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2004-07-16 04:35:21 PM  
Q: Is it really becoming more frequent or are we better at identifying it?

little bit of both?
2004-07-16 04:37:02 PM  
Usama Bin Laden? who is that?
2004-07-16 04:45:10 PM  
jeez, why isn't john wilkes booth on there for cryin' out loud?
2004-07-16 04:55:31 PM  
/gets out flamethrower

Notice the enormous SPIKE in terrorist attacks since Bush came into office.

/ducks and covers
2004-07-16 04:56:06 PM  
2004-07-16 05:00:34 PM  
Does anyone have a list of "freedom fighter" organizations funded by the US in the same time frame?
2004-07-16 05:18:23 PM  
elchip... right, I see the logic here... so if terrorists attack us more because Bush is in office, they must want him out of office. So, if we get Bush out of office, the terrorists win! And if they win, they'll be happy and peacefully return to their homes!

/if a terrorist ways the same as a duck...
2004-07-16 05:34:24 PM  
Err, weighs. Damn phonetic keyboard.
2004-07-16 05:48:40 PM  
Err, weighs. Damn phonetic keyboard.

Riiiiiiight. What's a cubit?
2004-07-16 05:49:13 PM  
Children, watch these farkers in their native habitat. Even a list of factual events can start them flaming.

See how they burn brighter and brighter as the flaming continues, children?
2004-07-16 05:50:06 PM  
What's a battle?
What's a diorama?
2004-07-16 05:50:08 PM  
I'm interested to see if the terrorists actually try something right before elections. I can only think that that would work in Bush's favor. Remember, us Americans don't like being told what to do.
2004-07-16 05:50:12 PM  
U.S. Embassy Bombed in Peru, January 15, 1990: The Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement bombed the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru.

[image from too old to be available]

That damn 2Pac! Go long!
2004-07-16 05:50:59 PM  

Don't be told what to do. Vote Bush.
2004-07-16 05:51:47 PM  
What about Monday, June 10 1996...Rosie O'Donnell show debuts.
2004-07-16 05:52:42 PM  

I'm not normally a member of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, but if there's a flashy but not-too-lethal "terrorist" attack juuuuust before the elections, I'd get suspicious.

Seriously: do you think Bush WOULDN'T do it to guarantee a win? Something with a real low body count featuring mainly people not likely to vote Republican?

Just askin', is all.
2004-07-16 05:53:13 PM  
Dude, there is a bunch left off this list (how do you judge "significant"?)
2004-07-16 05:53:24 PM  
1...2...3...4...I declare a flame war.
2004-07-16 05:53:36 PM  
I wonder why the 1996 Olympics bombing wasn't defined as terrorism.
2004-07-16 05:53:54 PM  
The real question is, how broadly do we define terrorism? And is it possible for a single individual to perform "terrorist" activities, or are those just crimes, even big ones?

And how do you deal with terrorists, anyway? Obviously waging war against them isn't effective, because terrorists seem to make a habit of living side-by-side with regular folks. Take Tim McVeigh, for example... He was a terrorist, right? How would we have waged war against him without pissing off his home state?

And when does a crime become a terrorist act? Was John Wilkes Booth - mentioned by Guy Incognito earlier - really a terrorist or just a nutcase who committed a heinous crime? Where do we draw that line? Not everyone who has committed a violent act, even murder, is a terrorist.

So many questions, too few answers...
2004-07-16 05:54:15 PM  
Uh . . . whatever happened to funny or clever taglines?

and hijacking for asylum is not terrorism.
2004-07-16 05:54:56 PM  
Oh this is going to get ugly fast
2004-07-16 05:55:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

And, who knew, she's a lezbulldagga! *shock*
2004-07-16 05:56:07 PM  
Is there any point to this article beyond being flame material?
2004-07-16 05:56:32 PM  
I would call terrorist act a polticially motived crime were the act is meant to in some way diminish the other side. Of course that's just a rough guess and anyone thinking about it could shoot it down, but that's my start.
2004-07-16 05:57:21 PM  
My head doesn't hurt but it should
My heart hasn't burst but it could
Seeing that list
Has left me un-blissed
Surely it anyone would.

[image from too old to be available]

Mira wants to kick some terrorist ass.
2004-07-16 05:57:28 PM  
Wow the Muslim Extremists(*) sure have been busy!

(*) Disclaimer: The actions of a few do not reflect on an entire religion. Although this doesn't matter if it's Christian priests engaged in illicit homosexual behavior, this caveat must always be stated when it concerns Muslim Extremists and terrorist attacks or some people get ill.
2004-07-16 05:59:00 PM  
Still in my nightmares!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-16 05:59:27 PM  
Ok, nobody post anything in this thread. Kill the flame war before it starts.

