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(SFGate)   NFL to review rule that gave Patriots "immaculate incompletion"   ( divider line
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5085 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2002 at 8:47 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-21 08:49:57 AM  
Pats rule. Kordell Stewart is a flaming homosexual.

My prediction: Pats will be the doormat for the St. Louis Rams in New Orleans.
2002-01-21 08:52:15 AM  
Regardless - I LOVED watching the game. The SNOW! The SNOW! Lordy, them boys earned their paychecks sattiday night.
2002-01-21 08:53:07 AM  
Phxtony: Good morning, you must just be getting back from Foxboro! Unfortunately, your prediction is right on, too.
2002-01-21 08:53:58 AM  
That rule is gay. And retarded even.
2002-01-21 08:56:51 AM  
Bass555: Holy mother of God. I went home and took a shower until the water got cold. Then, I put a new pair of thermals on, then made a hot chocolate, and curled up in my comforter until early morning.
2002-01-21 08:58:03 AM  
For the record, he fumbled. 9 out of 10 times, they would have ruled it a fumble.

For the record, it's pay back for a 25-year-old debt.

For the record, the Raiders are a bunch of turds anyway.
2002-01-21 09:01:22 AM  
Fianlly, the Sugar Bear can rest easy...
2002-01-21 09:01:49 AM  
Ya, Pat's rule. Sure what ever you say.
Steelers are gonna kill them. I'm not a Steelers
fan but you have to be an idiot to think New England
has a chance.
2002-01-21 09:05:09 AM  
you have to be an idiot to think New England
has a chance
-- You know, that's Webster's dictionary of a Boston sports fan. You're going to get sued for copyright infringement.
2002-01-21 09:05:39 AM  
Make that Websters definition
2002-01-21 09:07:49 AM  

Oh thats right, thats pussy game you play where all the players wear armour so they dont break a fingernail or anything.

Exciting stuff, no wonder its so popular all North America.
2002-01-21 09:10:43 AM  
thats pussy game you play where all the players wear armour so they dont break a fingernail or anything

Do a google search for "Joe Theismann" and "broken leg".

He had a bit more than a broken fingernail.

Or, staying with the Patriots theme, take a look on Google or ESPN or any other reputable sites for Daryl Stingley.
2002-01-21 09:10:58 AM  
Simpman76: I am pissed that Oakland lost and my only sign of relief is the fact that the Steelers are gonna tear up N.E. (and I'm not a Steelers fan either)
2002-01-21 09:15:42 AM  
Stewart sure didn't play like he wanted any men jumping on him, but come on, tuff guy, even if true--who cares?
2002-01-21 09:17:08 AM  
The refs have involved themselves in too many game-changing bad calls lately... seriously, this year has to be one of the most poorly officiated in NFL history... fire the refs and hire bionic midgets... midgettossa has spoken!

too bad no Browns fans were at Foxboro to give the refs what they deserve... a good pelting
2002-01-21 09:17:23 AM  
Slayerswine: sure was....oh well, such are the vicissitudes of professional sport
2002-01-21 09:17:37 AM  
SLAYERSWINE: No no no, not one of the dumbest calls ever. In fact, the call was correct. One of the dumbest rules ever.... the overturn on the fumble was correct.
2002-01-21 09:18:35 AM  
Misread this article - saw it as Parrots Immaculate Conception.

Pretty Polly, Polly Is The Messiah!
2002-01-21 09:18:52 AM  
Cardinal: All in good fun, my friend, all in good fun. Have you seen Tom Brady give an interview? He's suspect as well, especially with that fruity little hat that he wears.
2002-01-21 09:27:38 AM  
Wow someone broke a leg!

Nearly as dangerous at Tag then
2002-01-21 09:30:16 AM  
Harmonia: Come on.. Dont you know? In the US, Martin Luther Kind day is a troll-free day. Please, observe the holiday.
2002-01-21 09:34:48 AM  
Harmonia I'll give you 2000$ us dollars to recieve and return one NFL kick off. We'll see who the pussy is.
2002-01-21 09:37:04 AM  
So let me understand this...

By the NFL's interpretation of the rule: It is impossible for a quarterback to fumble a ball unless he has crossed the line of scrimmage.

Am I understanding this right or not?
2002-01-21 09:37:22 AM  
Calm down folks just having a laugh.

Slayerswine what would you say if I posted a soccer link?

Get a sense of humour transplant

BTW from his profile:

Assholes on my shiatlist: 1.Harmonia 2.ClownCollegeGraduate***

Hooray, Im #1, and Im only a bot to. Must be because he gets humiliated every time he tries to argue with me.

I leave you now to your national pastime.
2002-01-21 09:38:21 AM  
Hey guys, lay off Harmonia. It's not his fault all he gets to watch is a bunch of faries run around for an hour and a half, not picking up the ball...
2002-01-21 09:38:54 AM  
Mrdark: No, as long as he tucks the ball into his arm... like a runningback. It is such, because EVERY QB in the league tucks the ball as he is getting ready to pass.

