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(ESPN)   Mike Tyson goes ape at press conference; throws punches, points at crotch and bites Lennox Lewis   ( divider line
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13080 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jan 2002 at 2:04 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-22 03:11:24 PM  
2002-01-22 03:12:12 PM  
PHXTONY: I think you said it best - Mike Tyson should be in a round room with O.J.- better yet, put them in the ring and let them go a few rounds...well, it would be entertaining at least.
2002-01-22 03:12:49 PM  
2002-01-22 03:13:09 PM  
Yeah, Ben_r, I'm falling for it, but I'm bored at work and he's an easy target.

And Burber, you rule. Thanks for hooking up the video. God damn I bet the guy he was yelling at just flat out crapped himself.
2002-01-22 03:13:58 PM  
Burber You Rock! Thanks for the Vid!!!

DigiGimp I didn't think this was possible, but you may be a bigger dumbass than Tyson!

FunkyChuck Good call on the mullet!
2002-01-22 03:14:34 PM  
Mike "earbiter" Tyson is such a little immmature faggot, why don't they just ban him from boxing altogether?

-he who stacks pork
2002-01-22 03:15:24 PM  
I should have watched the video before posting it here. It's already Farked! Oh well, I'll watch it when I get home.
2002-01-22 03:15:36 PM  
I just saw the vid on CNNSI, I could see that Lewis did get some punches moving downward onto tyson, probably caused that head cut, tyson was grabbing his little crotch yelling obscinities at the crowd being the idiot he is.
AND last but not least the anchor woman said that tyson is facing accustions of sexual assult that supposedly occured this past september. He is a punk little bastard.
2002-01-22 03:15:44 PM  
Headline: Tyson goes ape...

Short trip.
2002-01-22 03:15:56 PM  
Why do boxers need bodyguards?
2002-01-22 03:16:10 PM  
Tyson's vocabulary:


rinse, repeat
2002-01-22 03:16:47 PM  
PORK: Don't forget Mike "wife-beater" Tyson too...
2002-01-22 03:17:02 PM  
Leopold Porkstacker, I think they should ban him from breathing!
2002-01-22 03:19:31 PM  
Burber- Thanks. That guy is a jackass. The IBF needs to implant a little remote control device that they can use to put Tyson down if, or I should say when, he gets out of control. Just a little dose of tranqulizer to stop the maddness.
2002-01-22 03:21:15 PM  
I love Iron Mike. He's an asset to popular culture. ROCK ON, MIKE!
2002-01-22 03:23:23 PM  
"Nig-gah, PLEASE !!!"
2002-01-22 03:24:32 PM  
Coo-coo !
2002-01-22 03:24:35 PM  
2002-01-22 03:25:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Coo-coo !
2002-01-22 03:26:07 PM  
The sad thing is he would have been one of the all time greats. Prison can really fark a guy up.
2002-01-22 03:29:19 PM  
John Walsh should start collecting these Tyson film clips now, he'll need them in a couple of years.
2002-01-22 03:30:11 PM  
For Christ Sakes, he's a boxer. He is paid to be violent man beating criminal. I do not care if he beats women, bites ears, pisses in police cruisers, eats kittens, whatever. I only care that I see him beat the living shiat out of other equally violent and dangerous people. His management should keep him viable until his next fight. If you do not like boxing, don't watch it.
2002-01-22 03:30:30 PM  
2002-01-22 03:30:43 PM  
GooberMcFly: "Why do boxers need bodyguards?"

That's funny!!
2002-01-22 03:33:50 PM  
So you are suggesting that his status as a boxer should place him above the law. What you might call the A Few Good Men defense?

Tell me that's not what you meant.
2002-01-22 03:34:17 PM  
"Tyson allegedly bit Lewis"
You would think with the money that Iron Mike has he could afford a George Foreman grill and AT LEAST cook his food before he ate it.
2002-01-22 03:34:35 PM  
Boss_Frog: Being a large, dumb man-child with no concept of consequences doesn't help either. I don't know enough about him to know if he was more stable before prison, but he's certainly incapable of getting along with the rest of humanity right now. From what we've seen, he's got a real risk of just snapping at someone and killing them.
2002-01-22 03:35:47 PM  
Mike has issues.

