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(ESPN)   Brett Favre throws 6 interceptions in playoff game, first time anyone has since 1955.   ( divider line
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2245 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2002 at 8:47 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-21 08:53:59 AM  
All you people who actually thought that GB had a chance, can suck my big, fat schlong.

You obviously know ZERO about football if you thought STL was gonna lose this game.
2002-01-21 08:54:41 AM  
Goddamn! I hate that redneck and his freaking piece of crap team!
2002-01-21 08:56:35 AM  
Worst (insert appropriate noun) ever.

4-0 on my picks this week, though
2002-01-21 08:59:23 AM  
TLBreer: I thought SL would win, but not that their defense would be scoring all the points. Did you know that the Ass-packers actually outgained the Rams by over 100 yards?
2002-01-21 09:08:07 AM  
I hear Brett Favre loves play the Steelers.. he gets time spend time with his "special friend" Kordell.

But slappin' buddies.
2002-01-21 09:11:30 AM  
Slayerswine: I was hoping for the Pats-Bears rematch.
2002-01-21 09:14:14 AM  
SlayerSwine: Long day, huh?
2002-01-21 09:15:21 AM  
It'll be the Rams in the 'Bowl, the Cards in the Series and the Blues folding like a cheap card table in the first round of the playoffs.
2002-01-21 09:26:33 AM  
There is no way in hell that the Blues get knocked out of the 1st round. LP has put together a fantastic team that is finally starting to click on all cylinders. This 8 game win streak is just a glimpse of what's to come.
2002-01-21 09:49:17 AM  
I do wish you lot would learn the language properly. "Football" refers to Soccer. What you are refering to is "American Football". Please use this term in future.
2002-01-21 09:54:11 AM  
Fark is American therefore it's that amazingly boring "sport" called soccer
2002-01-21 09:54:58 AM  
Bah, "Euro Soccer" is a sport for fairies. Buncha tools running around on a cow pasture in silk shorts...kick it, kick it over there, kick it back, fall down, roll around like a speared fish. No scoring, no strategy...Rather watch paint dry.
2002-01-21 09:55:08 AM  
11 point spread! ha hahaha haha aha aha ahha

Favre on turf. Rams at home. Marshall Faulk. Please tell me some farkers made some money off this game.
2002-01-21 10:04:14 AM  
In America, soccer (football for you foreigners) is what little girls play.
2002-01-21 10:05:22 AM  
I thought only Peyton Manning could throw that many interceptions
2002-01-21 10:09:54 AM  
SLAYERSWINE : Not to mention, if soccer is such a faaaaantastic sport, why do so many soccer players try out every year to be NFL kickers?

Thank god that soccer player won on Survivor, only chance he'll ever see at a million smackers.
2002-01-21 10:13:41 AM  
Well, I love ol' Brett. I didn't expect to see the Pack win, but this....??? It was freaky bad.
2002-01-21 10:18:06 AM  
I live less than 20 minutes away from Lambeau Field, and yeah, we'll swallow this loss, and accept that Brett had a bad game. And we can give full respect to the Rams defense.

At least Bear's fans can feel a little bit better about their self-destruction.

But like them or not, the Packers ARE America's football team, and you can never take that away from them. It's a religion around here, and no matter how much you badmouth the team collectively or individually, it doesn't mean anything to us who have been a part of the magic, and felt the cold wind of history blowing across Lambeau Field.
2002-01-21 10:19:47 AM  
"...and felt the cold wind of history blowing across Lambeau Field."

And it smelled like old moldy cheese.
2002-01-21 10:23:33 AM  
*ignoring sploodgeboy*
Ditto, SK
2002-01-21 10:28:30 AM  
Never did Packers fans expect the Pack to hand over the ball that many times; we were sickened. It's different if the Rams outplayed us, but this was just sick. You can't win by giving up the ball soooo many times you know.
2002-01-21 10:38:03 AM  
Doesn't help when Favre makes more completions to the Rams Defense than he does to his offense.
2002-01-21 10:38:05 AM  
What do you mean "if the Rams outplayed us." We did outplay you, we kicked the living shiate out of you. Except for the one long run we held Aman Green in check all day. Whatever loser said that our run defense was soft can kiss my ass. Sure, our offense was flat, but they didn't need to be on. If they had been on yesterday we would have put up 70 points on the Packers. Don't say we did't outplay you.
2002-01-21 10:40:11 AM  
Mayoboy: Don't give up on my Blues yet.. Mediocre seasons often lead to spectacular playoffs.. (read: Spectacular seasons lead to embarassing playoffs, so why can't the converse be true??) Besides, they're picking up the pace, and April is when the real season starts..

