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(Post Gazette)   Maryland delegate and sissy son were scared by Steeler fans, vow to never return   ( divider line
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4169 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jan 2002 at 10:53 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-24 10:59:18 AM  
Too bad the Stealers SUCK!
2002-01-24 10:59:24 AM  
that'll keep the whiny biatches out of the steel city. Funny, Cleveland fans have always gotten the most shiat from Pgh, and I've never heard them complain.
2002-01-24 10:59:57 AM  
too bad agnosto can't spell.
2002-01-24 11:00:49 AM  
it's the steElers. your spelling SUCKS!
2002-01-24 11:01:06 AM  
Pu$$y. The Steeler fans didn't stab anyone or beat them down and then piss on them like Raider fans have done.
2002-01-24 11:02:22 AM  
His kid hears that kind of language in school every day!

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he's never been to a Steelers-Browns game. Loser.
2002-01-24 11:02:56 AM  
he's kidding himself if he thinks his son hasn't heard any of those "vulgarities" before. the kid is either a huge nerd or he has his dad in his back pocket.
2002-01-24 11:03:57 AM  
Could be homeschooled
2002-01-24 11:16:13 AM  
in the off chance that sometime in the next millenium the browns play the ravens in an important game, i want to see what this guy says. beer bottles full of piss would probably be his and the entire ravens' team first worry. when modell moved them they got all soft from the balmy weather.
2002-01-24 11:17:06 AM  
Oh, he got schooled.

It's kinda funny, this guy is representing the trash-mouthed team of the league, and he complains how fans act?

Yeesh. I kinda see Dewberry's doublestandard showing.
2002-01-24 11:18:57 AM  
Well, maybe not representing. His team represents him.

2002-01-24 11:20:08 AM  
You go to a football game, a playoff game, in the opponent's city, wear the team colors, and then get surprised when people talk shiat? Sounds like this was their first football game. Probably always sit in the club section and never really experience a game.

Rams 41 Steelers 17
2002-01-24 11:20:24 AM  
Duh. It's football. They should thank their lucky stars that the subhuman sludge who are euphemistically termed "fans" didn't pelt them with empty bottles, or worse.

Incidentally, if your last name was Dewberry, would you admit it to ANYONE?
2002-01-24 11:20:43 AM  
utter and complete bullsh!t... i live in Pittsburgh and i've attended games in both the old and new stadiums. you couldn't possibly get from the stadium to downtown walking and never see one police officer. he's a whiny little biatch and a liar.
2002-01-24 11:21:36 AM  
Living in the Baltimore area, and being a Raven fan (go ahead flame away) I don't think this guy has any right telling someone how to behave in their own home. Fact: He was rooting for the away team and wearing their colors, what did he expect from a playoff game? Also, he should be glad that they won, because who knows what would have happened if they lost. Remember the Ravens - Raiders last year. Ravens fans had to hide out in sky boxes and bathrooms for 2-3 hours after the game because the raiders fans kept looking for them. All in good fun I say.
2002-01-24 11:22:49 AM  
FatNutz, you mean Pittsburgh has enough money to pay a police force? I always thought the roving gangs of mutants helped keep the peace.
2002-01-24 11:23:34 AM  
Hey, Slappy, what about the Patriots-Steelers score?
2002-01-24 11:24:33 AM  

Heh. Who do you think we hired as police? Beats the fark out of most city PD.
2002-01-24 11:25:11 AM  
If the punkass biaches scared you, DO NOT come into Philly wearing the opposing teams colors. And if you do, you better not venture above the 500 level..
2002-01-24 11:25:37 AM  
Also, forgot to mention that someone like him probably thinks anyone who wears a hooded sweatshirt is going to commit a crime, so most of his story is probably BS
2002-01-24 11:26:45 AM  
Well, not "we", since I am not in Pittsburgh. I am showing support.
2002-01-24 11:27:24 AM  
Tom Foolery, here's the score for Sunday: Steelers 24 Pats 10. As for wearing opposing colors, I don't have a problem with it, it's when you start talking shiat in someone else's stadium that you deserve an ass whupping.

