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(Fark)   What are your top 5 favorite comedy movies of all time? (discussion)   ( divider line
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4333 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jan 2002 at 11:49 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-25 12:38:14 AM  
sorry, i'm tired and can't figure much out tonight
i'm assuming it's Okok, since she isn't here
2002-01-25 12:39:18 AM  
Once again, I shamelessly plug
starring, well, ME
2002-01-25 12:40:35 AM  
Good job sonny, you get the "I'm tired and can't figure much out tonight" award!

And BTW she says she misses you.
2002-01-25 12:44:10 AM  
Big Lebowski - how could I have missed it.
2002-01-25 12:44:26 AM  
it's been painkillers and allnighters all week for me, brain is not fully functional

hey Okok, miss you too
so how goes it John-boy?
2002-01-25 12:46:00 AM  
i'm gonna move to another thread so this one can stay semi-on topic
may as well go hang out in "that 80's show" thread from yesterday, the first one i mean
2002-01-25 12:48:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-25 01:14:55 AM  
Life of Brian
Big Lebowski
Half Baked
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

With honorable mention to all Monty Python, and Mel Brooks films, as well as Tommy Boy, Southpark, and High School High.
2002-01-25 01:33:34 AM  
-bottle rocket
-keeping the faith
-o brother where art thou
-the waterboy
2002-01-25 01:43:06 AM  
No particular order:

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Moving Violations
History of the World, Part 1
Rush Hour 2
2002-01-25 01:54:38 AM  
1. This is Spinal Tap
2. Dr. Strangelove
3. The Big Lebowski
4. Office Space
5. Mr. Show (I know it's not a movie, but it deserves some recognition for being some of the best comedy I've ever seen. Well actually there is a movie but its not out yet. I'm just talking about the HBO series. Oh, and Bill Hicks too. Remember Bill Hicks.)
2002-01-25 02:10:46 AM  
The In-Laws
Clockwork Orange
The Gods must Be Crazy
Honorable Mention
Up in Smoke
Liar Liar
Used Cars
Dumb and Dumber
House Sitter
2002-01-25 02:32:35 AM  
More for my defunct list...

Men at Work - Emelio and Charlie, in the same funny movie, great stuff.
Real Genius - Val Kilmer, yer my hero
Alien From L.A. - Oh man, Kathy Ireland... dumb but funny
Radioland Murders - Great film, funny as hell.
Transylvania 6500 - C'mon, Geena Davis as a big-titted vampyre-wanna-be, mmmmm
Half-Baked - It's always 4:20, and it's in 3D when your high, no joke.
Popeye - Robin Williams. Sucked as a musical, but damn, it was funny.
Arsenic and Old Lace (original) - Props, great movie.
1941 - Glad Vanhfan reminded me, great movie.

And too many more to say here...

Mad props to RadioThor & Nick42 for being Rosencrantz & Guildenstern fans, too. I thought for sure I was the only person to have seen it.
2002-01-25 03:02:56 AM  
A Clockwork Orange
Dr. Strangelove
anything Kevin Smith, Trey Parker + Matt Stone, or Monty P
reefer madness (how could somebody forget this?)
o brother where art thou (it seems only smart people and people who understand the south really appreciate this one)
Office Space
Raising Arizona

all good stuff.
2002-01-25 05:53:11 AM  
Sans h'ordeuvres:

The Court Jester - "Then they get very mad at the floor and start to stomp on it!"
This Is Spinal Tap - "Have. a good. time........aaalllthetiiime....."
Baseketball - "Can I call you pigfarker?" "No, only my friends can call me pigfarker."
Austin Powers (the first one) - "It's such a shame that bug up your ass had to die."
Cannibal: The Musical especially with drunken commentary - "Why does everybody think we're gay???"
2002-01-25 06:00:32 AM  
'course, I left out anything by Kevin Smith, can't believe I did that. Dang. Oh yeah, and South Park: BLU (how come so few people have listed that? You poor jaded bustards, how soon we forget eh?).