*sigh* I try to remain optimistic, but it's getting harder every year.. But I'll always stick by the side of my boyz.. :)

Go Rams :) That game was just unbelievable.. At least Kurt didn't try to take any credit at all for the win.. The defense just stepped up and dominated the show.. and that's how games are won..
We deserve it!
2002-01-21 10:47:32 AM  
The Rams/Packers game made me and plastic baby jebus cry
2002-01-21 11:03:49 AM  
TL Breer.

As a fan of football I have to ask you to take your big fat schlong out of your ass and wash it first. Because I actually was stupid enough to think the Packers could win, But than again, I also thought St Louis could beat the Bucs and Saints especially in their own house. Oh well Good luck next week Ram Fans. Also enjoy it while you have it because eventually the free agent market will bite you in the ass.

As a Packer Fan, I demand that Kurt Warner give Brett Favre half of his pay check for Sundays game. As Brett threw most of the Rams TD's.
2002-01-21 11:09:51 AM  
Rocko67 said it fat_mike...

As Brett threw most of the Rams TD's.

That's what I mean by "not outplayed".

2002-01-21 11:09:53 AM  
I thought the Cowboys were America's team. And if the Packers were America's team, wouldn't it be the America Packers? I really hate people who say that such-and-such is America's team. Am I then forced to like that team or be called a communist, or fascist, or a traitor. People who call their team "America's team" are those who are mad their team lost and want to feel better knowing that someone else feels bad to. Right? Someone else feels bad? Right?
2002-01-21 11:11:21 AM  
the Packers ARE America's football team

HA! thats the funniest thing i've heard all day. what drug are you on? do you think anyone was believing that crap back when the cowgirls were claiming that title? everyone knows that the seahawks ARE america's team.... yeah that sounds about as credible as the packers being america's team. the packers got their asses beat, get over it.
2002-01-21 11:13:11 AM  
I thought the Hartford Whalers were America's team.
2002-01-21 11:16:59 AM  
You mentioned the smell of old moldy cheese. It has to be better than the smell or backed up over loaded Sewer systems on a hot summers day in downtown Chicago. Last time I was there the stink was overwhelming, I heard there was no taping of the Jerry Springer show that day so it had to be the sewers. Chicago looks and taste great but smells worse than any moldy cheese.

One more note bout the game. Gotta love a coach that will keep his stars in the game and risk getting them hurt when you team is up by 28 points in the 4th quarter. imagine the rams with out Marshall or Warner. minus either one they wouldnt have much at all. You know you are advancing to the next round pull the starters. Thats Rule #1
2002-01-21 11:25:45 AM  

Hartford Whalers, Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques, Atlanta Flames, California Golden Seals, Oakland Seals, Cleveland Barons, San Francisco Spiders, Kansas City Scouts, Denver Rockies... America's Team? Take your pick.
2002-01-21 11:26:42 AM  
Although I didnt want the rams to win, i couldnt help but giggle like a schoolgirl everytime butt muncher brett favrilinsky threw to the rams - best qb ever HAH ...loser
2002-01-21 11:27:40 AM  
Garibaldi, im sorry but i believe the Seattle Pilots should obviously be America's Team.
2002-01-21 11:35:39 AM  
I'm a Green Bay fan. No, I didn't expect them to beat the Rams on turf. I also didn't expect to see the defense sitting on the bench while the Ram's scored their points. What the hell was that?

I would love to see the Rams play the superbowl on grass in shiatty weather....

To the rest of GB fans: Enough with the 'America's Team' crap. That was bull when it was applied to the Cowboys and is just as BS when applied to the Pack. There is NO 'America's Team' in football. With the way the NFL is today, the Lions could make it to the big dance and the Rams could go 0-16 in a short time.
2002-01-21 11:35:58 AM  
Well Amercias Team should actually be the title of our Olympic Team? I think as far as Fan Base the Packers have the most fans in the NFL. Does that make them Americas Team? Some say yes some say no. I say they are probably the most popular team.

The one thing I can say about the Packers that I can't say about any other team in the NFL. The Packers will always be in Green Bay. Not like the LA RAMs or the SL Cards or the Colts, Browns, Oilers and such. I cant imagine what its like to have your favorite team pulled out from under you like that. I dont have to imagine it because my team is here to stay but the rest of them could move at anytime..
2002-01-21 11:43:39 AM  
Very true Rocko: Look at the 'Ring of Fame' in Lambeau, then look at the 'Ring of Fame' in The Dome. How many players listed there actually played for the Rams?
2002-01-21 11:45:25 AM  
I say they are probably the most popular team.

the most fanatic fans? probably... most popular in pure numbers? probably not. i would think that would lie with some of the big market teams like the 49ers, Redskins, Giants, or Jets.
2002-01-21 11:50:40 AM  

No arguement about the smell of shiatcago. Also no arguement about leaving the starters in when we're up by 25. However, when Faulk was out for 2 games, Candidate stepped up and had 200+ yard days so we can get by without Faulk (not that we would want to).
2002-01-21 12:01:52 PM  
It's bad enough when you let St. Louis beat the hell out of you with their offense. Ouch.
2002-01-21 12:08:59 PM  
Sorry I'm late to this thread. I just got back from the hospital where I had to have the grin surgically removed from my face after watching yesterday's Rams game.