Aaah, Philadelphia the city of brotherly love...and a jail cell right there in the stadium. Go Eagles!
2002-01-24 11:28:12 AM  
Eagles 24 Steelers 17
2002-01-24 11:29:59 AM  
I would love to see the Eagles pound the shiat out of the Rams. That'd be fun.

So, what about that game, what do you think?
2002-01-24 11:30:28 AM  
Chris071180 - better bring the Jack Daniels for next season. Looks like Coach Ego is going to let Sharper go tomorrow. That makes sense. five more years of Elvis in the backfield, moving like Frankenstein and showing as much emotion as a doorknob.
2002-01-24 11:30:42 AM  
Slappy- You mean to tell me that every stadium doesn't have their own Judge? Seamus is a piss.
2002-01-24 11:31:06 AM  
Get a dress, Maryland...
2002-01-24 11:33:20 AM  
What the hell does he expect? He's a Ravens fan at a Pittsburgh playoff game IN Pittsburgh. Does he think they're going to wipe off his seat and blow on his coffee for him too?
2002-01-24 11:33:43 AM  
Hey Slappy, I agree with you, but some fans take it too far and show how low-life they are. You should at least be able to enter a stadium without fearing for your life (I'm talking about Philly though)

there are a few teams with horrible, thuggy, low-life fans. Philly is amoung them. Philly should be "The New Armpit of The Western Hemisphere"

Go into that stadium with your team's colors and you will get your ass kicked. Not a flattering statement to Philly-mentality. Philly is NYC 20 years ago. The stadium is filled with drunk idiots hunkering around 55 gallon drums on fire - like some kind of urban tribal ritual.

If you like that kinda shiat, fine. If you get as thuggy and nuts as these kind of fans, it means you really need this outlet and have some issues. I have taunted with a megaphone, but never took it to such a nasty level. What is the point?

ok, go ahead and rag Tampa
2002-01-24 11:41:27 AM  
No point in talking shiat and I've heard the horror stories about Philly. But still, it would be GREAT to watch the Eagles beat the shiat out of "I Love Jesus" Warner and the rest of those guys. Philly vs. Pissburg in the Bowl? It would be a total war with Philly winning 20-14.

By the way, I've gone to football games my whole life. Closest I ever came to a fight was because of two asshole NY Jets fans at last year's game after Vin Man tossed two TDs. They shut pretty quickly by the second quarter....
2002-01-24 11:42:27 AM  
I think it's pretty darn rotten of Steeler fans to abuse loser Ravens' fans. Everyone involved should say two Ray Lewis sucks and an Elvis Grbac swallows for penance.
2002-01-24 11:45:15 AM  
Those Steeler fans are killers!! They even scare me:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-24 11:45:36 AM  
Thats my HOMETOWN!!!
Agnosto...wanna follow me into the BATHROOM!?!?!?
2002-01-24 11:46:42 AM  
wow, ray looks PISSED, imagine that. That fur coat he wore on Sunday was BAD ASS
2002-01-24 11:49:26 AM  
Peter- Having made most of the home games in Philly the last couple years I can honestly tell you that a lot of people joke about the how did you put it "low-life fans" but have never been there. As long as you are of reasonable intelligence, you will be fine. Yes, there are sometimes when people get out of hand, but I think a lot of the other teams overshadowed us this year in that (think bad calls and bottle tossing).
2002-01-24 11:51:21 AM  
Is it any wonder... the man arrived at the game dressed like this:
[image from too old to be available]

And carted around his 16 year old son in a "nest" strapped to a wagon!
2002-01-24 11:53:40 AM  
Motto of Pittsburgh (my hometown): "At least we're not Cleveland."
2002-01-24 11:55:42 AM  
Motto of Baltimore (my hometown): "At least Pittsburgh has Cleveland to make them feel better."
2002-01-24 11:57:13 AM  
What did the guy expect? You go to a playoff game at your team's opponent's stadium, and you don't expect to be booed and messed with? I went to the Ranger game last night (8-4 win over Boston. Yes. The Rangers are back.) and there were a pretty good number of Bruin fans there. And they got there fair share of ribbing as the Rangers cruised to victory. It's all part of the game. If you don't like it, either stay home, or only go to home games.

