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(CNN)   Blair says detainees have no complaints   ( divider line
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1273 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2002 at 4:20 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-21 04:24:14 PM  
well, actually, now that you mention it, my internet connections pretty slow. praise allah.
2002-01-21 04:28:43 PM  
Surely the Red Cross had something to say about that. They've got to be complaining that we shaved their heads and beards (for "hygeine" reasons). Of course, I could care less if they're comfortable... they ought to sleep hanging upside down.
2002-01-21 04:28:51 PM  
so is it obvious that they have no complaints or obvious that Blair actually says that they have no complaints??
2002-01-21 04:29:05 PM  
Breaking News: Tony Blair is a spinless biatch.
2002-01-21 04:29:41 PM  
so sit down and shut up, biatch
2002-01-21 04:30:38 PM  
I'll give em something to complain about. bring those bastards to my front door so that I can introduce them to my "terrorist-be-good" stick.
2002-01-21 04:33:06 PM  
Even if they did complain, who gives a damn about their condition? Oh yeah, I forgot, those bleeding hearts at Amnesty International do. Surprise surprise surprise!
2002-01-21 04:33:11 PM  
So when does the cock and ball torture begin? Will it be televised? Just let me know so I can set the Tivo.
2002-01-21 04:36:29 PM  
Other than that whole "detained" thing...
2002-01-21 04:38:14 PM  
They modified my tagline :P

It initially was "Amusing" : Blair says Detainees have no complaints; Pinnochio asks for nose back.

BTW, my posts will be seldom now, I'm on training. Just thought I'd let you know.
2002-01-21 04:40:07 PM  
The latest from Abdul Azziz Habaab:

*nervously glancing over left shoulder*

"I is being treated very well by Godless Americans."

He later told reporters his only complaint is that he hasn't had the chance to foment a rebellion and kill the "cursed guards who give us cable and bananas".

Back to you in the studio.
2002-01-21 04:41:40 PM  
He must be a puppet of the Eeevil Corporate American Government Cabal. I've heard that he has been known to make statements about the United States that were not derogatory!

::makes the sign of Chomsky::
2002-01-21 04:47:51 PM  
I like how everyone assumes that the British and Americans are lying about the detainees despite the fact that all the evidence shown is to the contrary. People scream "their human rights are being abused". But when the professionals go in and say that they aren't everyone says they are lying or have been tricked. I have been listening to arguement like this since they started moving them to Cuba and i just though that I would start another one. Heh
2002-01-21 04:47:53 PM  
As I understand it, American News Sources have imposed self censoship and will not report anything that reflects negatively on the government. Is this true? If it is..all US News Sources are suspect and CNN is a tool of the government.
2002-01-21 04:47:59 PM  
We must ensure that our prisoners are allowed to plot out future attacks or else they will not be happy and plot more attacks against us!

mustn't make Communist brain-washing 'training' joke... mustn't.
2002-01-21 04:57:27 PM  
No, Bongo_Fury, it is not true. Idiot.
2002-01-21 04:58:00 PM  
BTW, my posts will be seldom now, I'm on training. Just thought I'd let you know.

And there was much rejoicing. ;)
2002-01-21 04:59:43 PM  
The report said the prisoners receive three meals a day, including a pre-packed Islamic meal, and have access to as much water as they wish.

