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(USA Today)   White supremacists freaked out by Census data   ( divider line
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2002-01-22 12:32:08 AM  
If it wasn't for them there pesky government gammin up the nubian beet'n 'orks.. We sure'd be keep'n them 'der scum in line!
2002-01-22 12:33:06 AM  
Hmmm, I don't buy that story. I'm not sure who the USA Today is trying to fool, but White Supremacists can't read. People that can't read can't be upset by the Census. Hell, just check the God damn Census, they have data on this.
2002-01-22 12:33:49 AM  
Rival - I am impressed!
2002-01-22 12:34:29 AM  
"Brown Invaders Proliferate"

2002-01-22 12:36:54 AM  
These people freak out?? Just because they think their Father/Brother and Mother/Sister should count as four people, doesn't mean it's an invasion. Besides even the British Royal family think the supremacists gene pool is getting mighty thin!
2002-01-22 12:37:42 AM  
This would be a non-issue if the Native Americans had a better immigration policy.
2002-01-22 12:40:21 AM  
Do White Supremacists even know where to find Census data? I wouldn't have thought them smart enough for that.
2002-01-22 12:41:40 AM  
the white race in the United States is facing extinction

Erm, yeah, I guess.
2002-01-22 12:44:27 AM  
2002-01-22 12:46:21 AM  
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name,
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
(Emma Lazarus, "The New Colossus", 1883)
2002-01-22 12:47:12 AM  
okay, after reading the article, I have a question -

Does it really matter what race is dominant in the country? Does it really matter what race is dominant in the world? Sooner or later, everyone is going to be a mutt. You can't avoid that. The only way to possibly keep people of different races from intermixing is to end the human race. And if you did something that crazy, you would probably make the cow population extremely happy. Heck, I'd go as far as to say that the cow population would be "giddy with delight".
2002-01-22 12:49:24 AM  
In other news, white supremacists are distracted by sparkly things.
2002-01-22 12:50:07 AM  
X136 - and sheep
2002-01-22 12:51:04 AM  
there was never a white race in the US. We are a melting pot. That means anyone with a farking greencard can call themselves an American. you can spot a Chinese man clearly but he might also be american.

I just want to have a nation of my own. is that really that bad to ask?
2002-01-22 12:52:25 AM  
Stupid people already outnumber the intelligent. What does it matter what color they are?

The only reason the illegal immigrant thing bothers me is because of the economic burden it causes. I pay enough taxes. If you come into the country legally and are paying taxes, I say the more the merrier, regardless of race.
2002-01-22 12:53:05 AM  
Not all haters are dumb hillbillies, there are plenty of em here in our cities, and for me to hate them would prove hypocritical and futile, so instead i look upon them as helpless lab mice who have no choice but to be prisoners of their farked up little world, i guess they will go extinct soon.
2002-01-22 12:56:03 AM  
worst episode ever.
2002-01-22 12:58:27 AM  
Emma Lazarus was a Jew, was she not?

Frank: Citizens on welfare, and Enron assholes cause more of a burden then the 4$ an hour immigrant.

X136: you said a funny thing!
2002-01-22 12:59:07 AM  
i think white supremacists are freaked out all the time
2002-01-22 01:00:18 AM  
Hmmm....illegal immigration, well I guess if the US was FOR it, it would be called LEGAL immigration....

Hey, ain't no white supremacist, but I'm against illegal immigration too, WTF? Plus, Sherman Oaks, CA isn't exactly hillbilly country, so I find it hard to believe there is a big group of white supremacists there, nevermind loud ones....
2002-01-22 01:01:41 AM  
EnemyFrank - That's why I say make a coal powered computer. The size of a cityblock. With a throne of bone. Each key hooked up to a knife that will stab the person when I press it. When he dies, I just burn him to.

Oh yeah - point - more meat for the machine.

(Stole the Coalburning Computer idea, from someone I know IRL - I'd qoute the source but I am not he would wish it)
2002-01-22 01:12:34 AM  
I dig women of all races, and I have no problems with multiculturism. These damn bigots need to get a clue as to what century it is. Its not like America was even theirs to begin with, only the Indians can make such a claim.
2002-01-22 01:13:29 AM  
Where all the white women at?
2002-01-22 01:13:33 AM  
Well it's nice to know all of these gimmygrants appreciate the same kind open door policies in their homelands...oh, that's right, they don't. Also wonderful how they appreciate the US so much and our traditions that they always have something nice to say about our country...
2002-01-22 01:14:04 AM  
They're just mad becuase they had to work on MLK's birthday.
2002-01-22 01:18:35 AM  
Oh shiat, it's world war 3! Gets in the bunker kids! I'm joining me up with the Army of God to kill some heathen colored folk!
2002-01-22 01:18:40 AM  
Ouro I here yo.....
2002-01-22 01:20:39 AM  
Army of God, violent pro-white militant group - practically the same thing. fundamentalism is fundamentalism.
2002-01-22 01:21:12 AM  
."..World Church of the Creator, based in East Peoria, Ill., ..... "