By the way, I'll bet this ass went to the game in head to toe Ravens gear.
2002-01-24 12:03:50 PM  
Dear Dewberry: Be grateful you weren't in Philthydelphia -- Those rabid baboons at the Rotting Vet would have murdered, drawn, quartered and cooked you both as tailgate barbecue. And the judge in the stadium basement couldn't have done a thing about it.
2002-01-24 12:08:42 PM  
I just want to say that not all Marylanders are big pussies like Tom.


/me sits in the corner and sucks his thumb.
2002-01-24 12:21:13 PM  
Perrin:that'll keep the whiny biatches out of the steel city. Funny, Cleveland fans have always gotten the most shiat from Pgh, and I've never heard them complain.

That's because Cleveland fans aren't a bunch of candy-asses like the Baltimore fans are. Maybe this guy should go to a European soccer match and see just how unruly the crowds can get. He'll be lucky if he gets out alive.
2002-01-24 12:23:45 PM  
I guess him and his little woosey son need to stay in the ballet classes.
2002-01-24 12:24:06 PM  
Maryland is the armpit of the east coast. With Florida being the scrotum sack of the country.

That said, the entire STATE of PA thanks any and all Marylanders that refuse to return to Pittsburgh, Philly, or even little tiny town of Wayne.

The place smells beter without him farking up the joint!
2002-01-24 12:44:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

E-A-G-L-E-S !!
2002-01-24 12:52:33 PM  
Pittsburgh is my hometown, too...and I'm damned proud to say it! I go back to visit it at least once every year.

That wimpy-ass crab cake eater and his pussy son can whine all they want. They're just in a lather because their pansy-ass "Raisins" sucked like eleven Dustbusters for four quarters. They were a disgrace to "The City That Reads."

And the cheap bastards stayed in a hotel in Monroeville, fer chrissake. If the turd is such a big shot, he could have popped for a room in the city. Then he chowed down in Breezewood, the fast-food capital of the state. Big spender!

Tell ya what, Doo-doo-berry.... Stay the hell away from my beloved City of Champions--and I will never set foot in your foul-smelling, overcrowded Inner Harbor again.

Now go console your retarded son. Losing games frightens the little snot-nosed imbecile.


Steeler fans are usually pretty cool...but I would not advise attending a Pittsburgh-Cleveland game (in either city!) without wearing a suit of armor.
2002-01-24 01:11:46 PM  
The only way this dumbass and his kid could have a right to complain is if one of the Steelers Fans picked them up and dropped them in the Allegheny while they were crossing the Clemente bridge.

Going to the Burgh wearing the opposition's colors (especially the Ravens), is a bad mistake. The mayor should just write back saying "TOO BAD-PUSS".

Steelers 21 - Eagles 10
2002-01-24 01:13:27 PM  
I got a feeling....

Pittsburgh's goin' to the super bowl!
2002-01-24 01:14:37 PM  
Being from Pittsburgh myself, I actually WENT to the game. It was just like any other + more cheering. That guy needs to get himself and his son out among some real people once in a while or that kid is going to be running from his own shadow the rest of his life.

P.S. Pittsburgh 24, Rams 21
2002-01-24 01:24:17 PM  
Not surprising that he's a Democrat. They tend to get extra-whiny during the playoffs.

Maybe he should ask why they were feeling hostility towards him and the other team. Did he try to explain that it could be damaging to the Raven's self-esteen if they were mean and un-PC. I'm sure he'll try to pass legislation banning bad language, crude gestures, and general rudeness at Baltimore football games. After all, we must think of the children.
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