Or lets talk about something not political at all.

Beno takes the fun out of life!

There run with it.
2004-07-16 05:59:52 PM  
Wonder why Bush hasn't invaded Northern Ireland in the war against terrorism?
2004-07-16 06:00:02 PM  
You aren't from the camp that thinks Bush planned 9/11 do you?
/Ain't enough tinfoil in the world
2004-07-16 06:00:40 PM  
Huh. More serious attacks in '02 and '03 than for every year in the entire Clinton term combined.

What was that you were saying about stopping the terrorists, GWB? Oh, just more lies, I see.
2004-07-16 06:00:51 PM  
Thanks skywalker, now I need to go clean my eyes with sandpaper
2004-07-16 06:01:18 PM  
Wow, I can think of several misses. The FLQ crisis comes to mind in Quebec for starters...
2004-07-16 06:02:50 PM  
Notice all those states that opened fire on the U.S. when Lincoln became president? Yeah, bashing republican presidents is an old sport. Fun, but old.
2004-07-16 06:03:20 PM  
But Bush has already told us that we're safer now. That means we're safer now, right? Right?
2004-07-16 06:03:31 PM  
2004-07-16 06:00:02 PM Haraksha
You aren't from the camp that thinks Bush planned 9/11 do you?
/Ain't enough tinfoil in the world

How in the world could Bush have planned 9/11?

/such planning requires a mastermind
2004-07-16 06:04:36 PM  
How in the world could Bush have planned 9/11?

/such planning requires a mastermind

Or at least a mind...
2004-07-16 06:04:49 PM  
1984: IRA bombs a hotel in an attempt to kill the British Prime Minister and her cabinet. Not a significant terrorist attack.

1979: Lord Mountbatten killed by the IRA. Not a significant terrorist attack.

1974: IRA detonates a bomb at the Tower of London, killing one and injuring 41. not a significant terrorist attack.

At least that's what the US Department of State apparently thinks. Good job, guys.
2004-07-16 06:07:21 PM  
I'm not an American, and I don't profess to be all that knowledgeable about terrorism, but this seems slightly fishy to me:

Ambassador to Japan Attacked, July 30, 1969 U.S. Ambassador to Japan A.H. Meyer was attacked by a knife-wielding Japanese citizen.

Was a crime committed? Yes. Was someone hurt? Most likely. Does this same type of event happen all over the world a thousand times a day? Yes.

There's probably a flaw in my logic somewhere, but to me, if it occurs on a regular basis (i.e. daily), and is one person harming one other person, it's not a terrorist attack. It's a crime.
2004-07-16 06:07:28 PM  
Okay, this is definitely trying to become a flamewar, so here's my effort to stop it with a "preemptive strike":

Huh. More serious attacks in '02 and '03 than for every year in the entire Clinton term combined.

What was that you were saying about stopping the terrorists, GWB? Oh, just more lies, I see.

You start thinking like that, soon you'll be thinking Nazi operatives burned the Reichstag. Then you'll start wondering about Bush's ties to Saudis, and Prescott Bush's ties to the Nazis, and then where will you be?

/Note to neocons: This is not meant seriously! I am simply making the thread Godwin'd before its too late.
2004-07-16 06:07:29 PM  
2004-07-16 06:08:17 PM  
" Philippine authorities suspected the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which had been extorting money from Toronto Ventures."

The MILF! Holy shiat...I wonder when the CLIT will show up?!
2004-07-16 06:08:58 PM  
2004-07-16 06:02:50 PM iodine

.. bashing republican presidents is an old sport.

I don't disagree, but republicans back then were almost entirely different from what they are today. For example, I seem to remember Lincoln pushed for outlawing slave ownership, something un-republican by today's measure.

/must.. stop.. poking the beehive..
2004-07-16 06:09:38 PM  
Muck: Oh this is going to get ugly fast

You're endowed as all can see
With the gift of prophecy
For following your prescient post
A pic of Rosie, Holy Ghost!
2004-07-16 06:09:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
...And the American People are safer.
2004-07-16 06:09:50 PM  
i like the disclaimer at the end

/not much for commenting today
2004-07-16 06:10:21 PM  
Wow!!! I'am horrified by the likelyhood that someone is collecting a government pay check and benefits for creating and publishing this incomplete, spelling error ridden document. I hope this was written by a highschool student on an internship.

2004-07-16 06:10:36 PM  
You know trying to hold off a FARK Flame war is like trying to stop the mississippi river.

Oh well, might as well get in my .02

No I dont feel safer today, but I am glad that lots of terrorists are dead.

Still dont know who is getting my vote
2004-07-16 06:12:26 PM  

I had not made that connection.

Need to go whipe off my monitor now
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