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(iFilm) Boobies New naked joke: Adele Stevens: Fly me (not safe for work)   ( divider line 47
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44522 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jul 2004 at 3:23 PM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-07-07 03:25:06 PM  
Boo! Hiss! Ifilm!

2004-07-07 03:25:20 PM  
So is this a good or a bad kind of naked ? (At work, I cannot click linky thingy)
2004-07-07 03:25:30 PM  
eeeeeOOOOWZAH! Am I first???
2004-07-07 03:26:21 PM  
Damn, oh well... it's just Ifilm....
2004-07-07 03:26:59 PM  
damn. why do Ifilm links even get approved? The whole thread is usually just biatching about Ifilm. I just opened the thread to see if it had already happened, and yep.
2004-07-07 03:27:11 PM  
Alright! It's IFILM!!!
2004-07-07 03:29:04 PM  
darn, I was hoping to be the first to complain...
2004-07-07 03:29:24 PM  
Ifilm isn't exactly my favorite site...but what's so bad about it?
2004-07-07 03:29:33 PM  
Oops, I clicked the link. Fortunately, I closed the window before it loaded.
2004-07-07 03:29:33 PM  
They are very large. Z breasts. I don't have audio at work, but can look at Z breasts. Can someone tell me the joke. I am that bored.
2004-07-07 03:30:33 PM  
SpeedyTurkey, it is cliche, like Duke, to say Ifilm sucks. I suppose if you select the Real Player option, you could have some trouble.
2004-07-07 03:31:25 PM  
2004-07-07 03:32:03 PM  
I'll tell another joke that I heard recently, I thought it was pretty good.

So God is talking to Adam right after he's had sex with Eve for the first time...

God: So how was it? Pretty good eh?
Adam: Yeah, it was great!
God: Where's Eve, by the way?
Adam: Oh, she's off cleaning up in the river.
God: What!? Dammit, I'll never get the smell out of those fish!
2004-07-07 03:34:02 PM  
I like this one:

Subject: Not Come Work Today...

Kung Chow called his boss and said:
"Hey, boss I not come work today, I really sick.
I got headache, stomach ache, leg hurt, I not come work."

The boss says: "Kung Chow I really need you today.
When I feel sick like this I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex.
That makes me feel better and I can go to work. You should try that."

Two hours later Kung Chow calls again:
"Boss, I do what you say and I feel great, I be at work soon." "You Got
Nice House."
2004-07-07 03:34:13 PM  
She's a great looking woman...
just wished she didn't talk. Dumb as a door knob.
But I would most certainly not kick her out of bed. Assuming she became a raving lunatic and for some odd reason decided to get it on with me.
2004-07-07 03:34:46 PM  
Boooooooo IFILM!!!

Hooray Adele Stevens - NSFW
2004-07-07 03:35:17 PM  
sfw pics?

anything that i can look at WITHOUT going to ifilm?
2004-07-07 03:36:19 PM  
Here is a transcript of the joke (though it isn't very good):
Two woman were seated next to each other on an airplane. One was very straight-laced and proper and one was more of a party girl.
Stewardess: Can I get you ladies a coctail?
Woman A: Yeah, I'd like a whiskey and soda
Stewardess: Very good, and you madam?
Woman B:I'd rather be savagely violated by a [something] than let alcohol touch my lips.
Woman A: Can I change my order, I didn't realize I had a choice.
2004-07-07 03:37:35 PM  
mmmm i wanna throw my shrimp on her barbie
2004-07-07 03:37:37 PM  
Nishi Kawaguchi Style
thanks...still a bit weird though
2004-07-07 03:38:54 PM  
Generally Good: Boobies

Generally Evil: iFilm
2004-07-07 03:42:17 PM  
Speaking of God and Adam:

Adam says to God that he's pretty lonely, and would God please make him a companion. God says that he can make a companion for man. Posessed of beauty, intelligence, wit, humor, sensousness and feminity, she will be called a woman. God says that she will be perfect in every way, and that she and Adam will live in happiness, but at a price. Adam asks the price, and God repsonds by saying it will cost him an arm and a leg. Adam ponders this for a moment, and finally asks God, "what can I get for a rib?"
2004-07-07 03:44:57 PM  
God: So how was it? Pretty good eh?
Adam: Yeah, it was great!
God: Where's Eve, by the way?
Adam: Oh, she's off cleaning up in the river.
God: What!? Dammit, I'll never get the smell out of those fish!


There are no new jokes.
2004-07-07 03:45:44 PM  
ok, im all for complaining about iFilm, because its inconvienet, slow, bad resolution, and the jokes are usually lame, and the girls just stand there, and you dont get to see much, except stationary hooties...

that being said, i gotta say this was the best naked joke ever. at the start she pops up and wiggles em, the 2 characters have different posture for nice boob floppage, and her accent was hot.

much better link than most of the last several photoshop contests, for sure!

/iFilm still sucks
2004-07-07 03:46:17 PM  
1. Something said or done to evoke laughter or amusement, especially an amusing story with a punch line.

Naked Joke: half-right anyway.
2004-07-07 04:00:33 PM  
More of her..

2004-07-07 04:03:23 PM  
a sfw pic for the working class...?
2004-07-07 04:12:21 PM  
Do mods keep greenlighting I-film links just to piss people off?
2004-07-07 04:17:21 PM  
crapola like the ifilm links getting green lit is why I left TF.
2004-07-07 04:27:08 PM  
iFilm sucks and Fark sucks worse everytime they link 'em.

Oh, and Ken Lay has been indicted.
2004-07-07 04:28:48 PM  
Kobe Bryant would hit it, then deny it, then buy his wife an expensive diamond ring.

/oldie but goodie.
2004-07-07 04:44:39 PM  
She has strange powers...
2004-07-07 04:58:34 PM  
a sfw pic for the working class...?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-07-07 05:10:20 PM  
For all you IFilm haters, just right click to download (1.61 MB QT).
2004-07-07 05:16:52 PM  
Sorry, but everytime I read that name, I hear this one instead:
[image from too old to be available]
Stevenson - Kefauver for '56!!
2004-07-07 05:38:27 PM  
thanks Grabastic
2004-07-07 06:34:57 PM  
Could someone re-post the link the "farkhive" page that will sort the topics and whatnot for you? I seemed to have lost the link during my last reformat.

2004-07-07 08:54:06 PM  
A naked woman telling a bad joke is still a naked woman. Stop complaining.
2004-07-07 10:02:38 PM  
For all you Ifilm haters, who prefer Windows Media player, right click to download
2004-07-07 10:56:33 PM  
Natasha Vale is way sexier.

UK porn has a few bright spots.
2004-07-07 11:17:42 PM  
The right click to save - Doesn't; but you can still Left click to play with WMP
2004-07-08 01:09:08 AM  
I'll admit it made me chuckle a bit.
2004-07-08 02:01:09 AM  
I dont get it...
2004-07-08 05:02:11 AM  
Why, you ifilm whining il Bastardo's, do whine something that you don't have to hit it... So, you don't "like" ifilm, but you "like" to whine about it???
2004-07-08 05:21:02 AM
Better site for some boobies! NSFW
2004-07-08 09:49:08 AM  
Ha ha! ....naked.
2004-07-08 08:34:07 PM  
Savagely beaten by a "Biker Gang"
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