Hey yeah, and Arsenic & Old Lace....and Bringing Up Baby, and The Long Long Trailer, and Life of Bwian, and Holy Grail, and.....

I think I'll shut up now, lists suck anyway :P
2002-01-25 06:27:13 AM  
And I completely left out A Shot in the Dark. Terribly funny, especially for its time.
2002-01-25 07:58:33 AM  
Dumb and Dumber
There's Something About Mary
Billy Madison
Baseketball (sorry 6)

runners up:
The Postman
Battlefield Earth
2002-01-25 08:25:52 AM  
Animal House
Blazing Saddles
Caddy Shack
Monty Python's Holy Grail

`nuff said
2002-01-25 08:49:44 AM  
1. Holy Grail
2. The Jerk
3. Planes, Trains, Automobiles
4. History Of The World Pt. 1
5. The Couch Trip
2002-01-25 10:33:39 AM  
Can't believe I forgot

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN John Lovitt just about steals the movie in the first 15 minutes. "I don't want you. I want her. She hit the ball" "OK cowgirls, there's the grass don't eat it." "Boo Hoo, yes I've got to go home and give the wife a little pickle tickle then it's back on the road"

Love his facial expressions, especially when he lays eyes on Marla Hooch. More memorable lines....

"Eyebrows there should be two"
"There's no crying in baseball"
2002-01-25 10:48:23 AM  
Better late then never (Wish I saw this post yesterday!)...

Young Frankenstein
Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Blazzing Saddles
Plains, Trains & Automobiles

If anyone is interested...
AFI's 100 Best Comedies"
2002-01-25 02:49:18 PM  
Office Space
American Pie
Something About Mary
2002-01-25 03:01:46 PM  
office space
tommy boy
better off dead
one crazy summer
2002-01-25 03:13:53 PM  
I was the only one to mention Money Pit? Tom Hanks' antics with that farking house put me in tears every time I watch that movie. Maybe it's linked to my thinking that The Big Lebowski, was only moderately amusing.
2002-01-25 04:57:49 PM  
2002-01-25 05:59:37 PM  
The Jerk!! too farkin funny.
2002-01-25 06:43:05 PM  
maybe i missed it, but where is "army of darkness"? hmm?

2002-01-25 06:46:38 PM  
How do you qualify these films? Does a comedy that wasn't as funny as other comedies but a better film than most make it on there, or is it based on humour alone? Anywho, here's my list;

-The Big Lebowski (screw you if you hate this film, just screw you)
-The Jerk (The hardest I've laughed in my whole life)
-The Toxic Avenger (if just for some of the screams and the guys doing situps and passing a joint)
-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (If you don't thibnk it's funny, you haven't done enough drugs... c'mon, it has Johnny Depp acting like a cross between your most nightmarish phys ed teacher and Popeye for crying out loud!)
-Being John Malkovich ("...that c*nt at reception")

Almost but not quite;
The Monty Python movies - Hilarious, yes, but I've seen them way to many times.
Kevin Smith movies - Whenever I wach one of those films I can't help thinking about Chasing Amy... nuff said.
The Wayne's World fimls - Great at the time, but have not aged quite so well, still good though.
Seven - I laughed so hard, but then everyone I knew refused to talk to me anymore, this film ruined my life!
2002-01-25 07:07:07 PM  
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
Blues Brothers
The Doors
2002-01-25 10:05:48 PM  
In no real order:
Office Space
Austin Powers (either/or/both)
Deuce Bigalow
Rush Hour

Darn, there are so many good ones!!!
2002-01-26 01:50:56 AM  
the jerk

they call me bruce



cheech and chong
(hey i got high with dave chappelle for you half baked out there)
2002-01-26 01:20:17 PM  
1. History of the World Part I
2. Airplane
3. The Princess Bride
4. Private Eyes (Knotts & Conway)
5. Top Secret

I'm suprised noone got it right, good tries though.
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