I hope he picks a fight in a concealed weapon state.
2002-01-22 03:36:31 PM  

2002-01-22 03:37:34 PM  
1) I have a sweater to sell.
2) has the Fridge fought Butterbean yet?
3) Roy Jones Jr. rocks.
4) Digipimp is a dumb-ass hillbilly.
5) I stand by my Weeners. keep Tyson in a cage until fight-night.
6) there were 9 black hockey players in one game last week. (Edmonton vs St Louis, I think) Teach Tyson to skate.
2002-01-22 03:37:55 PM  
LDMF- Actually, Digitwat said basically the same thing as you farther up the thread. But since he's retarded, he didn't put it into full coherent sentences like you did. I gotta say I'm inclined to see your point of view. Yes, the man is paid well to be a vicious animal in the ring and we shouldn't be all that apalled when he follows his gut reaction and is violent out of the ring. However, don't you think in light of his precarious place in the boxing world he'd tread a little softer? Being a great fighter is one thing, being a great fighter who grabs his crotch and swears on national television shortly after taking cheap shots at your next opponent is another. It's just an endless parade of craziness outta this guy, and it won't end pretty, I guarantee you that.
2002-01-22 03:38:23 PM  
I like hearing that news anchor chic Laura Okim say "crotch".

Thanks Mike.
2002-01-22 03:40:46 PM  
Funkychuck: Good point!
2002-01-22 03:40:59 PM  
ldmf: nobody has said they don't like boxing. and being a boxer has nothing to do with being a violent criminal. I love watching boxing except for when stupid biatches like tyson bites ears off because he skipped his feeding time and ruins the fight for everyone.
2002-01-22 03:42:45 PM  
Mike Tyson is to boxing as Osama is to New York.
2002-01-22 03:43:05 PM  
The man has obviously been punched around the ring once too often...
2002-01-22 03:43:45 PM  
"Being a large, dumb man-child with no concept of consequences doesn't help either. "

Unfortunately we live in a society where there aren't consequences for large, dumb man-children. Look at all the other sports "heroes" and celebrities who are given little pats on the wrist for crimes that land the rest of us in the slammer. Well at least as long as they are making money for someone.
2002-01-22 03:45:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-22 03:46:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2002-01-22 03:47:26 PM  
If we can euthanize rabid dogs, why not Mike? He's little more than a crazed animal himself.
2002-01-22 03:47:34 PM  
Skidnuts: Bolt-ball?
2002-01-22 03:47:45 PM  
I say it's a work.

Does anybody remember the WWF-Tyson press conference a few years back? When asked who his favorite wrestler was, Tyson said, "My favorite wrestler is Cold Stone."

2002-01-22 03:47:53 PM  
Do your teef scare the ladies away?
Does your mouf get you in trubble?
We can help. We're Two Guys What Fix Teef.
One swat with our trusty sledge hammer and your toof worries are over. The boxing commission will no longer worry about chewed ears or legs. We're Two Guys What Fix Teef. Call 1-800-Fixteef.
2002-01-22 03:49:07 PM  
I, for one, can't wait for the official CNN transcript of THAT press conference.
2002-01-22 03:49:33 PM  
Humor me, Goober ;)
2002-01-22 03:50:30 PM  
Call me crazy, but that video shows Lewis throwing the first punch. Obviously, Tyson wasn't walking over to him to exchange meatloaf recipes, but a bodyguard got between the two of them and Lewis threw a right hand at Tyson while he (Tyson) was trying to get away from the bodyguard.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no Tyson fan. I just like to get the whole story.
2002-01-22 03:51:16 PM  
"I know the true value of my boobies. Godspeed."

$$$and that value is?$$$
2002-01-22 03:51:18 PM  
Great! After nearly five years, people have a reason to visit Mike Tyson Ate My Balls, and Yahoo stops them because traffic is too high.
2002-01-22 03:51:48 PM  
There's no such thing as a bad publicity: now people who previously didn't care about the fight will now pony up $50 to see if Tyson goes nuts in the ring.

Somewhere, Don King is smiling.
2002-01-22 03:52:37 PM  

where did you see the video...can i stream it? tell me i have needs

kinda like the need ms cents to be...oh never mind
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