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808 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jan 2002 at 12:22 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-21 12:28:14 AM  
2002-01-21 12:30:20 AM  
uhhh..I may be wrong but I dont see a article bout volcano in Congo, all I see is a of USA
2002-01-21 12:31:46 AM  
Bad Kitty , Wrong Link !
2002-01-21 12:31:48 AM  
Thats the volcano, its shaped exactly like the US.
2002-01-21 12:31:55 AM  
a map of USA...been working all night and its 0700 over here.
2002-01-21 12:32:04 AM  
They are not even looking at the links they post. How can they justify no photoshop?
2002-01-21 12:34:59 AM  
OverMuch i wouldn't do that if I were you. It seem to annoy the moderators.
2002-01-21 12:35:07 AM  
I don't think the hijack is going to work...
2002-01-21 12:35:31 AM  
2002-01-21 12:36:47 AM  
These people were fleeing into Rowanda! Lets see, molten lava or Rowanda?

I'll take the volacno.
2002-01-21 12:37:39 AM  
TennesseeBuck Yes,
But if we complain about no photoshops, they may take thwem away for good!

It's our fault, cause we're ungrateful.
2002-01-21 12:39:25 AM  
Yeah, Absolute know the rest.
2002-01-21 12:39:49 AM  
Grr... When I sent in the link, it did work. How does it not work now? Uhm... Well, shoot, it was a simple cut and paste.... Huh...

Well, here's another cut and paste with the same story. Maybe it'll work better.​tm
2002-01-21 12:40:18 AM  
Canuck: Oops! Never would have thought it'd be a problem. Eh, well. I tried.
2002-01-21 12:40:42 AM  

News flash: Volcano errupts. Africa reshaped. France surrenders.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-21 12:41:54 AM  
....but it is still a good pic to photoshop, don'tchathink?

Okay, it's a bit large, I know...
2002-01-21 12:42:15 AM  
Hoosier- were they fleeing from Congo into Rwanda or from Kansas into Missouri?
2002-01-21 12:43:22 AM  
Hmmm, word is these Congalese folks biatched about no photoshops too and look what happened to them.
2002-01-21 12:44:20 AM  
In the poster's defence. It looks like an error on the AP Wire side. A JavaScript browser sniffer is forwarding to the wrong page.
2002-01-21 12:44:26 AM  
I think that
img.fark.netView Full Size
could apply to this article.
2002-01-21 12:45:33 AM  
"Beware the Hand of Mod." -Famous last words
2002-01-21 12:45:57 AM  
SO, Puerto Rico is officially a state now?
2002-01-21 12:49:54 AM  
If Missouri is where you stand a good chance of being chopped into tiny bits by soldiers with machettis or to instantly drop dead from some bleeding through your eyes and anus jungle disease, then people in Kansas beter get some lava insurance PDQ.

I'm pretty sure it was Africa......
2002-01-21 12:52:42 AM  
Shot at HTML, here... Because I submitted it and I feel responsible.

Congaleze brave volcano, return home
2002-01-21 01:00:44 AM  
01-20-02 01:49:29 PM Jeff
Chill out guys. There will be a photoshop later tonight. Stop being mean to the mods - they are doing what they are supposed to.

I remain, as ever, hopeful.
2002-01-21 01:03:45 AM  
(Please excuse the poor spelling, btw.)
2002-01-21 01:10:50 AM  
Man......after all these years I finally realize my mistakes......Hawaii and Alaska are near southern california!!!!! how STUPID of me!
2002-01-21 01:19:13 AM  
Angry Inch Good For you. Nice to see a little faith in this oh so cynical world ;-)

I for one and too tired to go on. If a photoshop appears, put a Canadian flag in it, for me.
2002-01-21 01:45:10 AM  
..."I want to return to Photoshop because my ZEN is still there and I have heard that the Fark Photoshop Jihad has stopped," Augustin Mirenge, a Goma school teacher, was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.
2002-01-21 04:23:56 AM  
Congo volcano catastrophe - nobody important affected

Growing relief as all westerners and gorillas accounted for

British aid workers in Rwanda have confirmed that the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo in neighbouring Congo, despite having killed 45 locals and wiped out the town of Goma, has so far claimed no westerners or mountain gorillas.

Early reports that one Australian back-packer caught in the disaster had suffered a nasty Achilles tendon injury escaping from the floods of lava spewing from the volcano were later proved false. "He only twisted his ankle," said a concerned doctor. "He'll be fine after a couple of beers."

While hundreds of thousands of panic-stricken Congolese continue to flood over the border into Rwanda, the US administration confirmed that it had withdrawn an earlier offer of military support. "Initial reports indicated al-Qaeda involvement in the eruption," one spokesman told The Rockall Times. "But when we found out that it was just a natural phenomenon and that democracy was not threatened, we kinda lost interest."

Meanwhile, British support teams are expected in the Rwandan capital Kigali tonight. They will offer counselling to any westerner caught within 500 miles of the disaster who might be suffering emotional damage as a result of their close encounter with death
2002-01-21 04:31:12 AM  
What's that BIG island labeled 'AK' off the South-West corner of the US?
2002-01-21 04:55:15 AM  
What's the matter Ikoodotcodotuk didn't you know that Alaska is actually just west of Mexico. That whole thing about it being cold and shiat is just to keep the tourists away.
2002-01-21 01:13:52 PM  
Actually if you consult the map, Hawaii and Alaska are IN Mexico.
2002-02-13 03:20:49 PM  
2002-02-13 03:23:09 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
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