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(CBSMarketWatch)   The boss is watching: Inappropriate instant messages now joins e-mail as a way to get your ass fired from work   ( divider line
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2004-07-12 01:38:08 PM  
1) switch to gaim and use the encryption plug-in.

2) Make sure all your friends switch too.

3) Don't say anythin ginappropriate to anyone not using the encryption plugin.
2004-07-12 01:39:44 PM  
Some people ruin it for everyone else.
2004-07-12 01:40:13 PM  
we got our instant messengers deleted from our systems about two months I can only play in my email.
2004-07-12 01:49:11 PM  
That's why from the moment it was technically possible, I've kept all personal email separate in a place where I own all the hardware, the network, and pay for space on a server that my employer does not have control. All employer email is strictly business, as if it were a memo written on stone and kept in the employers vault where only they have the key. Because they do.
2004-07-12 01:57:10 PM  
I guess while at work, you could try working instead of doing things that are inappropriate.

//goes back to trolling while boss is away.
2004-07-12 01:58:50 PM  
luckily i run the servers here at work in a very small business, we are lax here, its too small of a company to start disciplning people for net use. as long as we get our work done, theres no problems.
2004-07-12 02:07:20 PM  
If you work for, what would be considered inapropiate?
2004-07-12 02:12:18 PM  
If you were standing in an elevator with a client, competitor and a colleague, would you say it out loud? If not, don't say it in your e-mail.

What kind of lame standard is that? Isn't that the purpose of private emails? Not everything private or personal is inappropriate. If you get fired because of emails or IMs, then you did something way bad that everyone found out about or they wanted to fire you anyway.
2004-07-12 05:24:52 PM  
Thank goodness the entire customer service office I work in uses AIM to communicate...and nobody monitors anything I do...and I stay on Fark all day...and I get free drinks...

2004-07-12 05:25:22 PM  
Hmmm, is fark on this list as well?

/just sayin
2004-07-12 05:25:25 PM  
Yea, and I'm sure all the people looking at Fark at work are real concerned about this issue.
2004-07-12 05:25:39 PM  
I surrender
2004-07-12 05:26:29 PM  
I feel sorry for anyone who has a boss nearby while at work.

/booth worker, remote location.
2004-07-12 05:26:51 PM  
I'm not sure why I have a job here, actually. They pay me a pretty decent salary, with benefits, and I only put in about 30 minutes of actual work in a typical day.

My boss is pretty dumb, so it's not hard to look busy.
2004-07-12 05:27:39 PM  
Don't get me wrong - I'm not a bad employee. They just don't give me anything much to do.
2004-07-12 05:29:37 PM  
This could be a business opportunity! For a small fee I'll talk filthy disgusting things guaranteed to get you fired...

/or not.
2004-07-12 05:29:55 PM  

Can I have your job?
2004-07-12 05:30:20 PM  
"Assume that anything you type is being broadcast to your Mngr's PC and displayed in the break room."

Advice given to me after my new boss found email on a friend (and fellow-employee)'s PC from me bragging about how I got the company to pay a signing bonus and cover relo fees well beyond my actual expenses.
2004-07-12 05:30:24 PM  
My boss tought me how to fark. I have a great job
2004-07-12 05:30:31 PM  
i blame society and the apathy of the common man
2004-07-12 05:31:20 PM  
It's good to be the director of IT
2004-07-12 05:33:07 PM  
2004-07-12 05:33:08 PM  
Oh, shiat!
2004-07-12 05:33:15 PM  
Sure! But not til I'm done with it. ;)
2004-07-12 05:33:48 PM  
Thank god it doesn't say anything about looking at porn online at work. Or cruising Fark all day long.

Or does it?

/Didn't RTFA
2004-07-12 05:33:55 PM  

Or the system/network administrator :)
2004-07-12 05:34:43 PM  
I'm sitting here wondering if Uglysad's comment is a result of the filter or not...

...and wondering where to get a job like that if it is.

/not that I need it
//but I do
2004-07-12 05:36:30 PM  
Hey IT gurus. Can your work see emails you write on a webmail server connected to your personal email account? If you are writing these emails on their hardware but using your webspace, do they have the right to read them?
2004-07-12 05:38:52 PM  
2004-07-12 05:36:30 PM Toriko

Hey IT gurus. Can your work see emails you write on a webmail server connected to your personal email account? If you are writing these emails on their hardware but using your webspace, do they have the right to read them?

They can track the URLs you visit, and that may include form information, so technically, it is entirely possible, but highly unlikely.
2004-07-12 05:38:52 PM  
Work in Academia, folks. In IT. It's glorious, though not without it's own particular frustrations.
2004-07-12 05:39:58 PM  
Their hardware = Their right to read whatever they want.
2004-07-12 05:42:29 PM  
Ugh, my boss sits kiddy corner behind me, and can see my computer screen all the time. I still fark and message though. I keep it on the DL behind other programs and stuff.