I'm going to slap the people that log on later and begin to cry about how they have it better than a good, red blooded American (mainly themselves). You know it will happen; it always happens on every humanitarian thread.
2002-01-21 05:05:57 PM  
Rei, I will miss you while you are gone.....learn something new, and hurry back!
2002-01-21 05:06:15 PM  
American News outlets are the same as all others. They want what is best for themselves (ie: Get viewers, sell papers, etc). You will never get an unbiased opinion from a news source simply because everyone reporting has an opinion and and those opinions are reflected (the magnitude of which is determined by the the ego of the reporting individual) in their work.
I smoked a pile of weed and watched the muslim news for an hour friday night (it was some kind of talk show sort of like Larry King Live without the budget, with Americans calling in and asking Muslims questions. I can't remember which country it was, I think Pakistan but don't quote me on that.) and all I heard about was oil and religion. Anyways, the point of me telling you this is that the best thing to do is to use the net (best source of info) and read the same stories from several different sources. I usually read CNN, MSNBC, BBC and something else the united arab news (i think that is what it is called), or something related.
2002-01-21 05:08:43 PM  
I don't even eat 3 meals a day. Especially a prepacked islamic meal. Abused my ass.
2002-01-21 05:09:52 PM  
Yeah, that's becuase the ones that DID complain were shot and dumped into a pit.
2002-01-21 05:12:41 PM  
Sorry about the training (well, you know what i mean :P).

It's no fun to argue without you around -- you're sincere and have actual knowledge or the events and people involved! It sucks to defend the US against someone who can't name a single Columbian death squad we've sponsored...

2002-01-21 05:19:09 PM  
The U.S. government calls the prisoners "unlawful combatants" or "detainees" rather than prisoners of war assigned legal rights under the Geneva Conventions

Okay, that sounds fair. So any foreign personnel caught in Afghanistan are also "illegal combatants" as well as armed invaders, spies and mercenaries. Their rights also should not be protected by the Geneva Convention.

You reap what you sew, baby. The first time some 18 year old private wanders off and they catch him, torture and execute him, per the rules of THEIR homeland, we'll see who cries foul.

I hope that doesn't happen but what should we expect.

Flame ON!
2002-01-21 05:22:01 PM  
2002-01-21 05:23:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-21 05:25:39 PM  
newsflash, MrBrown: nobody in Afghanistan has even HEARD of the geneva convention, much less ever done anything but ridicule it

the U.S. should tell the U.N. to fark off with its touchy-feely pinko bullcrap, and start giving the Al Queda some of their own medicine.. I like the male burqua concept, and since we can't demonstrate that beautiful Muslim culture of female circumcision, I say we circ' their assholes real good... with chainsaws
2002-01-21 05:26:09 PM  
MrBrown: I am fairly confident that is exactly what would happen if they captured American Troops, although they would probably be tortured and killed outright. Americans have good boots after all.
2002-01-21 05:27:17 PM  
If "some 18 year old private" did wander off and get caught, etc, there wouldn't be anyone "crying foul". There would be a number of large, smoking holes with little bits of seared-rare Taliban scattered about.

Courtesy of the rest of the "18 year old privates".
2002-01-21 05:31:14 PM  
MrBrownNow, would you actually expect the Taliban and the Al-Qeida, should they capture one of our people, to do anything but what you have described? Perhaps you think that they would be fed bagels and cream cheese.
2002-01-21 05:31:28 PM  
Hoo-ah, WoodyTX.
2002-01-21 05:32:43 PM  
In January, where would you rather be? In a cave in Afghanistan with no food and it's below freezing, or in a cell in Cuba with food and water.

I wouldn't trade for it, but I think they are better off where they are now then where they were. (Health and well being, not talking about their freedom to run around and kill people because allah told them to.)

People need to stop crying about these bastards.
2002-01-21 05:34:30 PM  
Bin_Smokin,"Americans have good boots after all."

2002-01-21 05:41:42 PM  
TheTick He means they would take his boots, since they would probably be in better shape then whatever they are wearing
2002-01-21 05:42:18 PM  
In almost every bleeding heart story I hear about afghanistan they talk about the "starving people with nothing but rags rapped around thier feet."

In almost every story I hear about afghanistan brutality, people are stealing dead peoples boots.

This leads me to the conclusion that they have a distinct shortage of footwear and that they are subsequently willing to kill for it.
2002-01-21 05:42:18 PM  
The photos from the U.S. naval base in Cuba show the men kneeling on the ground in handcuffs with masks over their mouths and noses and mittens on their hands.

