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(   Matthew Perry was too high to remember having sex with Liz Hurley. Fb- is the father   ( divider line
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14325 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jan 2002 at 11:09 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-23 11:11:36 AM  
I wish I had the opportunity to foget boffing her.
2002-01-23 11:11:54 AM  
I don't care how high, low, or whatever I am. I'm not forgetting having sex with something that fine.
2002-01-23 11:12:06 AM  
Too high? No Too gay? Yes
2002-01-23 11:12:55 AM  
Fb- is the father is SO two months ago, people.
2002-01-23 11:14:15 AM  
hows, "slumlord is the father!"?
2002-01-23 11:14:16 AM  
If we can't say Fb- is the father then the terrorists have...Oh, nevermind
2002-01-23 11:15:47 AM  
Slumlord: I can almost see the wrist flip going along with that comment.

And I'm sorry, how on earth do you forget that? Hell, my jaw would still be sore in the morning
2002-01-23 11:16:09 AM  
You know life is just a little too good when:

You can't remember having sex with any woman let along Liz Hurley!
2002-01-23 11:18:30 AM  
I hope he has not forgotten that $500 he owes me.
2002-01-23 11:19:07 AM  
Idiot - you're supposed to drug the woman so she forgets you farked her!
2002-01-23 11:20:25 AM  
I want to remember sex with Liz, but I got high.
I wanted to get back in the acting biz, but then I got high.
La da da da-da-daaaaaa
Now I gotta pay child support, and I know why.
Why, Matt?
'Cuz I got high, 'cuz I got high, 'cuz I got hiiiiiigh.

With aplogies to Afro Man.
2002-01-23 11:21:06 AM  
2002-01-23 11:21:13 AM  
I had to change my 'phone number after I did her. The ugly fat biatch wouldn't leave me alone.
2002-01-23 11:23:43 AM  
"Servicing Sara", I wonder how he remembered his lines.

Also she must suck in bed, and not in a good way.
2002-01-23 11:25:38 AM  
maybe they're running out of "guess who's sleeping with who" FRIENDS plot twists... personally, i would watch if that guy on FRIENDS,who has the Proboscis Monkey face, got busted with rooster-sex videos.
now THAT would be a funny episode.
2002-01-23 11:26:16 AM  
Using the word "so" is SO last year.

Meanwhile, L.A.-based Vicodin addiction expert Clare Waismann says the only way a Vicodin addict would forget having sex is if they're abusing other drugs at the same time.

For once, I agree with a so-called expert in a drug abuse story. Having experienced addiction with many different drugs, I know that black-outs are associated with alcohol, speed, cocaine, and downers. Of course, it sounds like he was released on a pretty heavy dose of Thorazine, which could be the answer.

This whole rumor, however, is a diversion tactic created by that biatch agent of his. The reason he couldn't remember having sex with Hurley is because he's a fag and he was having sex with me! You heard it here first!
2002-01-23 11:26:29 AM  
fark Perry, I can't wait for him to get ass raped on Oz
2002-01-23 11:29:09 AM  
friggin' rifle-dropper
2002-01-23 11:29:34 AM  
"Servicing Sara"?

Noooo...Servicing Liz.
2002-01-23 11:30:30 AM  
FifthColumn I think you got the wrong Perry.
2002-01-23 11:31:11 AM  
Vicodin, hydrocodone, codine, morphine, heroin are all opiates. Constapate you and take away your sex drive.
2002-01-23 11:38:06 AM  
I can't remember farking her either...

Maybe I did!!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-23 11:38:31 AM  
Thank you Ourburus!
If he was "able" to have sex with her, and you know what I mean, then he would remember having sex with her. However, I'm pretty certain that if he was THAT high on Vicodin, he wouldn't be ABLE to complete the act.
2002-01-23 11:40:54 AM  
What a FARKING Idiot. If you have the chance to get Liz Hurley you need to sober up for atleast an hour so you can enjoy it. When I saw her on Bedazzled as the devil I wanted to beat the clown in the head. Damn she hot
2002-01-23 11:42:33 AM  
2002-01-23 11:43:22 AM  
He's a speed freak.

He's using amphetamines with various other pills and drugs. Amphetamine will make you crazy at the best of times, but mix it with other pharmaceuticals and alcohol, and you are talking major memory lapses, not to mention incredibly out there behavior.

