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(Some Houston Guy)   Final Reminder: Houston Fark Party, this Saturday, 6 PM at the Gingermann in Rice Village. We'll all meet on the back patio and yes, there will be women. (Look for us, we're the attractive ones)   ( divider line
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3390 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jul 2004 at 5:30 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-06 04:10:51 PM  
Once again, here's the link to the place... if you don't like the time or the place either shut the fark up or show up and convince us all to go elsewhere.

Ginger Man

See you all then. Last time was great, this time should be better.
2004-07-06 04:14:10 PM  
If I'm conscious when you get there, it's a slow party.
2004-07-06 04:29:52 PM  
You'll be conscious Skail; you have to buy all my beer for my birthday remember. This should leave you nice and broke.
2004-07-06 04:34:39 PM  
PastorofMuppets, my bday was July 4th so he can buy for both of us. And we get to have sex with his g/f.
2004-07-06 04:38:08 PM  
I buy nothing. I'm going to make all the whiners from the previous thread buy beers for all of us.

Besides, I don't have a girlfriend. You can have sex with my ex-, though, since everyone else has.
2004-07-06 04:39:03 PM  
I can attest to that....
2004-07-06 04:39:44 PM  
Sounds like a plan. My birthday is August 23rd, so I get dibs on the free beer and girlfriend as well, right? oh, the humanity.
2004-07-06 04:42:21 PM  
UTexan07, hope to see you there then! Free women for all- and free Skail, too. He kinda looks like a woman. Especially in his weekend, summer dress.
2004-07-06 04:44:21 PM  
Free Skail to all the hot ladies who come. Except for a_e, who crossdresses on Saturdays. And on not Saturdays.
2004-07-06 04:45:27 PM  
A_E, I do love me a nice summer dress. Really lets you air out your bits and pieces
2004-07-06 04:45:46 PM  
Free Skail you say?
2004-07-06 04:50:38 PM  
The first Skail is always free, then they jack up the price on you. Pretty soon you're hawking your toaster oven in order to pay for it. Once while i was in Amsterdam, i did try a little skail at one of the coffee shops, and i woke up three days later on a trade bound for venis. And all I had left was the clothes I had on and my Thermos. Sad, really.
2004-07-06 04:51:39 PM  
For you bargirl24, gimme a pitcher and he's yours.
2004-07-06 04:51:50 PM  
wow, Venice, i mean. And I've even been there. I'll go back to school i promise
2004-07-06 04:53:25 PM  
Being the source, I can confirm that all Skail is free, in Houston. It's just the beer that costs a bit, because you don't want a sober and ultimately humorless Skail on your hands. Or in your hair.
2004-07-06 05:08:40 PM  
I guess the responses in this thread mean we have at least 4 people ocming. Whoohoo! At least we'll all get along.
2004-07-06 05:10:05 PM  
Until we get drunk and belligerent. Then we'll fight over who gets to pass out in the good spot.
2004-07-06 05:16:05 PM  
I'm going down to the bar. Catch you all tomorrow, hangover permitting.
2004-07-06 05:54:14 PM  
Well, you bastids have fun will ya? Sorry I won't be there.
2004-07-06 06:54:46 PM  
Goddammit. I'm still sober. Tonight sucks.
2004-07-06 08:19:36 PM  
I sure hope you TF'ettes and Farkettes like a handsome older guy. And remember to support the troops by being very nice to this old Marine vet. {wink}
2004-07-06 08:54:48 PM  
Trust me guys... there will be people. Skail, myslelf, my g/f, 2-3 girls from Rice, PastorofMuppets and his g/f, as well as 2-3 others from Rice... yea, it will be a full and lively table. I can count 10 right now. And we're all drunks so this should be entertaining. If we get kicked, fark'em.
2004-07-06 08:55:46 PM  

: you better make it... we'll be looking for you!
2004-07-07 05:49:49 AM  
yes, there will be women

you mean hookers, right?
2004-07-07 06:34:09 AM  
Oh sweet irony! The one time I notice a Houston Fark Party with people who sound like they are down to have a good time, and I have to work. C'est la vie
2004-07-07 07:27:08 AM  
Shame I can't be there but as my buddy ClayParrot knows I'm currently on the other side of the Pond. Enjoy!!!
2004-07-07 08:10:54 AM  
Houston is the smelly armpit of North America.
But the womens are teh hawt though..
2004-07-07 08:34:24 AM  

Couldn't agree more- that's why we drink heavily. Alcohol numbs the olfactory nerves.
2004-07-07 08:38:14 AM  
I'll be there! I know another Farker that wants to go too.
Rat [TotalFark]
2004-07-07 08:43:33 AM  
can somebody wear a pimpin orange fedora and a feather boa so I can spot you guys in the crowd?