By definition, the QB could just keep pumping his arm, and would never fumble if his arm got hit.
2002-01-21 09:39:52 AM  
Soccer... I hit dee ball with my head, real hard.
2002-01-21 09:41:12 AM  
Oh, another thing, please don't tarnish the Immaculate Reception by comparing it to this.

Go Steelers!
2002-01-21 09:41:17 AM  
See, told ya.

I love Football but I'm not going to get all het up about someone slagging it.

Just because its the sport the entire world plays while American football has you guys plus Canada.....

2002-01-21 09:42:16 AM  
Phx--first my team, now my school? You da one that's cruisin'!
2002-01-21 09:43:27 AM  

Wrong, the ball has to be either moving foreward or down. If he cradles the ball again, or the ball stops moving, it would be a fumble. Just pumping the arm wouldn't work. The right call was made however.
2002-01-21 09:47:50 AM  
Fubar: Isnt pumping the arm a forward motion? Kind of like a balk in baseball?
2002-01-21 09:50:05 AM  
Cardinal: Not the Michigan hat.. that flat little hat that he wears. My grandpa used to wear one of those, looks like Ralph Cramden from the honeymooners.
2002-01-21 09:50:21 AM  
The only reason soccer is so popular is because it's cheep...

We here in america like our sports violent, and expensive. Why? Because we can afford them that's why. Do you really think that 90% of the people on the face of this planet could afford to play football with the same intensity than we can? Hell no. Football is our way of saying that you people are too poor to compete with us. Joking aside, Cost is the reason soccer is so popular. All you need is a ball of cloth and some rocks to mark the goal. Basketball is almost as cheep to play, and that's why it's the second most popular sport in the world, but not here, not in America, not where we have the money to field real sports and teams.

2002-01-21 09:52:13 AM  
Yes, but you would have to bring the ball back, to pump it again, therefore repeatedly pumping the ball wouldn't work, because they can hit the ball on the backswing and cause a fumble...
2002-01-21 10:00:12 AM  
Only in America is a game played with the hands called "football". To the rest of the world, of course, football is a game involving skillful use of, er... the feet...
2002-01-21 10:00:49 AM  
Fubar: Solution: Dislocate your QB's shoulder. Then, he can rotate his arm 360 degrees, always in a forward motion. LOL
2002-01-21 10:01:26 AM  
Phx: Oh. OK. Say three Hail to the Victors and absolution will be yours.
2002-01-21 10:05:23 AM  
Goatman264: skillful use of, er... the feet...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-21 10:05:35 AM  
2002-01-21 10:07:49 AM  
So, did anyone go to the Fark Bahsten party? Where are the pictures of everyone making snow angels?
2002-01-21 10:10:49 AM  
Why do the euro-farkers even come over to these threads? I thought it was pretty obvious that it was about American Football.

2002-01-21 10:13:16 AM  
I quite like watching American football as it happens, in higlights packages though, too many stops and starts when its live.
2002-01-21 10:15:17 AM  
Fubar: well football may be expensive on a pro level, but It is just as easy to play as soccer on the street.
2002-01-21 10:16:17 AM  
Patriots are going to lose to Pittsburg anyway...then the Rams are gonna win it all
2002-01-21 10:18:49 AM  
Not at the same level, and with the same rules as the pro's though. Soccer you can get real close with a minimal ammount of equipment, and it's be harder to make a football than a soccer ball...
2002-01-21 10:19:12 AM  
Unfurled: If the Pats lose to the Steelers (and I dont think they will), they wont lie down like the Ravens did.
2002-01-21 10:21:52 AM  
FLA Chickie, Oh...I was at the Fark, wait a minute. Hmmm...ok, I guess didn't do anything real enjoyable this weekend, unless helping a friend move counts. Ok, you beat it out of me, I didn't go to that party. Heck, I didn't even get to see the UK/Notre Dame game this weekend...and I only got to hear about the snow angel football game...

Superbowl house, big screen humming, hot tub steaming, fireplace crackling, alcohol flowing, snacks everywhere...who is playing, I don't care, but it is a damn good reason to have a good time.
2002-01-21 10:31:57 AM  
Enphinitie: Well, moving doesn't really count as being fun...and your Superbowl party sounds very festive - wish it was closer :)
2002-01-21 10:39:57 AM  
FLA Chickie Damn...and I thought helping someone move would make me a party animal...I helped her move into my other house and she didn't even offer me a beer. Could be b/c the fridge was empty. :(

Well, actually, that was last year's party and it was pretty cool. I bent the truth a little again since I won't actually have the party this year. I'll be at a friend's who is hosting this time. It will be the same, minus the hot tub, and add a pool table. His house is a little closer to about a mile or two. :) You come up this year...and I'll come down next year... it warm down there right now??? I'm freezing in my office here.
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