Hee hee. Rams. So good.

Oh crap, here comes that smile again. Gotta go.
2002-01-21 01:19:17 PM  
All right, I'll concede the point about "America's Team". In hindsight, that is a pretty lame title to attach to any sports team.

But those of you ripping on Favre, how many of your favorite teams QB's have been MVP as many times as Brett?

You can't judge a QB's career based on a single playoff game. The Rams have a spectacular roster right now, but just like any team, it won't last forever.

And Lord_humungous, I really have to wonder what the outcome would have been if the game yesterday had been played in conditions like the Patriots game...
2002-01-21 01:31:15 PM  
Laugh if you will
Flame if you must , but i gotta say
the Rams only scored two offencive TDs against a Packer D thats been a joke since the fith week, and from what McNabb s girlfriend says , He's Damn good on the carpet !
2002-01-21 01:34:11 PM  
and SLAYERSWINE why would you NOT want to see the team that handed da Bears their ASS on Saturday go all the way ? , mid west thing ?
2002-01-21 02:14:33 PM  
But those of you ripping on Favre, how many of your favorite teams QB's have been MVP as many times as Brett?

what does that have to do with anything? my problem with farve is that people speak of him as if hes the best ever. hardly! granted hes headed for (and honestly already has) hall of fame numbers, hes not (yet) an Elway, Young or Montana. There are at least 2 other quarterbacks who are just as good but dont get their dick sucked by ppl like john madden every sunday. (im thinking of testaverde and bledsoe) right now, though, favre is a boomer esiason with a super bowl ring (and remember esiason would have a ring had his defense not played the 49ers in the superbowl)
2002-01-21 02:20:29 PM  
I think what people like about Favre is his willingness to take risks on the field, and not play it safe all the time.

I don't think anyone can deny he's truly entertaining to watch on the field.

I brought up the MVP point to argue that just because he had a bad day in a crucial game does not make him a shiatty player as some people on this board seem to think.

Still, I respect their opinions...this kind of forum makes the game a bit more interesting, seeing how passionate everyone becomes when it comes to their favorite teams. :)

And BaconFarker, you're right...Favre has a way to go before he's considered an all time great, but I think he has made pretty good progress over the years.
2002-01-21 02:23:16 PM  
Yes indeed if the game was played outdoors in the cold and icy snow, where football was meant to be played. The Rams wouldnt have done so well. Its kind of like driving a car in the snow. If you do it all the time you are not going to hit the ditch. But if you are not used to it. Make sure you got your boots on.

As for the Popular team. I still say its the packers. because when they play on the road they have more fans turn up at every game than any other team in the league. Keep it in mind that the Packers have been around for almost 100 years. As for the Cowboys and Niners. Lots of bandwagon fans for those teams mostly confused and illegal aliens once they lose these fans move on, most likely all Ram Fans now. the Rams can have them.
2002-01-21 02:41:38 PM  

I read a newspaper article that stated NFL team merchandise sales shows the local team being the number one selling brand with the dallas cowboys coming in at number 2. this was a couple years ago, and it held true in all but 2 of the NFL team regions.

So I don't know if this proves who America's Team is, but I'd say America's Bandwagon Team is, economically, the Cowboys.

As far as Niner bandwagon jumpers, I don't know. I live in the bay area (and am a Niners fan) so about have the people here are Niners fans already.

And regarding the "confused and illegal alien" population, from my own experience, they are drawn to the Raiders. Along with every parolee, gangbanger, mullet clad white trash wife beater, degenerate, etc in California.

By the way, the Rams are steamrolling everyone. I don't see how Philly stands a chance after what they did - or couldn't do - against the now-eliminated Niners.
2002-01-21 02:42:19 PM  
have = half
2002-01-21 02:52:51 PM  

oh dont get me wrong, i totally understand why favre is so liked. he truly seems to love the game, which is very admirable especially in these million dollar days.


you can say it til the cows all go come home to wisconsin, but i doubt you'll be able to prove it. there really isnt a way to prove it. merchandising revenue might prove it to some extent, but what else is there to spend money on in green bay besides cheese, beer and packer merchandise. obviously theyre gonna have some high revenue since they're the only product in the area, but it doesnt mean they have more fans.

and dont act like there arent any fair weather packer fans. i never heard (or saw in opposing stadiums) from a single packer fan until about 5 years ago. They make it to thier first super bowl in 30 years, and thats when everyone comes out of the woodwork? if thats not fair weather fans, i dont know what is.
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