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(Yahoo)   Judge to declare mistrial in Adelphia fraud case   ( divider line
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8695 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jul 2004 at 3:44 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-09 03:28:16 PM  
I declare mistrile in this headline!
Too many CAPS and not enough J's.
2004-07-09 03:28:41 PM  
Who is this Declare Mistrail that Udge is speaking of?
2004-07-09 03:36:57 PM  
You are just assuming that the poster meant "Judge."

He could have meant "Drudge."
2004-07-09 03:42:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Dang, who peed in Pudge's Cheerios this morning?
2004-07-09 03:44:03 PM  
I assumed fudge... Mmmm....

/not sludge
2004-07-09 03:46:39 PM  
Ha ha - now you all look silly, what with the corrected headline.
2004-07-09 03:47:09 PM  
I love it when the rich get away with crime.
2004-07-09 03:48:41 PM  
2004-07-09 03:48:47 PM  
Does this throw out the case against everyone, or just the one guy here?​22.html

That link says the founder John Rigas was found guilty with his other son... (html dumb)
2004-07-09 03:49:13 PM  
2004-07-09 03:49:48 PM  
hang 'em all, even the old man with his crazy eye.
2004-07-09 03:50:32 PM  
Here we go again. Spin this one neocons.
2004-07-09 03:51:16 PM  
Looks like a warmup for the mistrial they'll proclaim in the Ken Lay trial. Justice may be blind, but she still has bills to pay. I hate the rich.
2004-07-09 03:52:53 PM  
Hope he doesn't bear a grudge.

2004-07-09 03:54:49 PM  
Anyone who can spin this should be, well, a lawyer
2004-07-09 03:55:50 PM  
Problem is, Michael may be guilty of nothing more than an unhealthy last name.
2004-07-09 03:57:36 PM  
That's totally uncool, Admins! Now I look like a retard for typing 'Udge'.
2004-07-09 03:57:52 PM  
Lewis Black will be worth watching next time he shows up somewhere. He loves these guys. "what were they gonna do? Start their own space program?"
2004-07-09 03:59:37 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-09 04:00:15 PM  
I don't believe this will vacate the guity verdicts against Dad and John. All this does is leave open the possibility for Michael Rigas to be tried again.

And speaking of Lewis Black: "I can't believe that the employees of this company, after seeing the bosses loot them dry, did not rise up and . . . SLAY them."
2004-07-09 04:00:28 PM  
I think the Justice Department should just eliminate the middleman and issue a price sheet.

"One week only! Buy your way out of Grand Larceny charges and get a mistrial on Obstruction of Justice for FREE!"
2004-07-09 04:01:41 PM  
"What I don't understand is why the employees, who knew they were doing this, didn't rise up and SLAY THEM!"

I actually work for Adelphia, and one of our managers just got up and painted white jail pinstripes on John Rigas' suit in a picture from the paper. Eh, maybe we can slay next time.
2004-07-09 04:02:14 PM  
Adelphia, Adeplhia,
Court sheds its grace on thee.
So go to trial
Wearing a smile.
The judge... shall... set... yoooouuu... FREEEEEE!!!
2004-07-09 04:05:41 PM  
The judge then went to the bank to deposit this large check he found, that miraculously, had his name on it.

"To Tahiti!" was heard as hizzonor drove off to the airport.
2004-07-09 04:08:29 PM  
John and Timothy Rigas were already convicted of several counts carrying multi-year sentences...Michael Rigas was acquitted on a few counts of wire fraud, and the rest of his charges were the ones discussed in this article about the mistrial. The government can retry him, if it wishes, on those counts. But daddy and big bro are going to jail for a long time, regardless.
2004-07-09 04:13:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The lawyer certainly looks happy.
2004-07-09 04:14:51 PM  
"Lets send the monkey to Mars, Dad!"
2004-07-09 04:14:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
This picture just begs a photoshop.

What is he, like 5'-0 tall?
2004-07-09 04:16:57 PM  
Is anyone _actually_ surprised?
2004-07-09 04:19:11 PM  
Adelphia is an anagram for pailhead.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-09 04:21:46 PM  
Reread the article people.
Two of the three were found guilty.
There was less evidence against the third.
It is possible that he, unlike Father and brother, kept his hands out of the cookie jar.

Hell, they were probably all over the rather large set of fun bags swinging over on his left.
2004-07-09 04:24:42 PM  
"... because if you're a big important CEO, your nuts should be clean!"
2004-07-09 04:25:35 PM  
No doubt this was Bush getting off another one of his big corporate friends.
2004-07-09 04:32:21 PM  
A mistrial doesn't get you off the hook, it keeps you on the hook while looking sideways at double jeopardy. You still have to go through a whole new trial and face a whole new jury. Nobody got away with anything, nothing to see here, move along.
2004-07-09 04:33:06 PM  
2004-07-09 04:34:25 PM  
Who cares the goverment got Martha Stewart, thats all that counts right, cuz she like made a 200,000 profit off the whole thing. US Guberment in action.

Oh by the way .......mission accomplished
2004-07-09 04:34:38 PM  
2004-07-09 04:38:19 PM  
guess i will be waiting for this headline in the ken lay case, that is if bush gets his dirty hands involved.
2004-07-09 04:41:26 PM  
OK, now I'm pissed. John Rigas (the founder of Adelphia) is an alumnus of my college fraternity, and he and his son deserve lots and lots of time behind bars. John made a visit to the old house when our school, RPI, had a special event honoring rich corporate slobs. This was obviously before the shiat hit the fan, but the shmuck only donated $1000 to our flimsy house, when his greedy ass could have bought the thing 100,000 times over.
2004-07-09 04:43:38 PM  
Sometimes I wish some terrorist did have a WMD.
2004-07-09 04:46:05 PM  
martha stewart (like bill clinton) committed a crime. doesn't matter that it was a small crime in comparision to some nor does it matter that the return/reward vs what they paid for that mistake is disproportional. the addage "do the crime, do the time" SHOULD apply to all.

on topic: including these guys.
2004-07-09 04:53:54 PM  
2004-07-09 05:11:20 PM  
Looks like a warmup for the mistrial they'll proclaim in the Ken Lay trial. Justice may be blind, but she still has bills to pay. I hate the rich.

Here's the score so far:

John Rigas - Guilty - Probably will not actually serve jail time because he's dying of cancer.

Timothy Rigas - Guilty - Off to Federal "pound-him-in-the-ass" Prison.

Michael Rigas - Not Guilty on some counts. Mistrial (Jury couldn't reach verdict) on others.

Michael Mulcahey - Not Guilty on all counts.
2004-07-09 05:14:17 PM  
Can that guy be any smaller?!?!?!
2004-07-09 05:33:23 PM  
As a former employee of Adelphia I'd just like to say nothing.
2004-07-09 05:47:40 PM  
Just out of curiosity, has anyone not filthy rich EVER gotten a mistrial?
2004-07-09 06:34:01 PM  
2004-07-09 06:36:44 PM  
Steal $50 and you're a criminal.

Steal $50,000,000 and you're an entrepreneur.

/Hooray for capitalism.
2004-07-09 06:40:01 PM  
C'mon, people, read the article, or a better one with an explanation of the verdict. The guilty and innocent verdicts stand, and the charges the jury couldn't decide upon can be refiled again by the government. Nobody is getting away with anything.
2004-07-09 07:08:44 PM  
As a former employee of Adelphia who used to work in the town of their corporate headquarters in Coudersport, PA..I'd like to toast Tim Rigas, to many years of anal rape, just like we did to our customers, and he did to our employees.
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