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(Canoe)   The Price is Riot: melee ensues over tickets for special 30th Anniversary show.   (canoe.ca) divider line 30
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2002-01-22 05:36:41 PM  
The price is wrong, biatch!
2002-01-22 05:39:00 PM  
wait...Barker isnt dead yet?
2002-01-22 05:45:38 PM  
2002-01-22 05:46:18 PM  
2002-01-22 05:46:38 PM  
Those people should be spayed or neutered.
2002-01-22 05:46:56 PM  
WOW 2 Melee's in one day. Im in heaven
2002-01-22 05:50:52 PM  
10,000 people...wow...thats a lot of blue hair.
2002-01-22 05:54:36 PM  
What happened to Newgrounds?
2002-01-22 06:02:58 PM  

errr lets try that one again

2002-01-22 06:04:04 PM  
I'm surprised there aren't fistfights on contestant's row when some numb-nuts overbids the little old lady by a dollar.

Oh, and those assholes who think it's clever to always bid one single dollar really piss me off.

The whole show makes me want to go out, get drunk & beat up sales clerks
2002-01-22 06:05:12 PM  
I only hope when I'm in my geratric years I'll be surrounded by Playboy Playmates and be able to get bored housewives to take the $100 out of my special pocket.

Bob Barker is the standard by which most men are measured.

Now go spay or neuter yer damn pet!
2002-01-22 06:07:07 PM  
*throws hands in the air*

Very happy to hear so many fans of Price is Right... that show kept me sane during summer breaks at my in-home daycare.

2002-01-22 06:11:12 PM  
2002-01-22 06:14:17 PM  
Speaking of "riots":
2002-01-22 06:36:24 PM  

The price right, baby!
2002-01-22 06:46:56 PM  
EC-DUB! EC-DUB! I love it!
2002-01-22 07:00:28 PM  
Torchsong.....Barker had to stop doing the $100 pocket thing. Now he takes it out and hands it to them.
2002-01-22 07:02:42 PM  
I got to attend a taping YEARS ago when Johnny Olson was the announcer. It was great fun....didn't get to "come on down", but did talk to Bob during a commercial. I taped the show when it aired a month later. Bob's hair was dark then.
2002-01-22 07:05:11 PM  
2002-01-22 07:12:37 PM  
"The Price is Riot"--Do I like that or hate it?? I can't decide!
2002-01-22 07:23:14 PM  
I saw the whole thing- it was started by Mike Tyson when he commented that Bob Barker's ears looked "yummy"
2002-01-22 07:56:22 PM  
2002-01-22 07:57:05 PM  
attractive and successful African-American nubian
2002-01-22 07:57:31 PM  
just testing the filters
2002-01-22 08:22:08 PM  
is that cheeseball show still on the air?
it's prehistoric!
2002-01-22 08:27:25 PM  

Rod Roddy Piper broke it up...
2002-01-22 09:08:43 PM  
good to know Bob can still get the biatches all worked up.
2002-01-22 09:11:15 PM  
I heard he had to stop doing that, Mr. Mom. He'd hand the guys the $100 if they got the price right, but the ladies had to reach into his $100 pocket to take the money out.

Don't tell me Bob ain't a playa, yo!
2002-01-22 09:18:46 PM  
This isn't funny! I got a set of false teeth embedded in my ass during this!
2002-01-22 09:57:21 PM  
Torchsong...yep, sex descrimination, etc..... He has too many law suits against him as it is!
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