© or are you gonna be on the back patio at one of the big tables?
2004-07-07 08:48:15 AM  
I think we all have pics in our profile. I'm an easy one to spot- look for the guy with spikey blonde hair and tattoos. I'll be with a really loud guy (Skail), two brunettes, a reddish/brown haired girl, a big bald guy and others... we should be quite recognizable. Hope it isn't too hot on the patio- forgot it was summer. We may have to move to something indoors if it's too hot out.
2004-07-07 08:54:44 AM  
Why did I pick this weekend to have a romantic get-a-way with my husband?? We will be off at some B and B with a private hot tub--I will not think of farkers at all!!
Too late to change reservations, babysitter--maybe we could come to another one another time.
Did go to an Austin one a while ago...
Get drunk and do not debate politics. Have fun!!!!!
I do have a red striped Cat in the Hat hat if anyone wants to borrow for recognition!!! Sorry, all out of orange pimp fedoras.
2004-07-07 09:06:04 AM  
I'll try to make it, too.
2004-07-07 09:06:52 AM  
I don't think politics came up once last time. I do recall many pitchers of beer though. Most of us had to leave early last time- that won't be a problem this time around though.
2004-07-07 09:08:52 AM  
Arrghh, my family and their damned guilt trips!! Looks like I'll be attending my cousin's 9th birthday party this weekend, so hope everyone has a great time and gets exceedingly throwed.

I will make it to one of these parties one day, oh yes, I will indeed.
2004-07-07 09:21:48 AM  

I sure hope you TF'ettes and Farkettes like a handsome older guy. And remember to support the troops by being very nice to this old Marine vet. {wink}

Parrott, I'll also help bring up the median age of this group as well.
But, I'll see if I can make my 21 year old sister come with me, but it's the biatch's turn to drive. last time we went out to an Astros' game and she was supposed to drive, she was hammered by the 5th. ah, the lack of responsibility.

speaking of driving, fill me in on parking, will they tow you for parking in the arcade and going to G-man?
2004-07-07 09:23:37 AM  
I've never had any problem parking over in the parking garage and going to Gingermann. I think wherever you can find a spot is fine. There's plenty of parking in the 3 story garage.
2004-07-07 09:29:40 AM  

I've never had any problem parking over in the parking garage and going to Gingermann. I think wherever you can find a spot is fine. There's plenty of parking in the 3 story garage.

a few years back they were towing those that parked in the garage and went to the G-man because the arcade and Gman had a falling out of sorts. I don't mind parking in the street, but I have a new beast of a truck that isn't so easy to park compared to the little blazer I had.
2004-07-07 09:35:47 AM  
You can always park in the little neighborhood across the street. Shakespeare, which is one street up from University if you're heading up Morning Side, has parking on the streets. Then it's just a 2 block walk over to Gingermann.
2004-07-07 09:35:55 AM  
alcoholic_entropy: I'll be with a really loud guy (Skail)

Isn't "loud" just another word for "awesome?"
2004-07-07 09:43:44 AM  
damn, i will be in houston on thursday, friday, and i will be there on sunday. i will not be there on the 10th. damn you all.
2004-07-07 09:46:49 AM  
If anyone is interested, here's pics from the last Houston Fark Party- also on the back patio of the Gingermann.

Click here to see both the location and many of us who will be there.
2004-07-07 10:16:50 AM  
May I come by for a drink...I'm a 28, er 32, er 45 year old professional from Friendswood....? Please?
2004-07-07 10:18:37 AM  
NeoBad- everyone is welcome. Anyone that wants to come for some drinks as well as anyone they want to bring.
2004-07-07 10:18:44 AM  
"Houston is the smelly armpit of North America.
But the womens are teh hawt though.."

Uh, yeah. Whatever:
2004-07-07 10:20:10 AM  
HeatMiser... I have no idea who that chick is/was. She showed up with someone but sat off by herself. I don't even know who she came with.
2004-07-07 10:35:21 AM  

I think that will be most of us. I know that neither Skail nor I will be sober upon arrival.
2004-07-07 10:38:17 AM  
Holy shiat! HeatMiser managed to find the picture of the only one woman we have living in Houston! Damm you for spoiling our fun! a_e and I had to settle for transformers, as they're the only one's left in the city.
2004-07-07 10:43:38 AM  
I need some ideas to help me remember this event Saturday.
Oh yea, Beer!
2004-07-07 10:44:55 AM  
Trannies need love too, ya know.
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