It also, in some people, majorly increases the sex drive. In others it produces pronouned droop. Depends.
2002-01-23 11:45:47 AM  
That would have to be some overdose to forget having sex with her. I'd probably be dead. Hell, she's so hot my brain randomly implants false memories of me having sex with her.
2002-01-23 11:47:26 AM  
Farking Liz would be like farking the person she farked ...

[image from too old to be available]

whish would be like farking the person he farked around with:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-23 11:51:47 AM  
hehe ... I was kinda hoping it "sounded" that way to read it ... I should have included a picture of that TLC home decorating guy to make the enunciation clearer ... hehe
2002-01-23 11:52:45 AM  
"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit taking Vicodin..."
2002-01-23 12:02:39 PM  
Vicodin, hydrocodone, codine, morphine, heroin are all opiates. Constapate you and take away your sex drive.

So that's why I haven't shat for the last couple of days?
2002-01-23 12:03:32 PM  
Woo Hoo!
2002-01-23 12:09:15 PM  
Oh ho ho ho ho...that "Fb- is the father" joke always kills me! It's as knee-slapping funny as Ziggy cartoon!

Considering Matt Perry's semi-homely looks, I think he made a good play here. You have sex with a gorgeous woman and don't even remember it...that's just plain beautiful. She'll be in therapy the rest of her life!
2002-01-23 12:09:31 PM  
I can just picture Joey kicking the sh*t out of him for this and saying, "Now, how yu doing?"
2002-01-23 12:24:40 PM  
I don't think there is enough drugs on earth that would make me forget shagging her! Although Matthew Perry is a dumb ass...
2002-01-23 12:25:50 PM  
I am not beyond redemption (depending on whom you ask). Pull me in where is is safe.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-23 12:25:54 PM  
If I couldn't remember THIS, I'd shoot myself.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-23 12:29:27 PM  
vicodin doesn't cause memory loss. If you take loads of it it kills your sex drive.

this one stinks of bullshiat
2002-01-23 12:33:06 PM  
one thing I am ABSOLUTELY sure of in this world, is the FACT I WOULD NEVER forget shagging a fine woman such as Liz Hurley...I may forget where I leave my keys, when my nieces birthday is, or even where I park my car at the mall...but shagging a foxy ass woman such as this, damn I would have videotaped it and had a live webcast to remember the event
2002-01-23 12:34:13 PM  
damn that looks good
2002-01-23 12:41:42 PM  
I would father her children in a heartbeat.

Lemme at her!
2002-01-23 12:48:19 PM  
He used to hang around with Chris Farley. So I'm sure he wasn't doing any other drugs.

Vicodin addiction is up there with exhaustion and dehydration as "acceptable" celebrity excuses for anything.

Like when Bobby Brown had a seizure at 3 in the morning in his mansion because he was dehydrated. lol
2002-01-23 12:54:50 PM  
I suppose your left hand receptacle doesn't do such a good job any more Digitaldevil?
2002-01-23 12:59:52 PM  
If Perry would give me a call, Ill tell him what it was like. Kinda like doing Britney, but with less to hold on to. She's actually alot like Carmen Electra, only more refined.
2002-01-23 01:00:34 PM  
With the plethora of online Dr.s and pharmacies, I'm suprised more celebrities aren't popping pain pills like tic tacs... Hell, a quick online form and a mock phone consultation and you can snag anything... which is damn dangerous when it's that easy. Of course for a celebrity-type, I'm sure he's able to find other sources easily enough.

Opiate addiction first creates constipation, then later it's like buckets of dirty dishwater spasming out of you amidst severe intestinal cramping.... that's what I hear anyway....
2002-01-23 01:02:23 PM  
2002-01-23 01:16:22 PM  
whats fb- mean?
2002-01-23 01:18:06 PM  
Hytes Xian:
Thanks for the laugh man! In my short time here I've learned that we can always count on you for a unique point of view.
2002-01-23 01:40:14 PM  
I would bet that mytwocents would look alot like that laying on the beach. hope she reads this then puts up a new pick to prove me right.
2002-01-23 01:42:56 PM  
Calis72 -
Could you be any more rookie?
What's = = What is.
I think you were trying to ask, What does Fb- mean.

By the bye, I have a low account number.
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