/wishes her boss had an office.
2004-07-12 05:43:04 PM  
AngryTech yeah, can see that. But my concern is more does the hardware cache the things I compose in a webmail screen? I'm not doing anything against the company, but I don't want the IT guys all up in my personal business I write durring my hour lunch.
2004-07-12 05:45:39 PM  

It's not the hardware cache that is going to get you. It's when you hit send then the message must travel through your company's internal network before it actually goes out to the internet and to it's destination. It is during that time that they will be able to see what you are writing.
2004-07-12 05:46:17 PM  
Could someone please explain to me how "I'm your exodus laughing" makes sense?
2004-07-12 05:47:07 PM  
Merrrrr. Ah well. Lets hope they have better things to do than read love letters.
2004-07-12 05:47:58 PM  
I try to keep the Farking on the dl because I feel bad for my fellow coworkers, who have work to do.
2004-07-12 05:48:57 PM  
oh, and don't surf porn at work. because that may not go over well either.

2004-07-12 05:49:07 PM  
Since I'm the guy who would have to monitor email and web usage, there is none of that here. We also let people use P2P all they want.
2004-07-12 05:49:32 PM  
Toriko: Can your work see emails you write on a webmail server connected to your personal email account?

If they care to. You type your message into an HTML form's textarea control. When you hit Send, the contents of the control are part of the POST. Unless you have an SSL connection to your webmail app (I don't to mine), the message could be read. Not saying it's likely, but it's possible.

do they have the right to read them?

You're using their machine, their network, their firewall, and perhaps time they paid for. If I were a lawyer I wouldn't take your case.
2004-07-12 05:49:45 PM  
Okay, remove 'Could', capatalize 'Someone', insert a comma after 'me', and 'does' after 'how'... then that question mark will make sense.
2004-07-12 05:52:34 PM  
A long time ago (maybe 10 years?) we used a type of service called "WIN popup" or something like that. When we were testing it our computer wiz kid sent me a test message from the bosses machine. I replied "fark off you cock sucking bastard" or something to that effect. That damn kid left it on the bosses machine. Never got any heat over it but the chump kid still laughs about it. I should have pounded him when I had the chance.
2004-07-12 05:52:35 PM  
But....what if my boss is the one sending the inappropriate instant messages?
2004-07-12 05:53:36 PM  
This reminds me of a job I did on the side a few years ago. I wired up an office and got them a fast business DSL line. They were using a failing 10base2 bus to connect the machines and share a few modems. After I got everything up and running the first thing the President of the company did was to start firing up porn videos right in front of me and one of his employees.
2004-07-12 05:56:43 PM  
"For workers, the message is clear: Think before you hit send."

For employers the message is clear: A happy employee is a more productive employee. So unless you are in the super secret business, stop treating all your employees as criminals.

No way in hell would I work for a company that monitored my email or IM usage.

Being employed is a 2 way thing. I will do a job for a company. During work hours and work on weekends and late if necessary to get the job done. They will pay me and not monitor my web, email or IM usage. If you start monitoring me, I'll stop working weekends and late hours and will put in my normal 40 hour weeks.
2004-07-12 05:59:15 PM  
Trillian and gaim both support encrypted IMs. They are not, however, compatible with each other as far as I recall.

Trillian will encrypt IMs over existing chat protocols -- ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Jabber -- as long as both parties are using Trillian and have configured it correctly to use SecureIM (tm).
2004-07-12 05:59:33 PM  
Somebody_Someone I hear your pain! I used to have to share an office not much bigger than a prison cell with the boss, his second in command who was his wife. Both with type a personalities. I got in trouble for not making phone calls while they were there, because they were telling me to be all elitist and professional, which I couldn't do with them screaming at each other in the background. but that was back in the days before most offices had net connections.
2004-07-12 06:00:05 PM  
As a sysadmin I feel I should just let you know...

Gaim is still sniffable. as is any other clear text and protocols sending clear text. I've used DSNIFF and ettercap Over networks, including my ISP and have read conversations, as well as passwords and other personal information.

The only way to be safe from the internet is not being connected at all. And.. sometimes not even then...(:E wireless)
2004-07-12 06:01:18 PM  
I accidentally clicked an nsfw boobies link last week. The filter caught it and yelled at me. I'm trying to decide if that's better or worse than having boobies popping up on my screen...

If you work for, what would be considered inapropiate?

Sounds like a good photoshop.
2004-07-12 06:01:50 PM  
silly question, but if you are running webmail via OE on work terminal, does that mean that a. you can be monitored, and b. you are likely being monitored?
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