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(Some Guy)   Going crazy because you can't figure out the name of the song in that stupid commerical? Here's a complete list.   ( ) divider line
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2002-01-27 03:39:27 PM  
2002-01-27 03:40:16 PM  
2002-01-27 03:41:11 PM  
2002-01-27 03:41:18 PM  
Only sometimes, but uping my meds has seemed to help...
2002-01-27 03:41:27 PM  
2002-01-27 03:43:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Some people watch too much television to be able to put this list together.
2002-01-27 03:45:22 PM  
Can I be the first to say,.."WTF?"..sigh..back to the store for more beer...Go Pats!
2002-01-27 03:46:16 PM  
short answer yes with an if, long answer no with a but
2002-01-27 03:48:42 PM  
While we're on the subject, can anyone please tell me what the name of that song was that was playing when Homer was dancing in the Land of Chocolate (the episode where the Germans take over the power plant). I've been going crazy trying to find that song!
2002-01-27 03:50:11 PM  
Wow. Already Farked. *kick*
2002-01-27 03:50:43 PM  
Request Time-out
I'm tired of waiting for your request.

Apache/1.3.22 Ben-SSL/1.45 Server at Port 80
2002-01-27 03:53:04 PM  
It lists "Right Here Right Now" as being done by Fatboy Slim. Wasn't that Jesus Jones? Or are there two songs with that title?
2002-01-27 03:54:49 PM  
Google has a partial cache of the page.

Worst error message: ever
2002-01-27 03:58:03 PM  
Question: Do the admins suffer from occasional stupidly or is the submission queue just barren of good links?

2002-01-27 03:59:58 PM  
2002-01-27 04:00:09 PM  
600 clicks and totally farked. Is this page hosted on a Commodore 64?
2002-01-27 04:03:35 PM  
Due to current high demand, the page you are looking for cannot be delivered right now. Yup its farked!
2002-01-27 04:05:33 PM  
what was the song from the trailor for "the last castle"?
it cuts off after mi.. so i don't know if it goes to mo... for movies
2002-01-27 04:05:53 PM  
Nocturne_98: Two different songs.
2002-01-27 04:06:07 PM  
Angry Inch -- It looks like that it is a slon news weekend
2002-01-27 04:10:38 PM  
The page is currently unavailable
Due to current high demand, the page you are looking for cannot be delivered right now.

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Internet Explorer
2002-01-27 04:15:55 PM  
Yes, Farked already.....what a weak link.
2002-01-27 04:16:08 PM  
Markw: ok thanks
2002-01-27 04:21:14 PM  
Speaking of Admins and lack of submits...I submited this it's (nsfw) but quite humorous...hrmm.. I mean scary
2002-01-27 04:22:09 PM  
Don't you just want to Photoshop even has boobies
2002-01-27 04:24:48 PM  
Yer killing me Demosthenes
I'm at work and I really want to check out that link. :(
2002-01-27 04:28:14 PM  
2002-01-27 04:37:36 PM  

Damn, the Eagles are already losing.
2002-01-27 04:37:47 PM  
You won't do it Angry inch, you won't do it
2002-01-27 04:39:12 PM  
YAY! I know it's a been a slow weekend for fark, but please allow me to be excited over my Boobies. I was trying to figure out that song from the new mercedes commercial, and thought I would share the wealth...
2002-01-27 04:44:44 PM  
If you were a real man you would sacrifice your job for boobies
2002-01-27 04:55:55 PM  
That was funny stuff, Demosthenes42_0. I wonder how long it takes a turtle to get his nuts off.
2002-01-27 05:23:17 PM  
2002-01-27 05:25:11 PM  
Totally FVcked... ?
2002-01-27 05:28:01 PM  
so much for that Vic 20 server.
2002-01-27 05:49:21 PM  
interesting...i HAD typed in "first" and "post" ... did that automatically get changed to "boobies?"
2002-01-27 06:04:43 PM  
Right Here Right Now is a different song by Fatboy Slim, and very good might i add
2002-01-27 06:09:29 PM  
Yes, Bokonon. The posting software does that automatically because so many people were scurrying to nail the first spot and putting those words in.
2002-01-27 06:11:08 PM  

I could look at boobies and loose my job or keep my job and have money and look at all the stripper boobies my little hart desires!
2002-01-27 06:13:18 PM  
This reminds me. NPR's "On The Media" did a segment about those commercial songs that sound "almost but not quite" like actual pop songs. This is because the guy editing the footage picks a song to use for pacing the video, and when he shows it to the execs, they want that song. When told, "we can't afford to pay the music rights," they execs tell them to get a sound-alike song. Lawsuits over copyright often ensue.
2002-01-27 06:13:29 PM  
In the early days of the internet, we had the International Lyrics Server. It was a great resource until the rat bastard record companies threatened them over copyright infringement.
2002-01-27 06:38:51 PM  
I visited that site often, Jjorsett, wasn't that some teenage kid in Sweden or someplace? He received a visit from Interpol or something similar one day. The stupid part is, there are a gazillion more lyric sites up now and you can still find anything you want, so alot of good that did. Poor kid got screwed.
2002-01-27 06:44:46 PM  
Krinkle: Music used in trailers go to
2002-01-27 07:31:24 PM  
Hey...I haven't see the other Demosthenes lately. But I shouldn't complain...Demosthenes42_0 is a hottie.
2002-01-27 08:07:05 PM  
As a tv junkie, I like this site. Gives me actual titles of commercial songs running through my head so I can now steal them off the internet.
Free music rules, baby!
2002-01-27 08:17:20 PM info address....I'm going to have to train my fingers to type those four letters with the same speed as I can type c o m now....pain in my ass...I hope this trend doesn't continue
2002-01-27 09:40:12 PM  
After finally being able to bring up the site...I found this funny...

Apple--iMac--New Colors--Rolling Stones--She's A Rainbow

::thinks back to "Start Me Up" being used as Microsoft's launch song for Windows 95::

ah, capitalism. Sigh.
2002-01-27 10:14:31 PM  
.info?! when did this extension come out?
2002-01-27 10:56:25 PM  
Sally, I kinda always expected Mick & Keith to whore themselves out long before Pete Townshend. No wonder he hoped he'd die before he got old.
2002-01-27 11:24:32 PM  
SoylentGreen - Dear God, you're right...

Demosthenes42_0 for Farkette of the Month!
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