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32887 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jan 2002 at 3:43 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-23 03:45:49 PM  
Show me the Money!
2002-01-23 03:54:22 PM  
Hot damn!
2002-01-23 03:58:06 PM  
Didn't we see this last week and all agree it was pretty lame?
2002-01-23 03:59:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-23 03:59:26 PM  
Damn, now I have to start collecting money! Now you just have to show the hooker the money and point. Wonder how vice will deal with that?
2002-01-23 04:05:11 PM  
This keeps getting funnier every time I see it, like a month ago when I saw at on ehowa
2002-01-23 04:24:45 PM  
Jeez. If the mods can't figure out that we've already seen this *twice* then I'm turning in my members jacket.
2002-01-23 04:27:42 PM  
Jesus H. farking Christ! It was one thing when when we were getting repeats after a couple months, but now it's less than a week?

WTF Drew? Do the mods even bother to read Fark anymore? Or are they too busy sucking each other's cocks to pay attention?

2002-01-23 04:43:48 PM  
3horn.. good comment, I wonder if the mods will like it?
if we have learned one thing today, its that circle jerks are frowned upon. and there is a segment of the population that watches men peeing on each other. and somewhere there is a confused rooster that is owed some royalties. and that frat rushes include some farked up shiat.

i think that's it.
2002-01-23 04:44:07 PM  
Or are they too busy sucking each other's cocks to pay attention?

I know I would if the other mod was Yuki
2002-01-23 04:45:47 PM  
2002-01-23 04:47:44 PM  
Shows how much you guys know... mods don't choose links, admins do.
2002-01-23 05:03:58 PM  
Thanks for the clarification VD.

Drew, please kindly remove the word "mods" from my previous post and replace it with "admins".


2002-01-23 05:12:36 PM  
Hilarity 3horn...

2002-01-23 05:14:42 PM  
In fact, that owned me. I'm now 3horns funny comments bitx04z.. or something.
2002-01-23 05:34:18 PM  
That Bizarsite's pretty strange, though.

in a good way
2002-01-23 05:35:23 PM  
This should not have made it through.
2002-01-23 06:29:05 PM  
farking old, lame, stolen.
2002-01-23 06:33:36 PM  
And shouldn't the pics on the money get increasingly nastier with the increase in value?
2002-01-23 07:23:29 PM  
Attention dumbass whiners... I'll say this yet again, so pay attention.

Moderator powers - remove comments
Admin powers - add articles
2002-01-23 07:32:48 PM  
Euros are hard to count, when they're all stuck together.
2002-01-23 07:55:24 PM  
who is the chick on the 500?
2002-01-23 08:09:49 PM  
Now, instead of going to strip bars in Europe, I can just look at the money and get a show. It won't be the same though.
2002-01-23 08:16:50 PM  
Sounds like a nerve has been hit. You guys need to realize that these "official titles" are not to be treated lightly

"Attention dumbass whiners... I'll say this yet again, so pay attention"
-This sounds like something the mall security would say, as they rested the unimpowered trigger finger on the walky talky
2002-01-23 08:48:17 PM  
Polypuga's Fark Ad Review:

Sex and money go well together (5 points), but there is a scary "man-gal" (-8 points) complete with bad OnMouseover photoshopping (-2 points). Oh yea, and I don't speak Dutch (-10 points). Lame.

Final rating: -15 points
2002-01-23 08:48:25 PM  
And the rest of us can't get an original post listed....

"Where's the money, honey?"
2002-01-23 09:43:11 PM  
Silvia Saint on the 5 euro and Aria on the 200 euro. I find myself doubting the possiblity of this ever happening and that has nothing to do with the fact it's obviously photoshopped.
2002-01-23 10:08:42 PM  
This is in the classified section. How come it is on the main page, too?
2002-01-23 10:31:35 PM  
So what are the names of the girls on each of the euros?
I reconized Aria "grrrrrrrrowlllllll" but who are the rest!
2002-01-23 10:31:56 PM  
3horn, I'm sure you're the expert on felating men, but if I could interject...

I would think that someone who was busy sucking a cock would not post anything, even a repeat.

And I would give people more credit that have dicks in their mouths, you seem to be typing fine.
2002-01-23 11:43:04 PM  
Polypuga Oh yea, and I don't speak Dutch (-10 points). Lame.

Good news! I've been to Holland and everyone speaks damn good English so that's something you don't have to worry about.
2002-01-23 11:50:19 PM  
Well I never saw it the first time it was up,
but HELLO!
That money wouldn't leave my pocket.
Or my bedroom. hehehe!
2002-01-24 01:00:28 AM  
If someone can prove these are real, i am SO moving to Europe
2002-01-24 01:34:35 AM  
How is it that this is both an article and an ad in the classifieds? Did they pay extra to have it slipped into the articles?
2002-01-24 01:44:09 AM  
5 = Sylvia Saint
10 = ? (the blonde on the right bill looks like Alexus Winston
20 = ?
50 = ?
100 = Nikki Dial
200 = Aria Giovanni
500 = Aimee Sweet
2002-01-24 02:19:05 AM  
Dirtygirl: I like the way you think!

I thought maybe the 100 was Tera Patrick darn, now shes a nasty girl!!! Growwwwlllllllll.

I hate working late on special projects for work, it really kills meeting anyone. Not that Humboldt is great for meeting new people.
2002-01-24 03:37:37 AM  
I was thinking the 100 was Taylor Hayes but i could be wrong.
2002-01-24 04:39:52 AM  
mask, sorry, they're not real. All the euro note designs are the same wherever you go in Europe. The coins have the same front designs but different symbols on the back. The Irish one has harp for example.
I suggest you print these boobied ones out.
2002-01-24 05:06:40 AM  
2002-01-24 07:23:54 AM  
you need to put a n.s.f.a.(not safe for anyone) on that link
2002-01-24 07:30:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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