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(Some Guy)   Three castaways spend three days on tropical island. Would have been rescued earlier except Gilligan tripped and smashed the coconut radio   ( divider line
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13668 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jul 2004 at 11:11 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-15 02:27:37 AM  
That really is an amazing story.
2004-07-15 02:35:40 AM  
Mary Anne by a kilometre. She was hot. Hell, she's still pretty damned hot for a woman of her age.

As for these kids. Given how shark infested the waters around Australia are, I'd say they're pretty damned brave not only to swim to the outcrop but to then swim all day to another island. Sharks scare the living fricken bejebus out of me. I had one close encounter with a 6' long shark snorkeling off the coast of the Dominican Republic and I thought I was going to die right then and there of a heart attack. Absolute primative fear swept over me and it was all I could do to not fly into a blind panic.

The thought of swimming across open seas gives me the willies like you wouldn't believe.
2004-07-15 02:58:04 AM  
Given how shark infested the waters around Australia are,

I go sailing, to the beach and out on boats all the time, and I've only seen one shark. It's a lovely little scare tactic we use to scare away Americans :P

Noone believes us though, even when we tell them Fosters is export only.
2004-07-15 03:43:49 AM  
that is stinking cool. that is their life. just think, we go work everyday wishing we could have some great adventure on some tropical island. But thats just their life. cool.
2004-07-15 05:24:08 AM  

Yeah, but come Christmas time it's shark attack season. About an average of twenty each year.

I hate sharks, but I hate crocodiles more. Scary farking animals.
2004-07-15 05:44:07 AM  
Having never actually seen Gilligan's Island, i will be the first to say, he'd be the first one killed.
2004-07-15 07:22:50 AM  
yeah hilarious headline, considering the kids parents and younger sibling died at sea.
2004-07-15 07:46:11 AM  
I think the hero tag is applicable here. Stories like this only serve to confirm my suspicions that I am and always have been a big pussy. No way would I have made it, especially the swimming 4 kilometers across the open seas part.

2004-07-15 07:57:53 AM  
I want them on my team along with the self-C-section woman in Mexico.
2004-07-15 08:02:31 AM  

Not trying to be a contrarian, just sayin'. I have a thing for sultry redheads. And let's get down to brass tacks, gentlemen -- Tina Louise had terrific legs and a great set of crenshaws. She filled out that Minnow-stenciled sailcloth dress quite nicely.

/fantasizes about 60s sitcom babes often; ask me about my menage scenario involving Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery
2004-07-15 08:19:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-07-15 08:23:26 AM  

No Barbara Feldon????
2004-07-15 08:33:52 AM  
Curse you merciful Poseidon!
2004-07-15 08:40:17 AM  
Jan Smithers (WKRP) is my Goddess.
2004-07-15 08:41:14 AM  
kong: does it involve any magical nose-wiggling?
2004-07-15 08:52:28 AM  
Agrees with biffman
2004-07-15 09:00:03 AM  
Ginger or Mary Ann .....

Three way??
2004-07-15 09:36:41 AM  
I did the headline... not trying to be an unfeeling bastard. I just wanted to start a Ginger/MaryAnn flamewar
2004-07-15 10:22:35 AM  
did not rtfa, but I saw Ginger yesterday buying lunch at a local eatery in NYC. SCARY. Lots of work to keep her looking ginger-esque but she just looked odd in that "I've had tons of work and I don't really look young, nor do I really look old, just preserved" kind of way. She is SEVENTY YEARS OLD!!! I think she's trying to make up for all the kitten deaths that weigh down her tormented soul.
2004-07-15 11:09:13 AM  
Hm, guess a mod deleted my response to SuePository... or perhaps I just didn't finish the submission. I'm going to be optimistic and say that I just left it unsubmitted on my home computer, that's why it's not on my work machine.

But anyway:

Are soldiers heroes? This depends on their actions, and how they joined the military. There are three possible scenarios.

* If the person sat behind a desk for his entire tour of duty, then no, obviously he is not a hero.
* If the person was drafted, immediately dropped into a war-zone, and then killed as he hopped out of the helicopter/troop transport/whatever, then no he is not a hero - he had absolutely no control over his fate. He deserves to be honored and thought well of, sure, but he is not a hero.
* If, however, he performed a conscious act which saved the life of somebody else, then he should be called a hero. For example, let's say that a guy and his buddies are holed up in one part of town, and they have to cross to the other part of town to hook up with their platoon. There's a machine gun nest between them and their objective. The guy threads his way from building to building, dodging machine gun fire, and then chunks a grenade into the nest, killing the enemy and allowing his buddies to join up with the rest of the platoon. That's heroics.

Are holocaust survivors heroes? No. I know that sounds bad, and trust me when I say I am not a nazi or anything like it. Those people suffered for absolutely no reason, and they suffered hard. Harder than you or I or probably anybody reading this thread will ever even come close to experiencing. But they didn't have any choice in the matter. They were rounded up and tossed into concentration camps where they were unable to escape, and the majority of them died. They should be honored and revered, and admired for the fact that they survived, but they didn't actually do anything, except be luckier than the ones who didn't make it.

Are inner-city school teachers heroes? Sure, assuming they made a conscious decision to work in an area where their life or liberty was at risk, for the sake of preserving the life or liberty of others.

I'm not a bad guy, really. I just think that when somebody is given the choice of dying or doing something to avoid death, he shouldn't be called a hero for choosing not to die. That's simply self-preservation.

/rant off
2004-07-15 11:09:28 AM  
"They were very good swimmers, but we are glad they had Stephen with them because the two sisters would probably have given up or panicked," said their aunt, Wendy Phineasa.

Girls are teh weak :P
2004-07-15 11:38:53 AM  
Damn. Amazing story. Too bad about the parents... You'd think maybe one of the parents would want to go with the kids. Dunno what's up with that..
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