They were taken when the prisoners arrived on January 11 and released over the weekend by the U.S. Navy.

So, if the Navy is mistreating them, then why would the Navy release pictures showing them mistreating the prisioners?

Would somebody use half a brain before coming up with these stupid ideas about mistreatment! Please! Please!
2002-01-21 05:43:05 PM  
Thanks Hiro. Loved the book.
2002-01-21 05:48:15 PM  
Bin_Smokin, gothcha...thanks.

Many a battle has been fought for good footware --Gettysburg?
2002-01-21 05:51:13 PM  
The photo looked like they were praying to me. Do people think that they have them sorting rocks or something?

They don't look abused to me. Hats and Coveralls look the same as those they use in american prisons. Masks to prevent biting and spitting (these are also for health reasons). Shackles for transport like the Americans do to thier own prisoners (I know i have been in handcuffs before, and the evening I spent in that cell wasn't very farking comfortable either. It was a Canadian Jail too.) And as for being sedated on the flight, who gives a fark. It is a 16 hour flight (approx). What were they supposed to do? give them a mag and some peanuts. I sleep through a 2 hour flight. I would have asked to have been sedated. (Although they probably would have denied me this right because they are cruel savage americans.)
2002-01-21 05:54:43 PM  
Maybe if we airlifted millions of pairs of stylish american and european shoes to Afghanistan the war would end tomorrow. But we can't take that risk because we aren't entirely sure how the footwear whether or not the is gift would be used for the benefit of afghan society.
2002-01-21 05:56:38 PM  
Actually, Bin_Smokin, peanuts are now a no-no. Concerns about being sued by people who are allegis to peanuts -- figure that one out!

But I do think that a catered meal and a couple of good in-flight movies should have been arranged.
2002-01-21 05:56:40 PM  
What the fark was that? Let me try it again

Maybe if we airlifted millions of pairs of stylish american and european shoes to Afghanistan the war would end tomorrow. But we can't take that risk because we aren't entirely sure whether or not this gift would be used for the benefit of afghan society.

that makes more sense.
2002-01-21 05:57:14 PM  
Actually, Bin_Smokin, peanuts are now a no-no. Concerns about being sued by people who are allegic to peanuts -- figure that one out! (Farkin lawyers will be the end of the world...if the terrorists do not win first.)

But I do think that a catered meal and a couple of good in-flight movies should have been arranged.
2002-01-21 05:58:55 PM  
Ooops, please forgive the double submit.
2002-01-21 05:59:04 PM  
??? So what are we doin with these detainees? They?re not POWs, are they all going to be tried for some sort of crime, perhaps each separately, with representation by good liberal lawyers, fully televised trials on Court TV, the last appeal will finish in only 25 years. Perhaps they can get to work re-building their own damn country!

Why are they in Guantanamo Bay (note the spelling!)? Do their captors secretly hope they?ll get loose and run amok in Cuba?

Wouldn?t that be neat!?
2002-01-21 05:59:15 PM  
No one has mentioned the obvious. If you don't speak Arabic, its easy to say you didn't hear any complaints.
2002-01-21 06:01:21 PM  
They could have shown them Mariah in "Glitter". I recall reading a headline on FARK a while back stating that the US was using this movie to interrogate Al-Qaeda. If this is true then I take back everything good I have ever said about the American Govn't because this definatly goes well beyond cruel and unusual punishment.
2002-01-21 06:01:30 PM  
"Wouldn?t that be neat!?" would. Old Fidel would have a heart attack! heheheheh
2002-01-21 06:04:50 PM  
Guantanamo is surrounded by several levels of fencing along with 2000 Cuban military personel whose numbers are dwarfed only by those of the landmines surrounding the base. Those Detainees aren't going anywhere. Unless the are fired out of the complex via Catapult (the Romans used to do that.)
2002-01-21 06:06:07 PM  
The Red Cross are interviewing each Detainee individually with translators.
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