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(Slashdot)   News media fooled by free energy hoax   ( divider line
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3955 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jan 2002 at 9:40 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-24 09:45:53 AM  
But it's not a hoax! The Trilateral Commission is suppressing the truth! The Truth! The Truth!

*adjusts tinfoil beanie*
2002-01-24 09:50:14 AM  
The news media is a bunch of farking idiots.
2002-01-24 09:52:37 AM  
Give the media a break...the article is replete with refutation (alliteration aside...). They interviewed enough people of merit to say that this is BS.
I liked it though, and even submitted it to FARK. After all, now that Enron is down the tubes, how is this guy going to make money?
2002-01-24 09:54:16 AM  
You can't win.
You can't break even.
You can't even leave the game.
2002-01-24 10:04:05 AM  
Interesting. Imagine never having to replace the batteries in your toothbrush again! Or how about self-contained clocks that don't require an outside power source? Solar-powered flashlights without the nasty addiction to sunlight!
2002-01-24 10:04:35 AM  
The only thing worse than the news media getting suckered is Michael's response to it. Most people at Slashdot are twats but he is the biggest of them all.
2002-01-24 10:08:35 AM  
But zero point energy still exists right ?
2002-01-24 10:13:08 AM  
Zero link energy. This thing crashed my browser twice.
2002-01-24 10:13:41 AM  
Sure. It's what's going to power our missile defense shield. :)
2002-01-24 10:24:46 AM  
Interesting article, and related links, but incomplete without mention of the Searle anti-gravity device.
2002-01-24 10:49:48 AM  
Damn you TV's_Frank... you beat me to it. At least I can fix your mistake!

You can't win.
You can't break even, and
You can't get out of the game.

Sucks to live in this universe eh?

That is all.

-Got Spider??
2002-01-24 10:52:21 AM  
Wait a tic, I thought unlimited cheap power was already here. Haven't you all heard of BLACK LIGHT POWER!
of course it already been here for a few years now, and they still haven't updated their website. but thats besides the point.
2002-01-24 11:09:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-24 11:10:30 AM  
I gots the free energy blues.
2002-01-24 11:14:09 AM  
In other news, Americans are poorly educated, ESPECIALLY IN SCIENCE AND MATH.

2002-01-24 11:19:42 AM  
The Slashdot article doesn't provide confirmation from a credible source of proof that the original concept is fake. I agree that the story is hogwash, but the Slashdot article is worse than the one it attacks.
2002-01-24 11:27:48 AM  
Yes I'm poorly educated in science. To me it seems like magic, and this device is a very reasonable extention of that magic. Yes all these "smart" scientist who claim to understand this stuff say its impossible, but scientists said we could never go faster than sound, and heat was a fluid, so this is one more thing they might not know about.
2002-01-24 11:40:38 AM  
WarmBeer, its standard practice not to cite ideas that have long been accepted, and are common knowledge, in the community that a paper's audience is. I wouldn't say "and the derivative of (X^2 + X)dx = 2X + C Principia Mathmatica, Sir Isaac Newton. in a paper. So IMHO I don't think they have to give credible source of proof.
2002-01-24 11:52:05 AM  
Ha, ha!
2002-01-24 12:29:30 PM  
Oh, yeah, the old Jasker Energy System. I built one of those in Shop, back in the 8th grade, around 1964. Developed so much free energy that it disappeared into the 4th dimension. At least I go an "A" on the project. I'm expecting it to reappear back from the 4th dimension any day now, and I'll patent it and hire Bill Gates to mow my lawn. Just any day now...any day...
2002-01-24 12:54:12 PM  
Where are the flying cars?!?! I was promised flying cars.
2002-01-24 12:54:28 PM  
Humm, voltage went up. Didn't mention amperage staying constant....
2002-01-24 12:57:49 PM  
Merltech, I thought the only thing that stayed constant was change...
2002-01-24 07:49:22 PM  
But if Slashdot says it's not true, then it must be true. The Iluminati will end this.
2002-01-24 10:23:39 PM  
Ya... but can it travel backward in time?
2002-01-25 03:00:10 AM  
What's the big deal? These morons fell for global warming too (and in the 70s, global cooling.) Idiots.
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