problem solved.
2004-07-21 04:58:38 PM  
buttermilk biscuits

Sir Mix-A-Lot

/Do I get a cookie?
2004-07-21 04:59:11 PM  
Who else thought of the time Homer discovered an overturned sugar truck and took the treasure home?
2004-07-21 04:59:59 PM  
i did
2004-07-21 05:01:00 PM  
Don't use water! Some asshats once dumped flour on my car and I was too hungover and in a hurry to know not to hose it down.
2004-07-21 05:02:06 PM  
Mission Accomplished!
[image from too old to be available]

I think I got all of it...Now my head hurts!
2004-07-21 05:02:17 PM  
Sexy Randall the Pharoh Wizard: You're so congested up there even minor accidents are major accidents.

/consulted for 4 years in DC, Crystal City, Gaithersburg
2004-07-21 05:03:35 PM  
Try this recipe for tortillas- Great stuff!
8 cups flour
1 stick butter
pinch salt
little water

melt butter. mix into flour with just a little water. knead
to dough. break off into golfball sized lumps

roll w/floured rolling pin on a floured cutting board.

put on the griddle til little burn spots appear on outside.

serve with butter and sugar- heavenly good when hot off
the griddle. or fill with beans,etc.
2004-07-21 05:03:51 PM  
Umm . . . How 'bout this?
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-21 05:06:16 PM  
You're so congested up there even minor accidents are major accidents.

The problem is not congestion. The problem is that people in and around DC can't seem to get it through their head that, unless it's right in front of them, they don't need to farking stop. I've sat through major slowdowns on the Capitol Beltway because of something on the farking shoulder. Hello! Not in the driving lanes! Keep farking moving! In contrast, I've had *much* lower delays around an accident in a center lane of the GW Bridge, cause New Yorkers know that it ain't their farking problem.
2004-07-21 05:08:39 PM  
Old news, I saw this on the way to work this morning when i looked over onto 95 from the 198 ramp. I'm happy it wasn't far enough south to get in my way, because it's slow enough on a normal day.

I wish people would stop driving like farktards, especially on 95. I was kind of hoping it was anthrax so that some farktard drivers would be taken out.

2004-07-21 05:10:28 PM  
bandy gets a cookie. On a related Mix-a-Lot note, I played a pick-up game of basketball with Spence (Kid Sensation) once, but that was about 15 years ago.
2004-07-21 05:11:31 PM  
All we need now is a milk truck and a truck full of fresh eggs for a "Good Eats" trifecta.

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-21 05:14:42 PM  

Yet, at the same time, over 25% (number pulled out of my butt, but it's high enough) of the drivers here seem to not think there's a problem with being less than 3 feet from someone's rear bumper at speeds in excess of 55 mph. Meanwhile, the cops set up speed traps at the end of entrance ramps to catch people "speeding" while trying to get up to highway speeds to merge properly. You can tell how much I love this place.
2004-07-21 05:16:08 PM  

Do you mean spaetzel?

I think it's spaetzle.
2004-07-21 05:18:24 PM  
Sorry, but come Monday, I don't want to here anyone not from Boston complaining about traffic jams. Actually, strike that. After Monday, all I'm going to here is people not from Boston complaining about traffic jams. Sucks to be a commuter, no matter where you are.

I'm just glad I can walk to work downtown in 15 minutes.
2004-07-21 05:20:08 PM  
Just put a 'free flour' sign next to the highway. It'll be gone by morning.
2004-07-21 05:23:28 PM  
Sloth_DC & lookanematode: Agreed on those points as well. It's a toxic mixture of factors. That's why I never rented a car for my trips to the distict or Crystal City. Unfortunately, Gaithersburg isn't on the metro. And even within Gaithersburg, it would take 20 minutes to go 2 miles.
2004-07-21 05:24:56 PM  
Great, I'm supposed to be going near there for dinner tonight. B-e-a-uutiful.
2004-07-21 05:25:53 PM  
Tell Bush it's coke and it will be gone toot-sweet.
/so to speak
2004-07-21 05:28:20 PM  
Agreed on those points as well. It's a toxic mixture of factors. That's why I never rented a car for my trips to the distict or Crystal City. Unfortunately, Gaithersburg isn't on the metro. And even within Gaithersburg, it would take 20 minutes to go 2 miles.

Ayup. But it's still better than driving around "downtown" Wichita looking for a local restaurant. Sure, it might be easy to get around, but there's nowhere to frickin' go.
2004-07-21 05:32:03 PM  
This a seriously funny thread.

Now all we need is a milk, egg, and chicken truck to crash there and we got southern fried chicken!
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