Elwood :" Nazis ? "
Jake : " I Hate Illinois Nazis "
2002-01-22 01:21:59 AM  
White Supremists...Sounds like a Jenny Craig dessert
2002-01-22 01:23:19 AM  
Excuse me while I whip this out.
2002-01-22 01:25:05 AM  
but I'm against illegal immigration too, WTF?

I'm against paying $12 for a bunch of Broccolli
2002-01-22 01:25:33 AM  
Attention Farkistan: Here is your assignment for the week.

I expect an mp3 of some prank calls by the friday morning.

Matt Hale
East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 309-699-0135
2002-01-22 01:27:04 AM  
The Sheriff is a nii..BONGGGGG
2002-01-22 01:27:48 AM  
Great Blazing Saddles quote Ouroborus! Beware the wrath of Heddly Lamar!
2002-01-22 01:33:03 AM  
They said you was hung!

And they was right!
2002-01-22 01:33:28 AM  
Who's Matt Hale...and why are we calling him? Or was it in the article.....

And Ouro....I didn't see Blazing Saddles....I don't get it...tell me! tell me!
2002-01-22 01:34:26 AM  
Freak: No kidding.. I rather like the trend of increasing numbers of hot asian girls.
2002-01-22 01:35:05 AM  
Read the article.

Sheesh, some people's kids.
2002-01-22 01:36:18 AM  
*gasps; struggles for breath* 2¢: Run, don't walk, over to Blockbuster (or your favorite video store) and rent yourself Blazing Saddles.
2002-01-22 01:36:59 AM  
It is totally biased and a fabrication to equate the 'right' with white supremecist. The Southern Poverty Center is a 'left' wing extemist group, by the same standard. Are abortion doctors who perform them on black women also white supremecist?

This article is totally biased in trying to tie white supremecist to the Republican party and/ or conservatives. What a crock of shiat!!!!!!
2002-01-22 01:40:43 AM  
Pulse Code: No kidding! Damn, I just might have a bit more of an attraction for asian girls than any other type. A group of them showed up at my workplace the other day, and hot damn.
2002-01-22 01:43:36 AM  
Senator Trent Lott posed with officials of the pro-white Council of Conservative Citizens in 1997. The following year he said he has "no first-hand knowledge" of the views of the group that made him an honorary member. From left, William D. Lord, senior coordinator ( who has twice served as chairman of the Lott Senate campaign in Carroll County, Mississippi) ; Mr. Lott; Tom Dover, president, and Gordon L. Baum, executive officer.
2002-01-22 01:44:52 AM  
"Get out offa mah property! You put your seed in my daughter's belly!"
"But pa! Where will I go?"
"I don't care. Yer lucky yer my brother, otherwise I'd keel you."
2002-01-22 01:45:02 AM  
Alright. We'll give some land to the n.iggers and the chinks. But we don't want the Irish.
2002-01-22 01:47:49 AM  

"I don't think America really knows what it is up against in coping with illegal immigration. It will unfold as the greatest challenge to our integrity as a nation since the Civil War."

Integrity? We don't need no stinkin' integrity! Ever hear of the Balkans ... well, er ... bad example ...

2002-01-22 01:51:20 AM  

That was a clutch movie quote. Props to you.

And I used to be against illegal immigration, too. Until I realized that non of my peers are willing to pick tomatoes for a dollar an hour. $12 brocolli ain't my style of budgeting.
2002-01-22 01:55:33 AM  
"If the liberals have as much success in the next 10 or 20 years as they have in the last 10 or 20 years, I can imagine a day when we won't be able to meet like this."

--KKK leader at big rally circa 1960
2002-01-22 02:00:47 AM  
Its about time they realize that america is a nation of multiple races, and being white doesn't make you supreme.

I think most of them just have a problem with their ego.
2002-01-22 02:01:21 AM  
Blazing Saddles/Blues Bros.= Best. Double-feature. Ever.
Here's some census data for Carroll County Mississippi ,
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